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If you’re bored this weekend and there’s not an “I Love Lucy” marathon polluting your TV screen, here’s something with which you can pass the time. Yesterday and again today, BloodyElbow did cool breakdowns of the latest rankings in MMA. Their overviews didn’t include the rankings for 5oz of Pain or MMA on Tap, but they included them in updates. To check out those rankings, follow the links we have for you. Kid Nate observes the obvious domination the UFC has on the rankings, especially the light heavyweight division. Pretty much across the board.

In fact, he cites FightMatrix - the computer generated charts – as the greatest example of this ass-kickery. The Matrix’s top 25 light heavies list has only 8 non-UFC dudes in it. I mean, if you could figure out the percentage on a calculator, it’d probably be a large percentage in UFC’s favor. [Ed. note: get calculator watch repaired.] Everybody also seems to be on the Liddell Express now that he actually seems to have pulled it together. Most lists don’t have him ranked higher than FightMatrix (number 2), which brings us back to the classic debate: are computers smarter than humans? I say, let’s see a computer order a hot chick an Irish Car Bomb at a bar, then proceed to dazzle her with its MMA knowledge while still keeping its place in line for the next round of darts. I’ll see you in hell, FightMatrix computer!

Sorry, got off track somehow. So take a gander and see how the past few days’ worth of fights have changed the rankings. A few guys moved around, but nothing mind-blowing. Rampage and Fedor are number one, etc., etc. Can’t wait to see Kimbo on these lists soon. Only a matter of time.

If you’re feeling bold, make your own list and post them in the comments section.

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Anonymous- May 15, 2008 at 3:06 pm
wow thats a horrible point system right you get like 300 points for being champ or somthing....sorta negates the whole point system

chuck 3rd despite losing twice to underdogs...(yes quinton was an underdog)
forrest above shogun injured going in to fight
sokoudjou 7th (you can only live on beating lil nog for so long)
tito 9th (cant be bothered explaining how wrong that is)

I dont get it is it a point system based on fights won potential or by opponent quality
any of the above is still wrong