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Still On the Lam, Junie Browning Details Harrowing Thailand Incident in His Own Words

We got an email from Junie Browning over the weekend in our “tips” account in which the embattled former UFC fighter gives his full account of what went un last weekend in Thailand. We figured we would post it in full and let you decide for yourself what the truth is.

To recap, Thai police were looking for “The Lunatik” after he was involved in a brawl in a bar in Phuket last Sunday that spilled over into the hospital where several of the participants were being treated for injuries sustained during the raucous fight.

According to reports out of Thailand, Browning punched out a woman and then attacked a handful of patients in the hospital — a fact he vehemently denies. He is now on the run and hoping that he can get help from the U.S. Embassy in the case, which he says has been twisted and spun due to police corruption by the Mafia.

Check out the rest of the photos and Junie’s longhand version of events below:

I am writing this in regards to the events that happened this past Sunday night in Karon. and in the Patong hospital following. I am aware of previous allegations in my past that may lead people to believe that the way the event is being portrayed in the media is true. I came to Thailand to train MMA and rebuild my reputation and career as a professional athlete. My current physical condition and the reputation that is being built by corrupt media is fatal to my career. I was in fact the victim in this case and it is important I am able to tell my side of the story and provide you with pictures and evidence to support it. There was an attempt to end my life and I am begging for help from the US Embassy. My girlfriend and I have had our lives repeatedly threatened in the hours and days following the event.

Sunday night we arrived at a small bar in Karon with two other females, one of which was friends with the owner. It happened to be the owner of the bars birthday, Simon Wilson Menzies. So he was surrounded by a group of 12-15 of his closest friends who had been drinking in celebration previous to our arrival. My girlfriend and I had a few drinks, and seeing we didn’t know anyone, had decided to leave to go home. We had contacted a cab and he was on his way to meet us. He would call when he arrived.

A discussion via text message with one of the girls I had arrived with, resulted in MJ Castro and Simon Menzies confronting me in the street, MJ screaming and swinging her hands in front of my face. I do not know why she was mad. Nothing that I had said involved her or her friends whatsoever. I assumed she was mad that we were leaving the party because we were on our way out to meet our cab. Without any notice I found myself in a physical altercation with Simon in the street.

I could tell from the moment he stepped in front of me, he was looking for a fight. At this point, it just involved me and Simon, my girlfriend standing next to us. In only a few seconds, my girlfriend was thrown across the street and I had been hit from behind in the back of the head by a glass beer bottle. I stood up looking for my attacker and found myself surrounded by a mob of people. It was no longer a man on man “bar brawl” but a fight for my survival. I was trying to defend myself in the street when at some point I fell back to the ground. They drug me back into the bar where they pummeled me with punches and kicks. It was me against everyone. For a second time I received a mass blow over the head with a thick glass mug that split my head open and made me fall to the floor. I curled up in the fetal position, submissive, and I continued to be kicked and hit. My arms up covering my face I felt a slice to my forearm and another stab to my neck.

A Thai girl had a knife and was attacking my head with it. I must have lost consciousness from blood loss because the next thing I knew, my girlfriend had sprawled her body on top of mine to protect me from any more blows. She was screaming that it was “enough” and that the fight was over. She was taking kicks in my place until a bystander grabbed me by the shoulders and drug my body down the steps into the street. All of my attackers remained standing in the bar unharmed. I was going in and out of consciousness which I am assuming was from my head trauma while the ambulance arrived and I was transported to the hospital.

My girlfriend accompanied me in the emergency vehicle drenched in by blood and witnessed the paramedics revive me by CPR twice.

The man that original attacked me, Simon Wilson Menzies, we later discovered had been arrested on an plane from Australia in April 2011, after being refused alcohol.

The following article taken from explains those events and will allow you to take into consideration his character:

“A MAN on a flight to Darwin threatened to “smash” the captain and blow the plane up after cabin crew refused to serve him more booze.

Sydney man Simon Wilson Menzies, 31, was drunk and angry when he told the female cabin crew manager on a flight this week that he could”bring the plane down if he wanted.”

Menzies said: “I’m half muslim, half Aboriginal and everyone else is a white a*******. I could f******blow up the plane.”

He then began to sing a song about the plane crashing and everyone dying.

Last week in Darwin Magistrates Court the child counsellor became the first person in Australia to be charged and convicted under new Commonwealth laws relating to threatening and assaulting plane crew members. The amended laws came into effect on March 30.

Magistrate Elizabeth Morris gave him a one month suspended sentence for the offence.

The court heard Menzies was on Jetstar flight JQ81 from Brisbane to Darwin on Tuesday when he became abusive after being refused a fourth beer.

The court heard he was refused service because he continued to be rowdy despite repeated warnings.

