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Rumor: Junior Dos Santos’ Pre-UFC 155 Personal Problems Involved Split With Wife

When Junior Dos Santos attempted to write off his lopsided defeat to Cain Velasquez at UFC 155 as the result of “personal” issues, most of us just assumed that he was having a difficult time facing the fact that he was bested by a man he had previously destroyed. “Excuses are like assholes,” commented at least one of you. “JDS was way to overconfident and paid for it,” said a few others.

However, if the rumors currently circulating the MMA blogosphere have any truth to them, it was actually Armfarmer who provided the most astute observation of JDS when he declared that “Maybe he finally realized that he’s married to a 2 when he could be pulling 10′s left and right. That realization would sure cause me some distracting personal problems..” A bit harsh? Surely, but according to Tatame’s Guilherme Cruz, Dos Santos was in fact in the process of separating from his wife of ten years in the lead-up to UFC 155:

If you were wondering what JDS meant when said he has personal issues prior to Cain’s rematch, he ended his 10-year marriage w/ Vilsana. 

Dos Santos has yet to confirm or deny these rumors as of this write-up, although it would surely add some credibility to Dos Santos’ claims that his head wasn’t right in the weeks leading up to his title defense.

Now, we could easily use this opportunity to start lobbing pot-shots at Dos Santos’ wife, but for once in our life, we’re going to take the high road. Besides, we imagine that you readers will more than make up for our discretion in the comments section anyway. It’s what we call having your cake and eating it too: a concept that Dos Santos’ wife is no doubt familiar withDAMN IT ALL TO HELL.

-J. Jones


  1. Grandmas Nutmeg Says:

    Fri, 01/18/13 - 01:16

    I was hoping it was going to be less than 10 years of marriage, I mean did he do this for South American Make-A-Wish? She kinda looks like Hulk Hogan shaved his mustache and then got his face worked over by JDS...
  2. RearNakedSpoon Says:

    Fri, 01/18/13 - 01:17

    I smell a Junior Dos Karma meme coming. Tells wife to leave, Loses HW belt.
  3. dipsetkilla316 Says:

    Fri, 01/18/13 - 01:18

    She is hideous
  4. Fried Taco Says:

    Fri, 01/18/13 - 01:21

    I actually feel sorry for her. She stuck with him through the hard being-poor-while-working-up-through-the-fight-ranks-beating-everyone-he-fought times. Now some gold-diggin' bitch is going to get to be with him for the easy decline-of-a-once-thought-unbeatable-fighter-now-everyone-is-kicking-his-ass times.
  5. Grandmas Nutmeg Says:

    Fri, 01/18/13 - 01:23

    @Fried- You realize he was banging the Loch Ness monster while he was undefeated, imagine how good he's going to be with a woman he doesn't have to overdose on Viagra to maintain and erection for.
  6. El Guapo Says:

    Fri, 01/18/13 - 01:31

    All things considered, I would think Junior would've been in great form heading into the rematch. Visana Piccozi isn't exactly Alessandra Ambrosia, if you catch my drift. Hell, she isn't even Snooki Polizzi(shudders, cold sweat)..
  7. Fried Taco Says:

    Fri, 01/18/13 - 01:35

    All I'm saying is, Karma is a bitch. He married her and became the undefeated HW champ. Now he left her, and is neither undefeated or champ. She is his talisman...
  8. MaxTheLimit Says:

    Fri, 01/18/13 - 01:44

    Seriously, what's wrong with her face?
  9. El Famous Burrito Says:

    Fri, 01/18/13 - 01:46

    Brazillians, man. When they want something removed from their crotch, they just yank it out.
  10. Giblets Says:

    Fri, 01/18/13 - 01:50

    Is that his wife??? I thought it was his sparring partner and you guys where just being pricks
  11. Vera Says:

    Fri, 01/18/13 - 01:59

    She couldn't take it any longer watching him cut weight so easily !
  12. algiersheadkick504 Says:

    Fri, 01/18/13 - 02:02

    I wouldnt fuck her with someone else's Dick...wouldn't that help getting rid of shreks wife and getting fine pussy?
  13. Deadpanda Says:

    Fri, 01/18/13 - 02:08

    I'm sure she has a great personality.
  14. painvelasquez Says:

    Fri, 01/18/13 - 02:12

    It was me that wrote that "excuses are like assholes" metaphor.. now i just feel bad knowin JDS was goin through a break-up with albino shhrek. my bad..
  15. Mir please break Brocks neck Says:

