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Ryan Jimmo’s ‘Big Deal Blog’ Number 2.2: Change of Plans

(Anyone can play XBox. Real fighters play chess.)

Well, another week has passed and a lot has changed.

First of all, I decided to not compete in the wrestling nationals. It was a tough decision that I didn’t come to easily. I had a lot of close friends, family and teammates come to me with concern over me competing and potentially injuring myself prior to my fight. As much as I wanted to compete, I had to listen to other people’s objective opinion. I was very attached emotionally to competing in nationals and was not seeing (or choosing to ignore) evidence that is was not perhaps the wisest move for me two weeks before a title defense. I know I always respect people more when they can be smart enough to pull themselves away form a problem and see someone’s opinion and viewpoint from a non-subjective stance. I think I could have placed in the top 3 but would of been happy with 5th place. Next year maybe.

I also got another opponent for my upcoming fight. Apparently Emanuel hurt his shoulder while training, so Zak Cummings has stepped up to take the fight. I’m not crazy about the idea of putting my title up against Zak. He certainly hasn’t earned it, but being that the fight is only 10 days out and the opportunity of competing in Ontario for one of its first MMA shows made it tough to pass up. From a purely fighting standpoint, he’s a very similar fighter to Emanuel. Zak has a wrestling background and competes at 185 as well as 205. He’s a lefty so that poses some problems but I can fight left handed as well so I’m sure that will cause him a few problems. I’m more than certain while we are standing up I’ll give him many more problems than he will give me so that’s where I’ll probably try to keep the fight. But if he wants to wrestle then I think I can beat him there as well. From an athletic standpoint I’m superior as well, not to mention he’s taking the fight on short notice so his endurance may become a factor in the fight, but Zak gives me the impression that he is a guy that stays in pretty good shape all time. He also just had a fight in February so I don’t think he’ll be too far out of shape, but he certainly hasn’t been training for a five-round fight.

I got a lot of good comments about my robot video last week. Maybe I’m being a bit critical on myself but I didn’t feel that was one of my better performances. I was simply trying out some new moves I was trying to incorporate and wanted to see how they looked on video. Truth be told, I’m actually a little bit embarrassed of how poorly I looked in parts of that video even though I did some pretty good things as well.

Check out this video and maybe I can get some feedback.

(Video courtesy of YouTube/polska58)

I practice at least a little bit everyday and I never feel I’m doing it good enough. I’m the same way with my fighting. One of my goals outside of fighting is to be in some music videos and maybe even going on “So You Think You Can Dance.” I want to transcend fighting a bit and become known by a wider audience as well. That would give me a chance to be an ambassador for the sport and to reach some demographics that might not otherwise become educated about MMA or become fight fans.

For this fight I’ve taken my volume of training down a little bit. The intensity’s been the same, but I had to take overtraining into account when looking at the volume of training I did for the last fight. I didn’t really get out of shape from my fight with Dwayne so it took a week or two to build back up to a full training regimen and then slowly build on the level I had for the last fight. This last week is going to be used to push my cardio system to a new level and to polish up my timing and my skills. The intensity will be high and the volume will be moderate. I’ll try to have one more hard sparring session and one or two hard competitive grappling sessions, then I’ll taper off of the more dangerous training and do more pad work, cardio, and drilling situations on the grappling front.

Getting lots of rest and taking care of nagging injuries are also on the docket for the last week or two. Injury is perhaps the greatest enemy of a fighter. Some fighters treat their bodies like an old pick-up truck. They drive it too fast, put poor fuel into the tank, don’t take the time and care to repair it when necessary and don’t change their oil every 5000 kilometers. If you treat your body like that how can you expect to have an optimum performance?

