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SportsPotato: Ghana’s John Boye Busts Up Clint Dempsey With an Eye Poke/Flying Head Kick in World Cup Opener

(via The Big Lead)

Yesterday’s Group G matchup between the United States and Ghana was as tense and thrilling a World Cup match as you will ever see, and not just because it resulted in the good ol’ US of A pulling out a late victory over their “Black Star” rivals. Thanks to a Clint Dempsey goal in the opening minute and a John Brooks header off a corner kick in the 86th, the United States was finally able to best the team who had defeated them in back-to-back World Cup appearances. And there was much rejoicing.

The victory did not come easy, however. Star striker Jozy Altidore was stretchered off the field with a strained hamstring early in the match, and around the 32-minute mark, Ghana defender/Simon Phoenix impersonator┬áJohn Boye nearly ended Dempsey’s game with a brutal (albeit incidental) flying head kick ala Yves Edwards vs. Josh Thomson. Although it appeared that Dempsey’s nose had clearly been broken in the exchange, he was later cleared to continue competing. The jury’s still out on Altidore, though.

A full-sized, slowed-down Vine of the kick is below.

As far as soccer injuries go, that’s about as nasty as it gets. Although, credit where credit is due, Boye’s hops, dexterity, and unorthodox striking techniques would help him fit right in as a villain in the next Tony Jaa movie.

-J. Jones

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