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Shields, Silva Likely for July EliteXC/CBS Card; Fickett Out for Good?

(Robbie Lawler and Scott Smith will have another chance to go at it next month.)

Dave Meltzer at Yahoo! Sports is reporting some early details on the next EliteXC/CBS “Saturday Night Fights” broadcast, which is slated for July 26th. Word is:

The company’s plan is to stage an event that would start at either 7:30 or 8 p.m. (ET) on Showtime — with either a 60- or 90-minute show that would feature three or four fights — leading into the 9-11 p.m. CBS show. The venue has not been finalized, although the Savvis Center in St. Louis is under consideration.

A middleweight title re-match between Robbie Lawler and Scott Smith is already expected to headline the broadcast, while other likely bouts include Jake Shields vs. TBA (for EliteXC’s vacant welterweight title), Antonio Silva vs. TBA (possibly for EliteXC’s vacant heavyweight title), and matches featuring Shayna Baszler and Wilson Reis.

Particularly astute CagePotato readers might think “Jake Shields vs. TBA? Hasn’t he been trying to fight Drew Fickett for like a year?” And you’d be right. Except Fickett might be getting bounced from EliteXC for being an absolute moron.

Shields and Fickett were originally supposed to battle for EliteXC’s welterweight belt at “Shamrock vs. Le” on March 29th, but Shields pulled a muscle in his back days before the event, and Fickett instead fought (and beat) Jae Suk Lim. So, the Shields/Fickett match was rescheduled to go down at “Return of the King,” but Fickett injured his knee in early May and pulled out of the event.

Here’s the retarded part: Without Pro Elite’s knowledge, Fickett fought at a Rage in the Cage event on June 7th, where he defeated Jeff Horlacher, his problem knee seemingly not a problem at all. As reports:

Fickett’s decision cost Shields financially as he was left without a fight for the Hawaii card. EliteXC has not been able to contact Fickett and it looks as if they will be dropping him from their organization. Shields will now be fighting on EliteXC’s newly announced July 26th CBS show. Possible opponents now being looked at are Nick Thompson and Jay Hieron amongst others.

A match between the third- and eighth-best welterweights in the world would be a killer co-headliner for the second “Saturday Night Fights” card, and Hieron (who hovers just outside of the top-ten) would be a great replacement for Fickett as well. Wish we could say we’d feel bad for Fickett if he does indeed get his contract torn up, but in this day and age, how can you possibly think that you could fight for one organization while on injury leave from another, and expect to get away with it? Hasn’t Drew heard about the Internet?

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Kimbo vs. Fickett- June 16, 2008 at 4:53 pm
When I read that a match between Nick Thompson and Jake Shields might be a possibility I thought that would be amazing. Then I read you say the "3rd and 8th best welterweights", and I was wondring what you were talking about. So I followed the link to your rankings and I couldn't believe what I saw.

I have long thought Nick Thompson was underrated on rankings, but you have him as #8? You don't even have Karo Parysian on your list, and last I checked, he was the last tough competition that Thompson fought. How did that fight go again? Oh yeah, total domination by Parysian.

And don't give me the loss to Alves should drop Parysian that low, since last I checked, Diego was number 6 on your list, and he dropped two in a row. And Matt Hughes only lost at WW to GSP, since it would be hard to rank the Alves fight since it didn't actually happen at WW. Even if you do count that as a 170 pound fight, Hughes two losses still shouldn't drop him behind Diego Sanchez, who had two losses of his own, and nowhere near the win list that Matt Hughes has compiled.

And who has Jake Shields beaten that makes him worth ranking #3 in the world? The idea that someone like Shields or Rothwell can dodge fighting the top competition and beat up a bunch of chumps and still get ranked that highly is a joke. I would rather see fighters challenge themselves against the best, and even lose a couple, and still be ranked highly, than see them get a lot of wins over nobodies.

Your WW rankings are a joke!
bmwtech- June 16, 2008 at 2:50 pm
What? No Kimbo vs Butterbean?
NealTaflinger- June 16, 2008 at 1:25 pm
Is Rage in the Cage different than Cage Rage?
Anonymous- June 16, 2008 at 12:24 pm
Thompson for the win. GO GOAt