Last week I had a few questions about heart rate. One of the questions was what should my heart rate be while I’m training? To tell you the truth I don’t really know. I know you’re supposed to take your age and subtract it from 220 and that’s your max heart rate. I’ve never really measured my heart rate while I’m training. I find and exertion scale is a better way to measure effort. I use 1-20 and rate where my level of exertion is from there – 20 being me having a heart attack and 1 being at the most relaxed state possible. They say athletes who are very much in tune with there bodies can tell there heart rate by how they rate on the exertion scale. Like for instance an exertion level of 16 could mean a heart rate of 160 to a young athlete who is working hard, but that’s just an example. There are a lot of different variables from age, weight, to exercise experience. My resting heart rate was 53 over a week ago, I just tested it and it was 48, therefore I can stipulate that my body is using the blood in my body more efficiently. Endurance athletes tend to have the slowest heart rates. My girlfriend runs marathons and she had a very low resting heart rate (I’m secretly resentful of her because she has a slower heart rate than me…lol). World-class endurance athletes like cyclist’s that compete in the Tour de France have heart rates as low as the mid thirties (Lance Armstrong is between 32-34 and Miguel Indurain averages 29!). WOW!!!

Next week I’ll bring you up to speed about how the event is shaping up as well I’ll give some insight into the exact mechanisms of my training.

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mat84- April 1, 2011 at 8:19 am
hey awesome stuff man huge fan jimmo, was just wondering what does the heart rate mean does it mean if its higher loseing weight faaster if your heart is slower does it mean your gaining more muscle,if slower what differrent effects does it have just wondering dont really understand what effects it has
skeletor- March 31, 2011 at 7:45 pm
I'm sorry Jimmo uh I mean "Ring King". Maybe next week you can tell us some more about competing (backing out) of a national wrestling tournament. Or possibly show us another one of your Robot videos. Or better yet impress us with your resting heart rate and some more awesome comparisons of yourself to a monster truck. Look I like giving you a hard time and during the first fight blog I was honest and said you are a good fighter and fun to watch, but you come off as boring and arrogant in written form. Just my opinion and that is what the internet is for.
Ring King- March 31, 2011 at 4:03 pm
Yeah, Jimmo. Why can't you be a better, more relevant fighter like Skeletor. I'm sure he isn't just a jealous keyboard warrior. Why else would he invest so much time and energy in slagging you?
blackboxmma- March 31, 2011 at 2:06 pm
Fuck this guys whats up with war machines blog!
LOKI- March 31, 2011 at 1:25 pm
Pawn threatens bishop bitches!
skeletor- March 31, 2011 at 1:13 pm
Hey Jimmo your the greatest and most interesting fighter in and out of the ring that I've ever had the pleasure of reading about or watching fight!

Not really but if I don't agree with CP's opinion of you I'm sure you will call them crying again and have my comments removed. Apparently owning an irrelevant belt doesn't make your feelings immune to internet mockiry.
danomite- March 31, 2011 at 1:09 pm
also, you shouldn't say things like your opponent hasn't earned a fight with you. Leave that stuff to assholes like us. That's the kind of thinking that leads to an upset *cough* MATT SERRA *cough*.
danomite- March 31, 2011 at 1:05 pm
Your robot is great, but I want to see you do the robot while you're actually fighting somebody. To date, only Keith Jardine has been able to pull it off successfully.
And why are your chess pieces blue? Why are you trying to take the subliminal racist elements out of chess?!
and when I ran cross country I think my resting heart rate was in the mid to upper 40's, which is scary because I really, really sucked at cross country.
pooflinger- March 31, 2011 at 12:58 pm
LaWeapon- March 31, 2011 at 12:54 pm
Kilometers is what every country in the world uses to measure distance.. every country except the USA that is, they are weird.
ReX13- March 31, 2011 at 12:43 pm
Hey Jimmo,

Eff them haters, bro. i think you and genki sudo should hook up and do a video:

Hey and if you ever want to play chess on XBoX, holla.
Fried Taco- March 31, 2011 at 12:31 pm
Your robot doesn't look realistic. Kind of like one of those Japanese sex robots.
rdugan90- March 31, 2011 at 12:20 pm
Nobody gives a shit. Not CP worthy. Stop posting shit like this every 10 posts
El Famous Burrito- March 31, 2011 at 12:14 pm
That robot was even better, but what the heck is a "kilometer"?
More of your weird not-bacon pork products?