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Speculation Time: Jon Jones + Georges St. Pierre + October = Double Title-Fight Super-Card

(Or better yet, a San Do Three-Man Fighting superfight for the ages. Photo via Kaboom-Magazine.) 

According to a tweet sent out by UFC Central, Dana White expects Georges St. Pierre to make his next title defense against Johny Hendricks in October, although no date or venue have been determined. Similarly, UFC Tonight recently reported that Jon Jones’ camp expected the light heavyweight champion to be fully recovered from the gnarly toe injury he suffered at UFC 159 and back in action in October, preferably against #1 ranked contender Alexander Gustafsson. This, of course, can only mean one thing: DOUBLE TITLE-FIGHT SUPER-CARD.

Of course, the UFC also recently stated an interest in booking Jones against Anderson Silva at Cowboys Stadium in October, which can only mean one other possibility…


I apologize for crashing your browser, but when presented with such clear, infallible evidence as the information above, I tend to let my excitement get the best of me. Plus, it’s a slow news day, and what do you want me to do, write another article about that Yuri Alcantara fellow everyone’s been raving about?

OK, one last one.

We now return to your regularly scheduled programming.

-J. Jones


  1. Phattousai Says:

    Wed, 06/12/13 - 09:16

    Anytime I ever feel depressed, I'm coming back to this page. Better than Prozac!
  2. The12ozCurls Says:

    Wed, 06/12/13 - 09:26

    Thank you JJ - My monitor is now covered in Dr. Pepper . . . . . but it was sooooooooo worth it. BTW, I think that last gif was taken at Capt. SwingDick and the DickSwingers last backyard concert. At least I hope it was.
  3. agentsmith Says:

    Wed, 06/12/13 - 09:32

    Wait, unless Jones fights Gustaf AND Silva the same night, it'd still be only a double title-fight card. Or they could do GSP-Hendricks, Jones-Gustaf, and Silva-Weidman to get the triple header.
  4. Fried Taco Says:

    Wed, 06/12/13 - 09:34

    I heard Anderson Silva is going to drop to 170, fight GSP and win that title at the beginning of the main card, then eat a bunch of Whoppers and fries to bulk up to 205 and fight Jon Jones and take his title at the end of the main card. Of course, the Facebook prelims will be the Spider warming up by disposing of Jose Aldo and Ben Henderson in a 2-on-1 matchup.
  5. agentsmith Says:

    Wed, 06/12/13 - 09:34

    Never mind, Silva's fighting Weidman in July. But my first line still stands.
  6. agentsmith Says:

    Wed, 06/12/13 - 09:36

    I'm thinking Silva versus Jose Aldo with Mighty Mouse riding on Aldo's shoulders like Master Blaster.
  7. Smirk Says:

    Wed, 06/12/13 - 10:15

    Dominick Cruz should be back by then so that would make a quadruple title match, Rousey and Tate should also e ready to fight by then so that make quintuple. Throw in whoever the 125 champion in and you have the sextuplet title match. 125 lb title fight on the undercard obviously.
  8. godspeed Says:

    Wed, 06/12/13 - 11:24

    Im thinking a royal rumble with the champ of each class and toss in some old schoolers (abott,cabbage,sylvia,kimbo etc..) for one last shot at the gold.
  9. jalia parsnip Says:

    Sat, 11/30/13 - 05:14

    Speculation Time: Jon Jones Georges St. Pierre October = Double Title-Fight Super-Card - Cagepotato... Woman of Alien...
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    Tue, 04/08/14 - 02:11

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