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Rumor of the Day: Brock Lesnar to Face Shane Carwin at UFC 106

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MMA Madness and Fighters Only are both reporting that Shane Carwin has been pulled from his UFC 104 bout against Cain Velasquez, and will instead take on Brock Lesnar at UFC 106 (November 21, Las Vegas). Velasquez may remain on the UFC 104 card against a different opponent.

In the original scenario of Carwin vs. Velasquez as a #1 heavyweight contender fight, Brock Lesnar would have to sit out until early 2010. If the new reports are accurate, it would suggest that the UFC (or Brock himself) thought it would be best if Lesnar fought one more time this year, even if the challenger hasn’t definitively earned his shot. Not that Carwin can’t compete with Lesnar, but it would have been ideal if the Engineer of Pain had one more fight to build up his name. Carwin had this to say on his website:

Lots of talk going around right now. It seems to stem from a twitter post out of MN. I can’t confirm or deny anything I can just tell you guys that I am training harder then ever and your support and loyalty will carry me through any fight they send my way. With you guys on my side I am ready for whatever happens. Stay tuned to the site or for any official news about me.

Can’t confirm or deny? Well, we know what that means…

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ArmFarmer- August 21, 2009 at 3:56 am
When you affiliate your site with you can't have very high expectations for the comments section. If a technologically superior alien race was considering making contact with earth one look at the comments would bring about our planets prompt destruction.
UFC fan- August 20, 2009 at 11:00 pm
scumbag WE will post what we want, you don't like it? don't fucking read it asshat!
You want witty? Ok 831 son is a poser salad tosser from cali-state gayland, he fondles little boys, and calls it "his gym".

there are alot of useless fucktards that post on this site, get over it, it is a slow week and we have nothing better to do than bitch and whine and offer nothing you want to read so do us all a favor don't come back till the next PPV then you can post something relevant or witty and we can once again make fun of you.
One Two- August 20, 2009 at 6:45 pm
@ 831
yeah I really want Coture to avenge that loss to lesnar, losing to nog isn't bad but lesnar? that kinda sucks i know cotures better than him.
Gargoroth- August 20, 2009 at 4:23 pm
Fedor is a butt buggering Russian jack off. He is padding his record in Strikefarce. What a fucking coward. Fedor is dead in my eyes.
Gargoroth- August 20, 2009 at 4:18 pm
Are you fucking serious? Brock grabbed the title in his 3rd fucking fight you moron. Carwin is 10-0 pal, I think he has paid waaaaay more dues that Brock the Cock! Get real you moron.
portland mma- August 20, 2009 at 2:38 pm
No I understand you're not an elitist at all, you'd have to know and understand the sport first. I just find it hilarious that you're coming on here and ragging on the comments that everyone is is saying because they aren't relevant or enlightening enough for your standards even though you offer up nothing yourself. You have like 7 comments on this topic and you haven't even talked about MMA yet.
scumbag- August 20, 2009 at 2:24 pm
thats what i post something trying to be funny, which usually backfires and is not very funny at all but at least its something, trying to be creative. YOU girls just go back and forth on speculation no fedor vs brrock brock would win no fedor vs silva. blah blah blah get a clue you vomit gargler
scumbag- August 20, 2009 at 2:19 pm
the funny comments are good too.
scumbag- August 20, 2009 at 2:17 pm
83none_____santa cruz monterey pismo beach same shit unless your an ene down there you aint shit . Dont represent yuppie beach towns like its gangster cali

And to portland not an elitist at all. But i enjoy the comments that give me info on mma and esp. behind the scenes underground stuff way more than farfetched assumptions about who might beat who up. Thats all im sayin. I did not not insult anyone who wasnt guilty. Maybe you took offence because you were in the guilty party i dont know.
RearNakedPoke- August 20, 2009 at 2:07 pm
@ArmFarmer You sir have no room even participating in a conversation about anything physical and/or manly.. you fucking internet dweeb. Go back to world of war craft you fucking dork.

Oh and by the way, Lesnar would crush Fedor. have NO IDEA what you are talking about!! get out of your moms basement!
831 Son- August 20, 2009 at 1:52 pm
@ scumbag, you are a fool. All of your posts have nothing relevant whatsoever. You are just as "ignorantly opinionated" as anyone on here. And its Santa Cruz you moron.
portland mma- August 20, 2009 at 1:47 pm
I love the irony scumbag, you're talking shit to us for talking shit to each other, and you also said we aren't adding anything relevant...what the fuck did you just add with your comments? You didn't even talk about the sport this site is representing?