After he was refused service Menzies, who is 190cm and solidly built, stood over the cabin crew manager and told her to get the captain.

“Send the captain I will f****** smash him I’m the biggest guy on the plane,” he said.

Later, in the galley, Menzies confronted the captain, who feared that the drunk man was going to assault him.

When a female passenger approached the pair and told Menzies that he was causing her friend to have a panic attack he said: “I don’t give a f*** about your friend.”

Menzies eventually returned to his seat and when the plane landed in Darwin he was arrested by police and held in custody overnight.

The court heard he had been taking strong anti-depressant for three months and it was the first time he had mixed them with alcohol.

Menzies was travelling to Bali for a family holiday via Darwin when he was arrested.

Ms Morris fined him $400 and released him on the suspended sentence in time for his flight to Bali the following morning.

Under the new laws the maximum summary penalty for threatening or assaulting a flight crew member is two years prison or a $13,500 fine.”

Once I arrived at the hospital, I was rolled into a large open room and my girlfriend was put in a wheelchair and checked for wounds. They thought she had been cut as well because of the amount of blood that covered her body. They showered her and threw her clothes in the trash. When she was allowed to see me, she informed me that she had been kicked but was not injured and what she had experienced in the last moments of the fight and on the ambulance. She said she feared they had killed me and that I was lucky to be alive. They began to assess my wounds and stitch up the three large gashed on my head.

Without any consideration to my safety or the events that had just occurred, they placed both Menzies accompanied by MJ Castro, and the man who had attacked me with a mug in the beds right beside me. Needless to say, I became furious and again words were exchanged. As it escalated a second time into a physical fight, MJ attempted to intervene and was struck in the rumble. Security and Patong Police arrived and restrained all parties. I was taken into the waiting lobby on a stretcher in handcuffs in front of numerous people to finish giving me medical attention. At no point was I rude or uncooperative with either the medical staff or the police. Taken into consideration the severity of my wounds and my demeanor and my girlfriend’s statement, the police officer removed my handcuffs. We were told by the officer that we should stay the night in the hospital to have my head monitored and would be able to go home with no charges the next morning. It was obvious to him that I was the victim.

The hospital staff was extremely kind, giving both my girlfriend and I clean clothes and beds to sleep on. I was hooked up to an IV and had arranged for friends to be picked up at 10:00am the next morning after my wounds were reassessed. My intentions were to file a police report in the morning and deal with this in a civil manner. Hours later, my phone began to ring with numerous reliable sources stating that we were not safe and we needed to leave now! They said that local Thais and mafia had a price on my head and were headed to the hospital and both my girlfriend and my life were at risk. We were told to trust or talk to no one and to just leave. We are aware that the mafia is a real thing and took this very seriously. We panicked and decided that our best option was to escape in the middle of the night and hope we could make it home. Our first thought was to get ahold of the police for protection but were told that it was corrupt and that they would be of no assistance. My girlfriend pulled out my IV and jumped a fence to find a taxi to come pick me up. When one arrived I jumped in and we headed home to pack.

Two friends came banging on the door which we didn’t answer for fear of who it might be. They continued to bang on the windows until we realized who it was. We do not want to mention their names to protect them from being associated with the situation and any harm that may come to them. They said there was no time that I needed to hide. They even mentioned that if my girlfriend was found, they would kill or harm her in attempt to find me. Being US citizens in a foreign country we were terrified and had to act quickly. With these threats in mind we made a plan. I went to hide while my girlfriend stayed behind to pack and arrange travel out of the city. Keep in mind, we left behind a house we have rented through May, a dog we left in a friends care, and numerous personal belongings. Approximately one hour later I was picked up by taxi and we headed out of Phuket. Four hours later we arrived in Krabi to stay the night in a hotel and figure out what to do.

The next day I received two separate phone calls from MJ Castro (which I was informed is not her real name) and Simon Menzie saying that we needed to pay several hundred thousand baht or they would continue to hunt us. In addition, facebook messages and phone calls flooded in from friends and acquaintances telling us we were in big trouble and needed to get back to the US quickly and again to speak to no one. They instructed us to attempt to cross the Malaysian border and get on the first flight home. At this point we packed again and boarded a mini van to Hatyai. We booked a hotel and and paid for two tickets on the 9:00am bus to Kuala Lumpar still unsure of what we should do. While in Hatyai, we contacted the US Embassy still afraid to tell anyone of our location. We did not want to flee the situation, but needed to confide in people we could trust. We were told not to use our phones or internet to avoid any chance of the wrong people discovering our location. I was contacted by a friend from the United States and who had previously lived in Bangkok and was able to arrange transport from friends of his with protection to the US Embassy.

