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Serious Question: Would a Win Over GSP Make Jake Shields the Most Hated Man in MMA?

(Take a good look at this photo lineup, MMA fans. Now, do you recognize the man who killed your dreams? PicProps: Flickr)

It goes without saying that there is a lot riding on Georges St. Pierre’s upcoming welterweight title defense against Jake Shields at UFC 129. More specifically, there is a lot riding on Shields not winning it. If the recently deposed Strikeforce middleweight champ were to actually pull off the upset – he was +400 as of this morning — it might be a huge financial windfall for the good people of NorCal (new tattoos for everybody!) but it would piss off absolutely everyone else in the industry.

Dana White, the Fertittas, Joe Silva, Ed Soares’ creditors, Steven Seagal, Canada and (last but certainly not least) the fans — we all have a significant interest in making sure things play out according to the odds for the next couple of months. So it begs the question: If Shields wins the UFC 170-pound title on April 30, does it make him the most hated man in all of mixed martial arts?  We’re going to go out on a limb and say yes.
Think about it this way: If Shields dethrones the superstar champion in his home country during the first major show in Ontario (already a big time bummer) it totally destroys plans for that St. Pierre vs. Anderson Silva superfight we’ve been drooling over. It also sends the UFC back to the drawing board only to surely deduce that the next guy to get a middleweight title shot will be Yushin Okami. No offense to The Thunderous One, but that smacks of a matchup that will induce Silva into doing the marimba for 25 minutes instead of front kicking somebody in the face. You won’t see that fight main-eventing a New Year’s Eve show like you would Silva vs. GSP, that’s for sure.

Additionally, a Shields win would send the message that St. Pierre’s recent efforts to become a better rounded fighter were all for naught. It would effectively usher-in a whole new era of hug-first fighting  in the welterweight division, given that the short list of immediate challengers for the new champion would include Jon Fitch and Josh Koscheck. Excited yet? Well, how about this: Are you jacked for St. Pierre-Penn III?  Not very? Well, that could be what you get if GSP loses, so get ready.

Seriously, it makes our heads hurt to even contemplate all the ramifications.

On the bright side though, Shields is taking steps this week to embrace his role as 170-pound supervillain. For starters, he’s announced plans to spend some time training with Chael Sonnen for UFC 129. That pretty much takes care of the hatred. Also, he’ll be working out with Bellator champ Ben Askren so that pretty much takes care of the boring part, too.

So, basically what we’re saying is: The fate of the entire free world pretty much rests in your impeccably-manicured hands, Georges. You know, no pressure.


  1. portland mma Says:

    Thu, 02/10/11 - 11:16

    What! David Terrell is still alive?
  2. first Says:

    Thu, 02/10/11 - 11:19

    gsp eats pieces of shit like shieldzzzzz for breakfast oh yea FIRST BITCHESSSS
  3. Waxedpants Says:

    Thu, 02/10/11 - 11:20

    I don't think shields has what it takes to beat gsp but this is mma and anything can happen so the deciding factor in how shields will be thought of after a win is how he wins. If he humps gsp to a decision win than yes he will be loathed by all .... if he does something spectacular ( don't hold your breath) then who knows. All the fighters are a knockout away from being fan faves unless they are total dbags. Jake might be boring sometimes but he isn't a dbag.
  4. Levi Jones Says:

    Thu, 02/10/11 - 11:22

    Did I ever mention that I saw Ben Askren fail to wash his hands after taking a piss at the Strikeforce event in Phoenix? Because I did. Nasty motherfucker.
  5. marimbamania Says:

    Thu, 02/10/11 - 11:29

    just so you know, a marimba is a musical instrument. A mamba is a snake. A mambo is a dance.
  6. sumdumguy Says:

    Thu, 02/10/11 - 11:33

    @portland my thought exactly
  7. Joe-Say Aldo Says:

    Thu, 02/10/11 - 11:34

    Man, that GSP vs. Shields fight is gonna be BORING. I think I'll save my $49.99 for a new receptacle for my fleshlight.
  8. Vargas Says:

    Thu, 02/10/11 - 11:34

    Koscheck will still be the p4p most hated fighter/person/mammal/organism. Even cancer and AIDS have nothing on him.
  9. Horror Fighter Says:

    Thu, 02/10/11 - 11:36

    I thought that Shields already was the most hated guy in MMA. Still, I don't think the UFC has anything to worry about. It's not like Jake has ever spoiled an organization's plans by winning a fight he was supposed to lose. Well, except for that Henderson fight in StrikeForce. Oh. Wait.
  10. Mike Whitehead Says:

    Thu, 02/10/11 - 11:36

    First, you're actually second. But don't worry, I've got enough juice for the both of ya. Speaking of which, all this Jake Shieldzzzzzz talk is making me sleepy..
  11. Fried Taco Says:

    Thu, 02/10/11 - 11:37

    Maybe the most hated fighter in MMA, but not most hated man. Gus Johnson would certainly have something to say about that.
  12. Karmaatemycat Says:

    Thu, 02/10/11 - 11:43

    Awesome article well written.

    Thu, 02/10/11 - 11:44

    I already dont like to watch this guy fight.
  14. Ballkick Says:

    Thu, 02/10/11 - 11:47

    This is all a moot discussion, GSP has too many ways to beat Jake Sheilds, even on an off day GSP wins this fight anyway you slice it. I predict a TKO round one.
  15. portland mma Says:

    Thu, 02/10/11 - 11:47

    When Shields beats GSP I think a lot of Georges fanboys may kill themselves.
  16. Chondeazy Says:

    Thu, 02/10/11 - 11:58

    I'm all about Sheilds beating GSP. Mix it up a bit. Hell I'd like to see Sheilds win against GSP and then see him move up and fight Silva. Jake has been a proven fighter at 185 so why not go for two belts and really piss everyone off???????
  17. Harry Nips Says:

    Thu, 02/10/11 - 12:06

    I can't see anyway Shieldzzz wins this fight. He has great grappling but so does GSP and Shieldzzz's stand-up is amateur level at best(see Bully Beatdown). GSP wins this fight easily within the 1st 2 rounds. I guess you could say he's got a "submitters chance" but let's be honest, that sounds ridiculous.
  18. Morningwood Says:

    Thu, 02/10/11 - 12:10

    I hear GSP has been playing Karate Champ alot since the Silva/Belfort fight. So, don't rule out a front kick to the face just yet!
  19. MaxTheLimit Says:

    Thu, 02/10/11 - 12:10

    I do hope that GSP wins. I for sure am one of those fellows aching for the super fight with Silva. that being said I do fret over the possibility of a loss though shields snuggle fest, and pillow taps.
  20. RwilsonR Says:

    Thu, 02/10/11 - 12:19

    If Shields somehow wins, Josh Barnett will race him for the title of most hated man in MMA after he brings down Strikeforce by winning the HW GP only fighting in Japan, and we find out that the whole thing was a work from the beginning. ...And he tests positive again for steroids. ...And he's gay.
  21. the chef Says:

    Thu, 02/10/11 - 12:23

    I hate GSP so I don't care who beats him lets go Shields
  22. Harry Nips Says:

    Thu, 02/10/11 - 12:23

    @rwr- that's a good scenario but I can't see either of them being more hated than Steven Segall after he claims he invented the left hook in his next interview.
  23. whiterice Says:

    Thu, 02/10/11 - 12:33

    Not only does GSP need to win, he needs to win decisively and look good doing it. If it's close, if GSP should win by a 'lucky punch' or something, that could endanger Silva-GSP also.
  24. LOKI Says:

