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‘Shogun’ Comments On Amicable Parting of Ways With Longtime Manager Eduardo Alonso

(“Why do you keep following me to these things? I told you you’re fired.”)

Mauricio “Shogun” Rua
announced last night via Twitter that he had split from his longtime manager Marcelo Alonso and today went on to explain the reason for his decision

According to Mauricio, he and Alonso had differing opinions of how Rua’s career should be handled. Marcelo apparently felt that he should be in charge of securing sponsorships, co-ordinating fight camps and handling press for the former UFC light heavyweight champion, while his client believed that the tasks should handled by three people.

“What happened was that Eduardo believed in a line of working and I trust another one,” Rua told Tatame. “He believed my career should be managed by one guy, I don’t agree with that.”

“To me, some guys has to be leading my training, and it is Andre Dida,” Shogun says.” [I also need] a marketing team to accessorize me and a manager. He didn’t agree with that and said he already knew it could happen.”

It sounds like Alonso didn’t want to share any of the pie and now he’s left with an empty plate. Regardless, Rua says the split was an amicable one and that he’s shopping around for new representation. Alonso has been with Shogun since his UFC 76 loss to Forrest Griffin back in 2007.

Alonso isn’t the only manager to be dropped by a Brazilian fighter in recent weeks. You may recall that Jose Aldo eighty-sixed Black House Management a week or two ago in favor of his longtime coach, Andre Pederneiras, who managed him prior to his WEC title win.

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Fried Taco- February 9, 2012 at 8:15 am
Obviously Shogun wants a piece of that Globo pie the other Brazilian UFC fighters are getting. Especially since he is nearing the end of his career and will need something to make him money afterwards.
XENOPHON- February 9, 2012 at 7:41 am
Sensing that Rua had been watching the successful branding of fighters such as Anderson Silva, Jon Jones and others...for grabbing other revenue streams in their popularity. My guess is that it was a good move, and makes good business sense. Problem with Shogun is that his days fighting are numbered, and there just isn't going to be that many reals left on the table these days for a fighter in fade.
The Highest Primate- February 8, 2012 at 6:56 pm
Good stuff now we dont have to listen to the Ray Romano of translators anymore.. I was starting to associate Shogun with a nasally whiny voice.