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Scott Coker Continues to Act Like Strikeforce Titles Are Cursed

“And then the hair on my arms stood up, and I  felt a cold hand on the back of my neck, and a voice saying … “Well, well, well, motherfucker.” PicProps: AllElbows

Scott Coker commented today during a media call today about the possibility of awarding the Strikeforce heavyweight championship to the winner of the Heavyweight Grand Prix, saying that the decision hasn’t been made, but that the company probably would not do so.

Because, you know, why would you?

After promoting a tournament as a way to “finally answer once and for all who is the world’s most dangerous man” (uh, hello? Ken Shamrock.  /thread), obviously the most rational thing to do is hand the winner a large trophy or a poster-sized check, right? But to go ahead and award that winner the title of “champion”, a title that is currently vacant? Well that’s just not a decision they’re in any hurry to make.

Now call me crazy, but it seems Scott Coker believes that the belts he gives to fighters are cursed. I mean cursed like “made from the skin of blind puppies”, “hexed by crazy-haired blood witches”, “directly connected to Cenobites” cursed. Nothing else could explain the ghost town that is Strikeforce Championville, USA, but that it’s been built on the sacred land of indigenous peoples whose souls rest uneasily.

Heavyweight champ Overeem: gone, and no title for the GP winner. Light heavyweight champ Henderson: free agent, probably gone. Welterweight champ Nick Diaz: gone for a GSP superfight. Coker isn’t in a hurry to crown a new guy there, either. Melendez would be gone, too, but the UFC picture at 155 looks like the DMV complete with a sign that says “Take a Number”. The women’s division is plagued with similar absences, but that’s really an entirely different dynamic.  Unless the title belts are haunted by angry ghosts hungry for vengeance.

Clearly, Coker has gotten the message that the UFC will handpick fighters from his roster, and he’s powerless to do anything about it. So he’s taken the ingenious tactic of refusing to make new champions, like he’s the babysitter in the house with the hook-wielding escaped lunatic and as long as he doesn’t acknowledge the problem, he won’t get gutted even though the call is coming from inside the house!

That analogy may have gotten out of hand, but the craziest thing is this: Coker just might be on to something. Rather than have a bunch of belts that might as well say “Gone to UFC, BRB” on them, maybe focusing on putting on good fights with good matchups and an odd tournament or two would help carve out a solid niche for the promotion. Accepting a role as a feeder organization, and excelling at it, could be the best thing for Strikeforce as part of the Zuffa family.

Of course, that would put the promotion on a collision course with Bellator, but with Zuffa backing and cable distribution deals already in place, Strikeforce would smash Bellator in ratings.

Either that, or Coker is going to need to get those belts into a containment unit.