    Fri, 01/18/13 - 02:26

    I dont like getting involved in 'rumors'....but I feel bad for JDS and his wife (ex). Sometimes it takes MORE than a champion to beat personal struggles. I wish MR/MRS JDS a speedy recovery and hope things work out for the best. JDS will always be a champion (and I am ACTUALLY a big fan of CV and JDS). Best wishes to the Dos Santos family at this time. See you soon champ!! (and here...using my language hope JDS see's this).. Eu não gosto de obter envolvido em “boatos”….mas eu sinto ruim para JDS e sua esposa (ex). Às vezes toma MAIS do que um campeão aos esforços pessoais da batida. Eu desejo que MR/MRS JDS uma recuperação rápida e coisas da.
  16. Immahitja Says:

    Fri, 01/18/13 - 02:43

    she looks like she's melting. jds will be on to greener pastures and back to kicking ass in no time.
  17. MorningwoodII Says:

    Fri, 01/18/13 - 02:48

    I hear JDS is having sex 7 times a day with some inter web chick that weighs like 1200 pounds!
  18. ArmFarmer Says:

    Fri, 01/18/13 - 02:52

    As soon as I saw the headline I was like "I knew it!" lol
  19. NomadRip Says:

    Fri, 01/18/13 - 03:08

    She got to sleep with JDS for 10 years, and now will be taken care of financially. Most of you would pay to be able sleep with him just once, so she's winning.
  20. phil-th Says:

    Fri, 01/18/13 - 03:17

    Jds was to tired on fight night because he was to deep in pussy...... Im just assumin hes fyckin half of brazil now
  21. Thumblaster Says:

    Fri, 01/18/13 - 03:28

    I dont want to pick the low hanging fruit but holy fucking shit JDS could pull finer pussy then that immediatly after the cain fight and he looked like that big fucking retard from goonies.
  22. mma4ever Says:

    Fri, 01/18/13 - 04:02

    .Looks like a mask from leatherface or shes just a big rubby. Ether way're free're free.
  23. mma4ever Says:

    Fri, 01/18/13 - 04:04

    I love u chunk
  24. Mr_Misanthropy Says:

    Fri, 01/18/13 - 04:18

    You guys are fucked up. Everybody knows the Brazilian camera adds 50 lbs.
  25. LesnarsIntestine Says:

    Fri, 01/18/13 - 04:23

    She looks like she has a permanent case of the mumps.
  26. LesnarsIntestine Says:

    Fri, 01/18/13 - 04:26

    Have you ever heard the saying "God broke the mold when he made you".. Well in her case I think god broke the mold beforehand..
  27. LesnarsIntestine Says:

    Fri, 01/18/13 - 04:28

    Lumpy-faced ol' stank trick.. Looks like she's a few chromesomes short.
  28. LesnarsIntestine Says:

    Fri, 01/18/13 - 04:32

    She didn't look directly at the ark of the covenant, but I think she may have taken a peek.
  29. LesnarsIntestine Says:

    Fri, 01/18/13 - 04:35

    Even when the Taliban warlords threw acid in her face, she never stopped fighting for womens rights in Pakistan. So brave.
  30. mma4ever Says:

    Fri, 01/18/13 - 05:14

    With a look to the gods she says zeus ..why me? Men are mere mortals.
  31. mma4ever Says:

    Fri, 01/18/13 - 05:18

    I think cain was plugging her now wants nothing to do with da bitch.
  32. Mr_Misanthropy Says:

    Fri, 01/18/13 - 05:53

    She's so... shiny?
  33. mma4ever Says:

    Fri, 01/18/13 - 06:25

    Just dissing ur ex junior cause i like ya bra. Stay single my friend.
  34. Androiddrew Says:

    Fri, 01/18/13 - 06:50

    And on top of all that, she's not very attractive.
  35. elburrogrande Says:

    Fri, 01/18/13 - 07:37

    its confirmed by dos santos: "She is the most important person in my life, the person who cares for me," said dos Santos. "And I want to take care of her forever. But not love her more as a woman." -JDS
  36. gutzy24 Says:

    Fri, 01/18/13 - 07:54

    Hey, it was nice of him to date that burn victim, but he didn't have to marry her.... Looks like she rolled out of bed one day, and was hit with a big bag of "What the fuck!"..... Who knows fellas, maybe she can suck start a leaf blower?...JDS's most regrettable quote while drunk "If you let me fuck you in the ass I'll marry you!"
  37. LesnarsIntestine Says:

    Fri, 01/18/13 - 07:58

    She needs to send her face back to the prostisis store, its defective.
  38. LesnarsIntestine Says:

    Fri, 01/18/13 - 07:59

    She looks like the fake head that Arnold Schwarzineggar wore in the origonal Total Recall.
  39. LesnarsIntestine Says:

    Fri, 01/18/13 - 08:00

    I saw her on an episode of Maury once.
  40. LesnarsIntestine Says:

    Fri, 01/18/13 - 08:01

    I bet she has cloven hooves.
  41. LesnarsIntestine Says:

    Fri, 01/18/13 - 08:03

    She gives motivational speaches as the Shriners childrens hospital.
  42. LesnarsIntestine Says:

    Fri, 01/18/13 - 08:20

  43. BigAngryPurple Says:

    Fri, 01/18/13 - 09:45

    he divorced her because she's one of the main characters in "the hobbit" movie.
  44. BigAngryPurple Says:

    Fri, 01/18/13 - 09:47

    and then moonlights in the ring at the shriners' circus.
  45. masterbaitntackle Says:

    Fri, 01/18/13 - 09:58

    Wondering where's the lying sack o' feces that's gonna say "I'd hit that".....
  46. BlueDaBaDee Says:

    Fri, 01/18/13 - 10:53

    Wouldn't hit that shit with Colin Fletcher's penis
  47. imnotgay Says:

    Fri, 01/18/13 - 11:00

    that is a man, a very fat, ugly man and isn't Brazil home of tranny porn, so I've heard u know.
  48. sixthsense Says:

    Fri, 01/18/13 - 11:35

    she can be seen in the ambulance with JDS in Dana's 2nd vlog this week though...
  49. Flying Wristlock Says:

    Sat, 01/19/13 - 03:10

    What the fuck is wrong with you all? Are you just generally shallow, cruel, judgmental assholes or are you so physically beautiful yourselves that you don't understand any deviation from the perfection of outer beauty?
  50. LukeTheDuke Says:

    Sat, 01/19/13 - 04:06

    Reckon Jr.'s about a 2 after his fight with Cain.
  51. LesnarsIntestine Says:

    Sat, 01/19/13 - 04:23

    "What the fuck is wrong with you all?" said the infected asswart looking pile of horse shit. "Are you just generally shallow, cruel, judgmental assholes or are you so physically beautiful yourselves that you don’t understand any deviation from the perfection of outer beauty?" He wiped the trail of drool from his jowels, and sighed deeply, reflecting upon how cruel the other children had been on the bus. "This is almost as bad as being force-fed a booger, or getting your nipple twisted every day!" He screamed at no one in particular. People just didn't understand his love for Pokemon! One day they would all pay...
  52. Flying Wristlock Says:

    Sat, 01/19/13 - 04:50

    That's edgy, bro.
  53. Thumblaster Says:

    Sat, 01/19/13 - 06:04

    @lesnarsintestine strong work, but I think your giving her to much credit she's uglier than you've said. The busted shineyness of her grill is impossible to put into words.
  54. Kimbos Bread Says:

    Sat, 01/19/13 - 06:16

    Someone give "Lesnarsintrstine" a life time supply if shirts already. It's all gold.
  55. mma4ever Says:

    Sat, 01/19/13 - 11:37

    Ravens a dick
  56. LesnarsIntestine Says:

    Sat, 01/19/13 - 11:52

    Im a stand-up comedian. This has been a test of my emergency insult broadcast system. Had this been an actual emergency, I would have insulted you all so thoroughly you would feel uglier than Vilsana looks. And now, we return you to your regularly scheduled terrible comments.
  57. ktronics Says:

    Sat, 01/19/13 - 11:54

    So JDS meets this 'lovely woman' at a restaurant he worked at when he was 19. Knocks her up, gets married. Not much of a surprise it is ending this way. It's a pretty common story really..
  58. LesnarsIntestine Says:

    Sat, 01/19/13 - 12:08

  59. amsterdamheavy Says:

    Sat, 01/19/13 - 02:02

    Im pretty sure that because shes made of butter.
  60. amsterdamheavy Says:

    Sat, 01/19/13 - 02:03

    again, because shes made of butter
  61. teep Says:

    Sat, 01/19/13 - 03:18

    Who actually left who? Because I don't think SHE can find anyone better that JDS in Brazil. Do they have pre-nups in Brazil? And this had to go down before a title fight! What a bitch!
  62. Mr_Misanthropy Says:

    Sat, 01/19/13 - 04:11

    Try the prime rib and don't forget to tip yer waitress!
  63. Mr_Misanthropy Says:

    Sat, 01/19/13 - 04:13

    Now he doesn't have to hide his embarrassment from the neighbors while she irons her underwear on the driveway.
  64. mma4ever Says:

    Sun, 01/20/13 - 08:45

    The thing is ..the sexy bitch don't wear underwear thats why he divorced her ass. So whose gitch is she ironing? Is it cains?
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