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Rumor Mill: Matt Brown vs Mike Perry Is The Slobber-Knocker We All Deserve

If this is true, then color me impressed. Talk about great match making. Matt Brown and Mike Perry may be set to lock horns at UFC 207 in Las Vegas later this year. Mike Perry is still pretty fresh as a UFC prospect, but has already done enough to garner interest in his contest. He has a polarizing personality, but can back everything up with some well placed power shots. Matt Brown is an absolute beast and even though he may have lost to Jake Ellenberger in his last outing, it doesn’t change the fact that he has the mentality of a warrior. Matching these two up means guaranteed fireworks in the Octagon. So how exactly do these two match up anyways?

Well, Matt Brown is a man who knows to fight only one way: coming forward with reckless abandon. While his style may have resembled brawling at one point in his career, at this stage it’s become more of a controlled and technical style that thrives on forward momentum and chaos. When Brown has his man hurt or cornered you can bet a ton of strikes from punches to elbows, to knees and kicks will be flying. Brown has the kind of style that overwhelms individuals and forces them into a defensive shell.

Which makes this match all the more interesting.

From what can be assessed of Mike Perry’s style, one thing is certain. He rarely takes a backwards step and carries his power into the later rounds. Just a couple of weeks ago we got to see Mike Perry demonstrate why he’s such a dangerous opponent as he took out Danny Roberts at UFC 204. What Perry lacks in head movement he makes up for in shear power and aggression. Perry believes in his chin and his power which always makes for a dangerous mix for both him and his opponents. It’s dangerous for Perry to rely on his chin not giving out in order to land his own shots. That said, it gives his opponents a certain amount of fear as he comes forward. They know he has power and if they’re unable to hurt him they can likely become gun-shy. But Matt Brown isn’t the type of man to back down.

Will this dream fight come to fruition or is it just that, a pipe dream?

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