To this point I have been unable to seek the medical attention that I desperately need. My vision in my right eye is impaired, I am in severe pain, I am going through fainting and dizzy spells, and have sever head trauma. We had to use the internet to try to figure out how to deal with it on our own. My girlfriend has been dressing my wounds and at night sets an alarm every two hours to wake me up. She asks me simple questions and checks my eyes to make sure I am coherent and stable. All we are asking for is help from people we can trust which brings us here now. We are victims of a viscous assault and attempt on our lives. We are seeking the assistance of the US Embassy and want to clear my name of the wrong-doing I was accused of.

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Sort by : Show hidden comments December 21, 2011 at 8:30 pm
Junie Browning Turns himself in.
macreadysshack- December 20, 2011 at 9:44 am
I hope he gets out of this. Can Junie Browning learn and grow? I want him to make it home and see if he can be less of a douche-nozzle after this experience.
BEricMMA- December 20, 2011 at 7:21 am
Junie Browning needs help badly, call your senator, call your congressman, make sure that Denny Bowman (who oversees all US-Thai affairs on the ground in Thailand) knows that people want Junie to come home. I can unfortunately relate to Junie's antics and emotional states, especially when drinking, and know he's not the most credible "victim" but no citizen of the US should be victimized in another country when we have the means to stop it.

Help Junie because you'll be helping another human during the holiday season. Help Junie because his girlfriend is a sweet and wonderful human being and she refuses to leave his side even though he wants her to leave Thailand and let him face his fate. Help Junie if you respected Shawn Tompkins, he was Junie's mentor and savior and would have done everything in his power to help him.

Free Junie Browning
Irishwolfhound491- December 20, 2011 at 1:38 am
Also my captcha was literally a square. Wtf? And why has CP not posted my hysterical video of why "mma is bad technique" I demand answers!
Irishwolfhound491- December 20, 2011 at 1:37 am
Hard to tell at this point. Junie has a history and a loud mouth not to mention the way he was bragging...but those are some gnarly ass wounds and this Simon character doesn't sound like the most stable cat in the world either and that psychopath was a CHILD COUNSELOR?! "Oy mate quit bein a little bitch and just crack em in the face with a bottle or two, that way the only thing comin out his mouth will be blood and teeth!"
soultaker- December 20, 2011 at 12:50 am
It seems credible to me. At least he needs to be in a safe place and have his time in court if necessary with proper representation.

Junie, get your ass to the US Embassy. You are a US citizen. Ring the bell and walk in. That's the benefit of being a US citizen and one of the reasons its there.
SnackDaddy- December 19, 2011 at 10:24 pm
My problem with this story: If all this is true, and unless Junie had now escaped from Thailand when he wrote this, why the hell is he updating the whole world (including the "mafia" undoubtedly) on his location? Like, WTF??! How stupid can you be?
Secondly, if this was such a one-sided affair (which Junie wants us to believe it was), how did some of his attackers end up in the hospital bed right next to him? As far as I have seen, if you get attacked by more than one person (let alone a whole gang), it don't matter if you're Bruce fucking Lee, you are going to go down faster than a hooker on Chael Sonnen and, the damage you're going to cause others will be minimal (unless obviously you have a weapon). You certainly won't make people end up in a hospital. I agree with the dude that said the truth probably lies somewhere in the middle. I don't think Junie is as innocent as he claims. He did, for a fact, put him in a position where all this became a possibility.
My CAPTCHS says: "muddled Jews." Hahaha December 19, 2011 at 8:02 pm
I have to admit that I doubted Junie's story when the initial story came out but not anymore after reading this and seeing the pictures.
Kimbo Lesnar- December 19, 2011 at 3:52 pm
"Get your ass into a sling where your fighting more than 1-2 people?"
I never had my ass in a sling, but I did have to keep my butt in a bind right there...
RwilsonR- December 19, 2011 at 3:38 pm
@ XENO - huh? What in my comments required me to prove street cred? (though I could answer 'yes' to both of your questions)
XENOPHON- December 19, 2011 at 3:01 pm
"...if I was in a bar and I saw that Junie Browing was throwing down and I had to do something…I would probably break a bottle over his head."
Spoken like a true champion!
PingPong- December 19, 2011 at 2:59 pm
I do Muay Thai at a pretty big gym in Tampa, FL and those guys are always going over to Thailand for training and camps, etc... In the years that I have been there, I have never heard a single story like this, I mean like 100+ people have gone from this gym over there for training and fights of all different ages, sexes, and walks of life. They only come back with amusing photographs, not war stories.

Nothing like this happens to them...why? well they are not generally unstable, emotionally labile, alocholics(as far as I know). So while I believe that Thailand can be a dangerous place for westerners, I think on some level you gotta go looking for it.
TheWarsawExpress- December 19, 2011 at 2:33 pm
I stayed in the Pa Tong area of Phuket for three weeks. I never saw anything mafia style go down during my time there. I really don't believe this story, not because I don't think shady things go down from time to time in this country, but because Junie is a crazy sociopathic, violent liar.