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rainyli- August 31, 2011 at 6:44 am
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Todd M- August 30, 2011 at 9:22 pm
I thought the article was good, sums up the situation in my eye's. Also props to CP for calling the demise of the GP, the very second the GP was announced, LOL, Coker ur so ambitious
XENOPHON- August 30, 2011 at 8:53 pm
Come on Rex, give me a fucking break. What's up with the "Strike Farce would smash Bellator" comment? Boy you need a course correction.
First you say that Strike Farce lost it's Heavyweight champion. The fact is he was blatantly excommunicated by obvious design. He has a smile, and has now been separated from both his Dutch handlers, and his Strike Farce minders. Overeem is sitting idle, as he knows after his big injury is healed, he will get a sit-down with Zuffa.
Absent a contract is their Light Heavyweight champion, who is missing his job, missing love from Lindland, missing his false teeth, and carries a ranking that has to be well below Jake Shields.
A reminder to all, the best time to enter into a negotiation, is when the other side is already involved with commercial litigation. Hendo best learn to work some Bendo if he wants to get in with a new contract - anywhere.
Diaz, the former Welterweight champ has jumped a sinking ship attempting a solo marathon for drier land, and is likely to be mistaken for dead and washed ashore after UFC 137. My guess is that his autopsy will read that he was found downed like a rat with a water proofed dime-baggy of dirt weed stuffed in his sock.
As for their Lightweight champ, Melendez. Brown Pride is great until it's caked on one's nose. He has zero prospects lined up, and can't even land a gig for that anticipated catch weight fight to prove himself against Marloes Coenen. Let's not forget she can't fight as she is laden with the Black Eye that Coker was told to give her.
This is a lesson for Karma. Wake up bro, ditch the chick crusade bullshit. Either focus on being a fighter, and exploiting the Cage Potato connections for your own greedy needs, or you have the option to go land a job with the American Civil Liberties Union. From Boston, to each the ACLU its a AMTRACK ride to 125 Broad Street, 18th Floor, New York NY 10004.
Remember young Jedi-master, when interviewing a CEO - it's exactly like pulling that bitch from the bar at closing hour. If your plumb out of Rohypnol, you do the two-step dance. Acknowledge and congratulate them on something they've done. Then before the lights come on and the drinks get pulled, hook em with, "your sweet, where do we go from here?"
Rex since you wrote this, you must have known that 4 of 7 weight classed inside Strike Farce have been dismantled. The only 3 remaining champs Strike Farce can sport, includes: Ronaldo Souza, Cristiane Santos, and Miesha Tate. There is no way in hell you can convince me that these 3 fighters over-arch the Bellator line up, or can carry the banner.
It's impossible to deny, that by orchestrating the gutting of Strike Farce there was not an alternative agenda. It was a intentional scheme for stomping the shit out of FOX's network competition. Strike Farce was raided for talent and became the sacrificial lamb. Pass the mint sauce please.
With the inexplicable firing of Cristiane Santos pre FOX deal, and then miraculous resigning of Cristiane Santos after the FOX deal concluded one thing becomes crystal clear. It was a ploy by the FOX-Zuffa consortium to be able to later state under oath that they operated in good faith, just in case CBS-Showtime sued for breach of contract. The lesson is, it's always best to close and lock the door, before it swings open unexpectedly.
Don't think for one second that the intent behind the FOX-Zuffa deal did not include or was not focused at decimating the remaining competition. Come on Rex...quietly ask yourself this question? What is going to happen to the all of Strike Farce affiliates once FOX kicks off production?
The full list of live events and competitions are currently shown on CBS and Showtime in the United States. Yet, this scheme is designed to disrupt the Super Channel in Canada, Primetime in the United Kingdom, SKY PerfecTV! in Japan, HBO Plus in Brazil, Space TV in Latin America and the Caribbean, and broadcasting on the American Forces Network.
As I painstakingly have explained for you, the quite winners who find themselves in second place are Bellator - as they are already up and running just below the radar and have existing reach into English, Spanish, and Portuguese vectors. I explained this to your boy O Chan, and he decided to pop smoke - I've not heard from his since. Maybe Irene got him?
Every one of the Strike Farce channels viewers (and all the hard cash paying commercial advertisers) will have more than enough reason to now turn the channel selector on their TV. We know they now have reason to tune into the FOX network and its affiliates. This is bound to happen, as this is a big fucking spike in revenue for FOX. If you can't or won't believe me, then explain why FOX fronted nearly $100 million dollars per year to Zuffa? FOX will get their pound of flesh bro, that's how they do business.
How the fuck do you guys miss this shit, this is the real news that never made the big news....your either too believing, easily fooled, or patently naive.
Not only did you earn your "D-", but you are now obligated to credit me back that entire first case booze that you negotiated struck terms with. I suggest we meet at the Brass's mid Wilshire. Ben knows it well. Tell em Ben, its on the Metro Purple Line! GRIN
noizy- August 30, 2011 at 7:41 pm
@noname: ROFL

@KINGMADE:, you won't have a laugh there, all very serious and factual.
Cup Cheick- August 30, 2011 at 4:58 pm
Womens MMA? What does that have to do with the kitchen?
KINGMADE- August 30, 2011 at 3:59 pm
Yeah... you guys keep eating garbage like this up... they will keep feeding it to you.
frndlylion- August 30, 2011 at 3:14 pm
Good one Rex,
I have a suspicion your more right than wrong on this one.

Karma, I am still having trouble with them letting Coenen sign with a different organization. Despite the "non exclusivity" of her contract its possible she gets hurt fighting for some other organization and strikeforce loses one of their best athletes. Inexcusable.
Sloppyspray- August 30, 2011 at 3:12 pm
and what jimbonics said. Stop being an ignorant slut.
Sloppyspray- August 30, 2011 at 3:11 pm
@KINGMADE - Really? Who pays for internet sites anymore. I know costs a pretty penny for you every month but you can google that shit for FREE. This is CP, you get what you signed up for, which is an 8-bit captcha in another language. And articles by Rex, which are very entertaining. Plus everyone on your "pay websites" has the HIV now, sorry.
noname- August 30, 2011 at 3:09 pm
Strikeforce should just get rid of the belts and have the fighter fight for UFC contracts instead.
jimbonics- August 30, 2011 at 2:53 pm
Kingmade, you ignorant slut. This is a fine article.
When I got to "(uh, hello? Ken Shamrock. /thread)", I knew precisely who and what I was dealing with.
KINGMADE- August 30, 2011 at 2:24 pm
Wow... this really was a shit article. If I paid for this site I would be pissed.
KarmaAteMyCat- August 30, 2011 at 1:55 pm
To be honest strikforce is really ignoring one of its biggest commodity's which is the female division's but whats new right?
Joedirt- August 30, 2011 at 1:54 pm
My guess is they don't want new champions because of a slow methodical plan for UFC to consume strikeforce. Why have champs??? Any of the fighters in Strikeforce that are at least top tier there are good enough for the UFC... and with the UFC getting tv deals and bringing in new weight classes to expand it's talent pool why wouldn't they expand it with those fighters too. I'll bet anyone here a plate of chicken wings that Coker has 6 months or less.
Fried Taco- August 30, 2011 at 1:44 pm
I seriously doubt he would try another tournament, what with all the success the current one has had.