    Thu, 02/10/11 - 12:58

    I would laugh till I cried and continue until I pee'd myself, laugh more, and than pass out from a schadenfreude-gasm.
  25. Article: Would a Win Over GSP Make Jake Shields the Most Hated Man in MMA? - Sherdog Mixed Martial Arts Forums Says:

    Thu, 02/10/11 - 01:00

    [...] free world pretty much rests in your impeccably-manicured hands, Georges. You know, no pressure. Serious Question: Would a Win Over GSP Make Jake Shields the Most Hated Man in MMA? | CagepotatoCage... I think this is going to be an EXTREMELY important fight. Whether it's "boring" or not, [...]
  26. youenjoyzedella Says:

    Thu, 02/10/11 - 01:15

    What makes Jake Shields think he's not going to get his face jabbed off?
  27. jesus frijoles Says:

    Thu, 02/10/11 - 01:20

    I dont see it happening, but the look on Dana's face might make it worth it.
  28. TUF GUY Says:

    Thu, 02/10/11 - 01:29

    Yes it would. PS: I'm back bitches. And this mean I'm gonna rape your moms while all you bitches watch and cry like little pussies.
  29. lono Says:

    Thu, 02/10/11 - 02:11

    Shields via staphoplata
  30. djp1988 Says:

    Thu, 02/10/11 - 03:42

    So... Sonnen's going to teach Shields money laundering?
  31. Carl Sagan Says:

    Thu, 02/10/11 - 03:44

    That's an old pic. Terrell wasn't 250 lbs yet, and Shields looks like a baby.
  32. Down for the Count Bisping Says:

    Thu, 02/10/11 - 04:24

    Regardless of the outcome, in the build-up Dana will probably have a few moments of "fuck, did Scott Coker just fuck me so severely I won't even be able to see straight?"
  33. mynameisalsoben Says:

    Thu, 02/10/11 - 04:41

    I don't really like GSP. (No killer instinct, plays it too safe. It's not impossible to be dominant and finish guys, look at A. Silva and B.J.) I like Jake Shields. (People always know his game plan but he still goes out there and beats tough guys. He actually passes guard and goes for subs...unlike Jon Fitch or Chael Sonnen. Plus his jiu jitsu is better than GSP's) Therefore, I want Jake to win this fight. Does that make me a bad MMA fan to root for the fighter I like more? I only want to see this superfight if we know for sure that GSP and Anderson have cleaned out their divisions. So if GSP loses he doesn't deserve that fight anyways. If Vitor won would we all hate him? Dana had already said this superfight will happen if Anderson and GSP each win their next fights. So Vitor would have spoiled it just as much. But most MMA fans like Vitor a lot more than Anderson, and like GSP a lot more than Shields. So naturally fans will hate on Jake because he's not as popular as Vitor and he's trying to take out MMA's golden boy in GSP. Let's just enjoy the upcoming fight and let it play out before we start bashing Jake Shields for trying to win a title.
  34. Cody Says:

    Fri, 02/11/11 - 06:23

    jake shields already is the most hated fighter in my eyes, i cannot stand to watch him fight, normally that's when i walk out of the room to get a bamboo oar rammed in my eye sockets, i despise watching that homo's boring hug fests
  35. Friday Link Drop | The Rugged Says:

    Fri, 02/11/11 - 03:16

    [...] If Jake Shields beats GSP would he be the most hated man in MMA? (CagePotato) [...]
  36. III Says:

    Sat, 02/12/11 - 05:28

    GSP is a tool, Shields is a tool, Silva is a tool. While I hate GSP, I hate Silva even more. GSP has a better chance of winning crisco twister against Silva than anyone else, but I still wish there were way for them to both lose decisively.
  37. jalia parsnip Says:

    Sun, 12/01/13 - 12:20

    Serious Question: Would a Win Over GSP Make Jake Shields the Most Hated Man in MMA? | Cagepotato... to seek out troubles to boost my internet site!I suppose its okay to generate utilization of a number of of the ideas!!...
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