"The comment section on this site always gets very catty and ignorantly opinionated whenever big name fighters are mentioned."

You're trying to sound like some kind of MMA elitist but you just come off as a fucking idiot.
scumbag- August 20, 2009 at 1:31 pm
oh and 831 please stop trying to sound like such a tough guy. You are from monterey, you yuppie!!!!!!!!
scumbag- August 20, 2009 at 1:28 pm
brock.....fedor....carwin..silva.....gsp.... The comment section on this site always gets very cattyy and ignorantly opinionated whenever big name fighters are mentioned. Are you girls getting your energy from the real world cancun website you were just on before you stopped here. Quit with all the silly smack talk and say something either relevant or original. Dont just throw up whatever
portland mma- August 20, 2009 at 1:28 pm
I'm kind of torn on the Randy and Nog fight, I really want Randy to win, but on the other hand I dont want Nog to look as bad as he did in the Mir fight.
Jay Smith- August 20, 2009 at 1:15 pm
@ One Two
I agree that Fedor would beat Crock. I could handle Randy losing to Nog, as long as it was a good fight. I do like Randy enough to want to see him win his next fight, get another title shot, avenge that loss to win the belt then, retire on top.
UFC fan- August 20, 2009 at 1:12 pm
watch it portland MMA thats 831 son, he will talk bad then challenge you to come to faggy-cali so he can beat you OFF, uh I mean UP.
He can't help it that he has Brock's face tattooed on his ass with a sign saying " enter here" .
His opinion is for shit, it always has been, he just likes to talk like a bunch of other cocksucking losers on here.
portland mma- August 20, 2009 at 1:07 pm
No i'm not mad at all he beat Frank Mir, does Frank Mir actually have fans? I am mad he's raping the sport by bringing WWE antics into it.

Subo- August 20, 2009 at 1:04 pm
It's a shame Fedor is such a pussy. If Brock defends, he's got a legitimate claim to the #1 HW spot (especially if Fedro is fighting Paul fucking Buentello in the interim), and if Carwin wins... we have an undefeated monster on our hands.

I wonder who Cain will fight - it's too short a turnaround to fight JDS or CC, Kongo and Mir are booked and it'd be awfully mean to Herring. Maybe Yvel for an easy Velasquez win.
Mike Milbury- August 20, 2009 at 12:47 pm
Dave Meltzer on his website confirmed the rumor and added a Dana quote.
ArmFarmer- August 20, 2009 at 12:37 pm
I gotta agree I think Anderson would own the shit out of Fedor as well. Fedors wild swinging would be worthless against Silva and he wouldn't get close enough to take him down. Also for the record I hate Brock but he would fuck Fedor up.
831 Son- August 20, 2009 at 12:13 pm
Shut the fuck up queer. Only dumb losers like you would make some sexual remark about that. Keep crying pussy, he aint going anywhere. You are fucking pathetic for whining about it. Are you mad that he demolished Frank Mir? Are you mad he flipped off the fans because they were being retards? Haha you little baby. Hes staying in the UFC for good, and you will always be a a pussy.
portland mma- August 20, 2009 at 11:52 am
Dude just go try to give brock lesnar a hand job and shut up, your the biggest Brock nut hugger i've ever seen.
831 Son- August 20, 2009 at 11:49 am
I love how most the people on here hate Brock with a passion. Get over it pussies, he's staying here for a longg time. I do think this will be Brock's toughest fight since Couture, but I also believe Carwin is going to have to be on his A-game regarding his wrestling in order for him to win.

And Fedor is a little bitch, no point in talking about that clown. Anderson Silva would whoop that ass if they fought. Anderson has even talked about it. Fedor walks around at 230 roughly, Anderson would be at around 220. Fedor would get destroyed by a middle weight champ.
UFC fan- August 20, 2009 at 11:27 am
Finally the UFC woke up and realized that having the 2 best heavyweights fighting to see which one got the honor of breaking Brocks jaw was a bad idea, why make em wait so long. why make us fans wait that long.
After Carwin kills cock chestner, I hope he gets to fight Valasquez and gets his dick put in the dirt again.
I dont see Brock winning another fight unless they feed him weak ass cans, or old fucking stars that are way past their prime.
This fight coming up between nog and CUNToure is pathetic, an attempt to once more milk the past, but those 2 are done, it is time to let it go. It is stupid mentality like "randy-nog ...#1 contender match" that is the reason a nobody jacked up roid freak is holding abelt to begin with.