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Sign of the Apocalypse #631: Dwarf Cage Fighting

Props to Fightlinker (I guess) for turning us on to this kinda depressing video of two “little people” fighting each other in a 6′x6′ cage for the amusement of a bunch of drunken hicks in a Tampa-area honkey-tonk. After a fierce back-and-forth battle, Chip “Demo” Santiago defeats the much larger Jason “Short Dog” Jones via guillotine choke, and referee Herb Dean climbs in to make it official. Seriously.

Dwarf Cage Fighting’s official website explains their operation thusly:

Dwarf cage fighting is a unique event. Dwarfs fight mixed martial arts in a smaller scale UFC style cage. [Ed. note: It's a dog cage, basically.] These might be little people; but they have big skills. They train just like other fighters, grappling, boxing, kickboxing, jiu jitsu, sambo, muay thai, and more. Often times fans leave with a look of shock on their faces when they see the skill level these micro athletes display…If you want the most SHOCKING [Ed. note: Because they're so skilled!], Unusual, guaranteed pull at your nightclub, you need to email us today!

The website also has a link to a St. Petersburg Times profile on Demo Santiago, where it’s revealed that DCF’s champion and marquee fighter is a former operations manager at UPS who married one normal-sized woman then impregnated another, and has put in work as everything from a St. Patrick’s Day bar leprechaun to a Valentine’s Day cupid. He also doesn’t need your pity:

“Where were you when people are making fun of me on the streets?” he asks anyone concerned. “Why are you trying to take money out of my hand?” … Santiago jumped at an idea suggested by his promoter. Ultimate cage fighting is a hit. So is the TLC reality show Little People, Big World. Why not dwarf ultimate fighting cage matches?

“It’s like TLC meets Spike TV,” Santiago says.

Fair enough. I just wish the cages were bigger. What do you think, people? Dwarves: Good or bad for the sport?

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Tue, 09/30/08 - 06:13

  2. UFC Fan Fan Says:

    Tue, 09/30/08 - 06:14

    That reversal-to-armbar at 2:55-3:03 was INSANE. This guy needs to train Kimbo!
  3. MMA-hole Says:

    Tue, 09/30/08 - 06:14

    Herb Dean: Bad for the sport.
  4. BIG CHRIS Says:

    Tue, 09/30/08 - 06:15

    This is what the Sean Sherk Tyson Griffin fight is going to look like....only without the benefit of the Dog Cage....
  5. laughing@graygray Says:

    Tue, 09/30/08 - 06:20

    i thought the same thing....its a minime of florian!!! cage definetly needs to be bigger, id have liked to have seen some kicks hah. i was really impressed that he was able to finish the guilitene.
  6. graygray Says:

    Tue, 09/30/08 - 06:20

    Title: Miniature versions of Kenny Florian vs. Roy Nelson
  7. Myles Kilometers Says:

    Tue, 09/30/08 - 06:20

    These guys gas too quick...I'm guessing they train with Travis Lutter.
  8. DDT Says:

    Tue, 09/30/08 - 06:21

    I think we just found Kimbo's next opponent!
  9. speechless says Says:

    Tue, 09/30/08 - 06:33

    " "
  10. Tertio Says:

    Tue, 09/30/08 - 06:35

    Little people scare me.
  11. the king adrock Says:

    Tue, 09/30/08 - 06:40

    I'd say Herb was a little late on the stoppage. The dude tapped out, then passed out, and then Herb came in from I don't know where to stop it.
  12. Anonymous Says:

    Tue, 09/30/08 - 06:42

    fake look at terrible attempt of a guillotine
  13. Old, Bald and Vieny Says:

    Tue, 09/30/08 - 06:44

    OMG! Quick! Get Affliction on the phone! Fedor versus two little people on New Years Eve! * sound of Japanese MMA fans cheering *
  14. mayhem420 Says:

    Tue, 09/30/08 - 07:10

    You know the whole time I watched that I had these songs just playing over and over in my head..... "Follow the yellow brick road" and "The lollipop Gill" The next best thing would be a guy standing next to the cage with a sign that stated: "You must be this tall to fight in the cage"
  15. J.L. Says:

    Tue, 09/30/08 - 07:12

    Micheal Vick needs to seriously look into this and invest. It's like dog fighting only without PETA on your ass about it and the jail sentence.
  16. Long, Hard, & Veiny Says:

    Tue, 09/30/08 - 07:15

    So that's what happened to Cabbage Correira.
  17. Fedor DVD Says:

    Tue, 09/30/08 - 07:16

  18. Jay Says:

    Tue, 09/30/08 - 07:20

    Mini GSP.
  19. baked guy Says:

    Tue, 09/30/08 - 07:47

    first thing that popped into my head watching this "holy crap , its midget kenny florian! "( except maybe thicker, and possibly more intimidating )
  20. TUF Guy Says:

    Tue, 09/30/08 - 07:59

    Every morning I wake up and I ask God for one thing and one thing only. I ask him to grant me the chance to fight 100 midgets at the same time. I would have such a good time I can't even explain to you guys. I've been dreaming about that for ever. I like to think that heaven is a big room with a hundert midgets ready to fight me.
  21. Hebrew Hammerfist Says:

    Tue, 09/30/08 - 08:06

    WTF? Only in Ybor City. Mini Kenflo rocks!
  22. mmmiles Says:

    Tue, 09/30/08 - 08:07

    So was that real? The punching looks completely legit, but the guillotine didn't... although if his squeeze was tight enough, well, could have cut the blood to his head. The little guy looked good man, props to him for finding a way to make money despite some natural disadvantages. However, the cage is a little insulting. It wouldn't kill them to respect their boys enough to not have them fight in a dog cage.
  23. Rich S. Says:

    Tue, 09/30/08 - 08:29

    TUF Guy.. i'm not going to lie.. that's one of the creepiest things i've ever heard..
  24. Mr.Whitefolks Says:

    Tue, 09/30/08 - 08:34

  25. Germaine Says:

    Tue, 09/30/08 - 08:37

    Terrible for the sport, just trying to get it mainstream and make people understand that it isn't two people put in there to just bloody up the other guy, that there is actual skill involved, and even with the skill these guys have, the general public will be disgusted.. oh well, good for them gettin paid.
  26. Me Says:

    Tue, 09/30/08 - 08:42

    Just Me or was that kinda fake looking? I mean they never really finished when they had the chance, even during the overly dramatic wobbling after a few "good" hits. I would imagine the pain threshold of mini humans is the same as real humans, and that it takes the same amount of force to debilitate or render unconscious, but the force applied is far less. I dunno. If it is real then that crap is crazy and someone will probably die soon. All the things that make MMA "safe" are eliminated in this subsection. btw i was kidding about the human thing. I know they are all robots.
  27. Bibibi Says:

    Tue, 09/30/08 - 08:43

    Herb Dean, yo
  28. d0zer Says:

    Tue, 09/30/08 - 08:44

    *In charming British accent* I thought I smelled cabbage...
  29. Me Says:

    Tue, 09/30/08 - 08:44

    oh and that's no mini-kenflo....that's Joe "Little Sonny" Stevenson, you can see it all over him during his signature move at the end.
  30. TUF Guy Says:

    Tue, 09/30/08 - 08:54

    I am getting jitters just thinking about picking up two midgets, one with each hand, and then swing them around hitting the rest of them. Then when they are all down (no pun) just kick the two that I was holding as high into the air as possible while screaming as loud as I can because I can't hold in the happiness. I would probably have an orgasm during all of that. I swear that's what would happen.
  31. Krazy Kracker Says:

    Tue, 09/30/08 - 09:30

    This was bullshit. Fake knees, fake staggering, fake guillotine. I think someone's been watching too much WWE. Everything about this sport would be a joke and would garner zero demand, unless from other "midgets". The audience is able to shove them through their kennel and send them flying. Complete freak show. Give me a fucking break.
  32. MIKE SHAE Says:

    Tue, 09/30/08 - 09:53

  33. WARMINI Says:

    Tue, 09/30/08 - 10:41

  34. MMA FAN Says:

    Tue, 09/30/08 - 11:00

    it's just doesn't help the sport at all.
  35. RAMPAGE Says:

    Tue, 09/30/08 - 11:06

    TUF Guy i say we get 2 hundred i never thought of that but it would be sweet man u take a hundred ill take a hundred!!!
  36. UFC fan Says:

