Steroids in MMA
Which MMA Fighter Will Test Positive For Steroids Next?


Bit by bit, crumb by crumb…

Conor McGregor is headlining UFC 205. The reason I say Conor McGregor is because he could be fighting anyone with the 155 tite and people would still give their hard earned bucks to tune in,(no offense Eddie Alvarez). However, despite his bombastic talk, he is human, and is definitely beatable.

In his 2 matches with Nate Diaz we learned 3 things, his Jiu Jitsu could be better, his gas tank is good but not great, and he will wobble if you hit him on the button. In the first fight particularly it seemed Diaz hit him with a combination that caused him to move in slow motion. This took away his cardio as well as much of his power. In the second fight he almost suffered the same fate but Diaz couldn’t get him to the ground and he didn’t make the same mistake of shooting on a black belt.

In recent news it seems there might be another chink in the armor. According to rumorville, Conor McGregor may have been knocked out by a training partner. When asked for comment, coach John Kavanagh didn’t address the issue directly claiming he wanted to to teach us to “think critically.”

“because I’m trying to teach you how to think critically. Otherwise my time wasted on the next silly rumor and the one after that”


Thanks for the lesson Mr. Kavanagh but I don’t think it’s a ridiculous question at all. When fighters spar they sometime get hurt, possibly knocked out, why is Conor the exception?

His upcoming fight will be against a smothering wrestler with knockout power, whose hands get better with every fight. We know that Conor relies on his granite chin to walk through shots and come in with his hands down, could this be a recipe for disaster. While I still think Conor gets the nod when it comes to striking, is his granite chin slowly becoming finite?

It’s funny because he called out fighters for being worn down after many wars. If his fight with the brutal Eddie Alvarez is a grueling one, could he become a victim of his own prophecy.


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