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Screengrab of the Day: Mickey Rourke Is Slowly Turning Into Your Aunt

(Looks like Andy Serkis just found himself out of a job for the Lord of the Rings reboot. Props: r/MMA)

If you’ve been watching the excellent UFC 184 Embedded series thus far, chances are that you’ve been thoroughly entertained by the-GOOD GOD WHAT IS THAT THING BEFORE ME.

Captured by r/MMA user lrkr486, the Gollum-esque looking creature pictured above is apparently Expendables star Mickey Rourke, who we can assure you definitely isn’t, as one commenter suggested, “on the heels of a three week crack binge.” It’s more like an eight to ten week binge for sure.

Rourke told the cameras in episode 2 of Embedded that he met Ellenberger while training for a fight in Russia (which, LOL) around the same time Jake was training for a fight of his own, and the two have become buddies in the time since. That being the case, perhaps now’s the time for Ellenberger to gather Rourke’s other closest friends around and hold an intervention for whatever the Hell is happening to

After the Jump:  The first 3 episodes of UFC Embedded, via the UFC’s Youtube channel.

My God, there aren’t enough Cat Zingano stretching videos in the world to erase the image of Rourke that has been permanently seared into of my brain. I know Rourke had to drop a bit of weight for his aforementioned boxing match, but he looks like Christian Bale in The Machinist right now. There can only be three possible explanations:

1) Rourke is preparing for a career-defining role in a Holocaust movie.

2) The aforementioned crack binge


The redditor who posted this subscribes to a different theory — that Rourke is slowly turning into our aunt — but even that seems like a stretch to me. My aunt is in *much* better shape than Rourke, and she spends the majority of her days swatting punk ass middle schoolers over her shoulder while driving a school bus.

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