    Tue, 09/30/08 - 11:13

    I thing Fluf guy really wants to have sex with midgets.
  37. Anonymous Says:

    Tue, 09/30/08 - 11:16

    dat is one swole ass lil man. but clearly he's in a wrong weight class
  38. NealTaflinger Says:

    Tue, 09/30/08 - 11:17

    Old news, brosephine. I actually shot a "little person" MMA fight for a DVD a few years back. I had forgotten it...until now.
  39. Anonymous Says:

    Tue, 09/30/08 - 11:19

    omg, da sight of herb dean poppin out of no where just maks me shit my pants
  40. dreams come true Says:

    Wed, 10/01/08 - 12:19

    ufc fan mums a dwarf she need a ladder to lick my sack the filthy little tart. u can have her i will miss the little slag tho and all have to bye a new football
  41. shitwhistle Says:

    Wed, 10/01/08 - 02:38

    krazy kracker, I can tell your not a dwarf if you were, you might feel differently - and by that, I mean you'd feel with real small hands.... ..... as opposed to normal ones
  42. Scott Whitt Says:

    Wed, 10/01/08 - 02:53

    What's that I see in the distance? The end of Western Civilization. I cannot believe that you guys were able to make all the way through the match. It was worse than one of those 5 disc King of The Cage DVD sets.
  43. Damian Says:

    Wed, 10/01/08 - 04:14

    1.) This looks kinda staged ( there is no way little midget arms wield knockout power yet they stagger after punched, Remember they still have adult heads but baby arms.) 2.) There is no way they can choke someone, They have midget arms 3.) THIS WILL RUIN MMA, WE CANT HAVE THESE INHUMAN LITTLE FUCKS DOING THIS FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WE CAME SO FAR FROM BEING CALLED "HUMAN COCK FIGHTING" THEN WE LET THESE FREAKS FIGHT IN A CHICKEN COOP IN A BAR! also, OH MY GOD THEY ARE MIDGETS.... THEY ARE SOOOOOO CREEEPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  44. KTFO Says:

    Wed, 10/01/08 - 04:32

    Herb Dean wasn't part of the show, he just happened to be walking by the bar and smelled the submission. Also this is a video of Ken-Flo vs. Butterbean mini clones. And please remember people, just because they are 1/8 our size does not mean they only deserve 1/8 of our respect.
  45. LukeTheDuke Says:

    Wed, 10/01/08 - 11:34

    At first i was like "What." but then i remembered why i train, and what it does for power to these dudes for stepping up and raging.
  46. Juan Blanco Says:

    Wed, 10/01/08 - 12:49

    That little dude flies around like Yoda!
  47. J Says:

    Wed, 10/01/08 - 01:11

    Its not a real midget fight unless the the "flying handstand double heal kick" is involved , link coming shortly.
  48. J Says:

    Wed, 10/01/08 - 01:15 I have no doubt , this will be the fight of the week if the bens see it. The first handstand double heal kick drops at at bout 1:35
  49. Me Says:

    Wed, 10/01/08 - 02:56

    HAHAHA that crap is hilarious J. Though it shows how fake it is, that crap was killin me. They throw the same crap around each time, one gets almost knocked out every punch while trying to throw the same knee. I expected to see 2 kids at the corner ropes with little handles and buttons they were pulling to make them punch and kick. Sounds like the crowd is yelling Oh-lay! every time one takes a hit too.
  50. Kenbo Says:

    Wed, 10/01/08 - 03:04

    Dwarves? Why not? We already have Faber fighting dont we? Anything under 150pds looks the same and qualifies as midgets.. If youre lighter than Gina, then I dont care.
  51. Pokinatcha Says:

    Wed, 10/01/08 - 04:12

    I thought they were kidding about the Herb Dean part! That guy does work everywhere!
  52. Anonymous Says:

    Thu, 10/02/08 - 07:02

    Worst thing I've ever seen, even though im on this site 5 times a day I will probably never come back based on the fact that you legitamitely asked what people thought of this like it could possibly be good for the sport or something....don't get me wrong though I definitley would be in on fighting those 100 midgets.
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