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Scott Coker Viciously Punk’d by Cris Cyborg

Cristiane Cris Cyborg Santos Evangelista MMA Strikeforce
("Cris? Do you think that maybe *I* could be on top tonight?"
"Get a decent win streak together and we’ll talk." Photo courtesy of MMA Weekly.

Practical jokes are like knockout punches — they both rely on timing for maximum devastation. Cristiane and Evangelista "Cyborg" Santos understand this better than anybody. Who knows why they’d want to give Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker a heart attack the night before an already cursed event, but  oh boy did they get him:

The Strikeforce promoter is usually calm and cool under the worst of circumstances, and the weeks leading up to the show featured plenty of them, as several matches had to be rearranged for various reasons. But he thought he had a nightmare scenario on his hands the night before the show.
At about 9:30 p.m. on Friday night, on a show where every major match but the main event fell apart, Coker got a phone call from the Santos camp. They were apologetic, saying that they had no idea beforehand, but that when the commission was testing Santos, they found out that she was pregnant and the fight was off. Coker fell for it…though later he was told it was a prank. Good thing for Coker – and for Santos.

Too bad we couldn’t be there to see Coker’s reaction. We’re guessing it looked something like this.


  1. Just A Wrestler Says:

    Mon, 08/17/09 - 12:18

    Scott Coker should've known that men cant get pregnant
  2. Bovice Says:

    Mon, 08/17/09 - 12:18

  3. Just A Wrestler Says:

    Mon, 08/17/09 - 12:19

    Bovice: poser
  4. manutdfan Says:

    Mon, 08/17/09 - 12:23

    Didn't they steal that idea from a Saved by the Bell episode? Well played, Santos, well played.
  5. Mike Milbury Says:

    Mon, 08/17/09 - 12:29

    For all the jokes about Cris' looks, she looks a hundred times better than her husband in that picture. And I'm a heterosexual man. Christ, he looks like he was dragged face-first down a dirt road.
  6. Chri534. Says:

    Mon, 08/17/09 - 12:40

    Haha, the first thing that came to my mind about his reaction was:
  7. Capt. Shamrock Says:

    Mon, 08/17/09 - 12:41

    Coker's reaction: 'I thought you said, "one up the bum, no harm done"'
  8. Jackal Says:

    Mon, 08/17/09 - 12:49

    cyborg Jr. is going to hate grade school. "that's not your mother. it's a man baaaby!! yeah!!"
  9. AkilleeZ Says:

    Mon, 08/17/09 - 12:53

    I bet they have some rough sex
  10. Bovice Says:

    Mon, 08/17/09 - 12:58

    @Just A Wrestler Yeah, especially since our comments were both posted within the minute. You dumb faggot.
  11. Aptninja Says:

    Mon, 08/17/09 - 01:13

    Yeah, it was a real race to find the mot juste, wasn't it?
  12. Bag Puncher Says:

    Mon, 08/17/09 - 01:29

    @ Aptninja Nice phrase, I had to look that up cause I am dumb. See Cagepotato is educational, I learn something new every time, from chilli dog to mot juste.
  13. I Know Nothing Says:

    Mon, 08/17/09 - 01:30

    I hope they're both sterile cause their offspring would be ATROCIOUS!!!
  14. Sneaky Pete Says:

    Mon, 08/17/09 - 01:43

    Of all the parties involved with the prank, I think the hypothetical baby was the most relieved.

    Mon, 08/17/09 - 01:53

    We all know she is not pretty, but I can bet that all you jackasses that are writing how ugly Guyborg is, must have a real beauty at home... If you had a hot broad at home, you would not be on a blog writing about Guyborg, you would be doing what guys do...bangin their hot old ladys.... Who cares how ugly she is...she still beat that bitches question about it.
  16. Dr Garbo Says:

    Mon, 08/17/09 - 03:01

    Coker was about 2 seconds away from leaping from his 27th floor office when they said "SYKE"...
  17. Bootylam Says:

    Mon, 08/17/09 - 06:09

    hey MMAsucks... I TOTALLY banged my wife to within an inch of her life this morning, yet I'm here posting because I need to do something to do with the other 23 hours and 58 minutes of the day.
  18. phantom151 Says:

    Mon, 08/17/09 - 07:41

    You have to find a man brave enough to stick his dick in that she man
  19. mark mania Says:

    Wed, 12/04/13 - 05:07

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