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Screw It, Today Is the Day We Pass 50,000 Fans on Facebook [UPDATED]

(We’re also taking suggestions to replace our current cover photo. Got any ideas?)

Man, remember when hitting 10,000 Facebook fans was a huge deal for us? And oh how we celebrated when we doubled that number two years later. Such modest goals for a mid-level MMA blog just trying to find its place in the world. Then, started building steam and we blew past 30k and 40k like it was nothing. I’m sure this is fascinating to you.

It’s been a while since we’ve had to write a “Screw It” post asking for a few more likes, but business was slow last year, and we didn’t quite reach our goal of hitting 50,000 Facebook fans by the end of 2014. At this time of this writing, we’re just 28 fans away from achieving that milestone. So if you’re seeing this right now and you don’t already follow CagePotato on Facebook, please do so! We promise not to flood your timeline with crap. We only post like 3-4 updates per day, and they’re all either important news stories or amazing photos — things you wouldn’t want to miss, in other words.

So what do you say? Can you find it in your hearts to like your favorite “irreverent blog” today?

UPDATE: It’s all over! Our Facebook fan-drive quickly shot us past 50k. Thanks so much to all our FB followers, new and old. We’ll make it worth your while, and that’s a Potato Promise.


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