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Ryan Couture Reportedly Gets First UFC Fight Scheduled

(Party’s over, Ryan. Time to get back to work)

It didn’t take long for new UFC lightweight Ryan Couture to get his first bout with the organization booked, and it won’t be an easy one. According to, the former Strikeforce fighter will put his four-fight win streak on the line against Ultimate Fighter Season 9 winner Ross Pearson on the UFC on FUEL 9 card, taking place in Sweden on April 6th.

Pearson is coming off of a TKO win against fellow TUF Australia vs. the U.K. coach George Sotiropoulos last December. Couture last fought and won last month in Strikeforce’s final event against KJ Noons.

Fans have wondered what type of opponent Couture would get since his signing with the UFC was announced last week around the same time his father, retired champion Randy Couture, and the organization acrimoniously split when he signed with competitors Spike and Bellator.

As is usually the case with UFC matchmaking, Couture is certainly getting a stiff challenge in the much more experienced Pearson, but he’s also getting a huge opportunity. With his experience and quality of opponents Pearson may be the favorite in this fight, but it is certainly a winnable contest for the younger Couture.

Should Ryan beat Pearson, he’d immediately make himself known as a major player in the UFC’s lightweight division. How do you see the fight, nation? And is this a reasonable first UFC bout for Couture?

- Elias Cepeda


  1. phantom151 Says:

    Sat, 02/09/13 - 05:41

    I think its a decent 1st match up however Im surprised they didnt hype the shit out of him and put em in a bigger fight agianst a top 5 or something just cause his father is one of the greatest and everyone knows the last name
  2. cman Says:

    Sat, 02/09/13 - 06:24

    I'm just wondering what his dad thinks of Ryan hanging out in a drag bar in that photo.
  3. Mr_Misanthropy Says:

    Sat, 02/09/13 - 06:53

    Just the wick, Natasha. Just the wick.
  4. Darkside Says:

    Sat, 02/09/13 - 07:31

    I'm actually pretty hyped for this one. Couture has done ok so far, and Pearson is a good, but not great, fighter. Should be entertaining. Good test for Ryan.
  5. SpringerSTL Says:

    Sat, 02/09/13 - 07:53

    Fuck this whole article, I didn't even read it. Wife that bitch.
  6. TheCrooner Says:

    Sat, 02/09/13 - 08:54

    I hope Pearson knocks him out. His stand up looked awesome in his last fight.
  7. Craigger12 Says:

    Sat, 02/09/13 - 09:04

    he gon get raped.
  8. Alan K Says:

    Sun, 02/10/13 - 05:55

    Does UFC do it's own licensing of seconds for fights outside the US? I wonder if Ryan was booked on this show just to ensure that Randy wouldn't be able to show up for it.
  9. mma4ever Says:

    Sun, 02/10/13 - 08:08

    Would have liked stout to welecome him in.
  10. teep Says:

    Sun, 02/10/13 - 12:01

    Ryan will never get too much hype because Dana hates his Dad. Dana will also find a very lame reason to fire Ryan soon. Just to prove a point. I have only seen one of Ryan's fights so I won't predict who will win this one. Ryan needs to impress the baldfather for more than one reason.
  11. painvelasquez Says:

    Sun, 02/10/13 - 04:28

    I see pain in ryans future.. Maybe that's what dana wanted to see..
  12. jalia parsnip Says:

    Sun, 12/01/13 - 06:09

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    Wed, 12/04/13 - 04:50

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