He was probably being so out of control the only thing anyone thought to do was break bottles over his head. I mean, if I was in a bar and I saw that Junie Browing was throwing down and I had to do something...I would probably break a bottle over his head. The other thing you guys need to realize is that the fight involved a number of other tourists. Usually the locals arent in the bars unless they are prostitutes.
XENOPHON- December 19, 2011 at 2:09 pm
@SnakeJake SAYS - Junie might not be telling the total truth here, but there is no denying those stitches. He was severely beaten. He at least should get the benefit of the doubt here.
From his note, those stitches do show a pattern of broken bottles and beer mugs. From being in Thailand, they are typically shorter than most loud mouthed Americans, and I could easily see 10 plus people jumping in to fell the giant.
Only street fights I have ever seen, or been in that stayed clean - was courtesy of Kimbo Slice.
phantom151- December 19, 2011 at 1:46 pm
this just in dont go there,,,,,
XENOPHON- December 19, 2011 at 1:03 pm
No doubt I believe your fun times in Thailand. If your not one who is constantly worried about your personal safety, that place rocks. Outside of talking shit about the king, you can do what ever the fuck you want..and nobody gives a shit.
On the other hand...I had to say it: Better him, than me!
XENOPHON- December 19, 2011 at 12:57 pm
@BurnTHalO - There are bars in Thailand that are upstairs with balconies overlooking the streets and all the other "bars" filled with cheap hookers. Its a Thai thing, selling pussy is not frowned on in that culture. I think the place is great, but too fucking hot and humid.
Oh, for those who care less about ever going to Thailand. Were the letter says: "My girlfriend" unless she is a honkey, the use of the term "girlfiend" in Thailand is secret code for, I got this hooker I have been hanging out with for the past few weeks. Originally I had to pay her, and the "bar-fine" to the place she stripped at. But now she stays with me for free drinks, meals, and now she is my girlfriend.
You hit the nail on the head with the "his attackers where in the bed next to him." Especially suspect when his chick tried to become his own version of a Secret Service body shield. The again, Thai hospitals are usually only just one big room.
Yep unless he has matured since his TV debut, chances are your %100 right. No, I didn't hear anything about charges being filed either. Same with the tracking of his cell. That is likely local instilled paranoia from a guy who is slow on the draw - or a shake down for a few Thai Baht (dollars)
There is some truth to the mafia (that's what they call them) having a stake in nearly every business operation. When I was there we stayed on a military base and required so much electricity, we blew out a fair share of the bases overhead power transformers.
With the nearest replacements hundreds of miles away in Bangkok, my Commanding Officer had to acquiesce to local taxi drivers, who worked for mafia, and pay to drive the hundreds of miles to purchase and deliver replacements.
When we started asking our Thai Naval Advisers - "who the fuck does the ordering and logistics for the Royal Thai Marines?" The answer was the mafia, and their taxi drivers. And when wanted to instal the replacements, we also had to pay the mafia to not install them, but to allow us to do it ourselves.
The crime is organized from back during the Vietnam War (before my time), when the heroin flowed like Golden Brown, like Junies theme song!
macreadysshack- December 19, 2011 at 12:55 pm
Run, Junie. Run. Get up to Laos, down to Malaysia or over to cambodia. I had to run from some Thai mafia fuckers - I headed to the least likely train station and humped it south to Surat Thani then over to Koh Samui. Fortunately, Bangkok is big enough that I felt comfortable returning after a few months but you can be sure I was checking my six and ready to GTFO if I saw any of those bastards again. Luckily, I wasn't injured AND trying to run. I feel for these two. I don't care what somebody says, the kind of beating Junie got should be reserved for self/other-defense only under the most threatening circumstances. I've broken a guys arm in a drunken fight when he pulled a knife on me but I didn't take his knife and start stabbing the shit out of him. When the dude is down, it's over. Fucking third world shit.
dillweed- December 19, 2011 at 12:44 pm
well one thing is for sure, there was a bunch of alcohol and b) Junie in the same place. 2ndly he ran his mouth and got the shit kicked out of him stockton style. C) those are gonna be some ugly ass scars bc someone sucked at stitching. 3rd - the po po don't care where this happened, they scared the poop out of him after kicking the crap out of him, now he's safe somewhere crying for attention.
Morningwood- December 19, 2011 at 12:43 pm
I think we need a "ask Junie Brownie" segment on CP. wait a's all making sense now. He obviously writes and reads CP. Is it too far a stretch to think he posts on here too? Ben is there any kind of email address for usernames like
Kimbo Lesnar- December 19, 2011 at 12:38 pm
"...have sever head trauma"
Holy shit! I am not a doctor, but 'sever head trauma' sounds pretty severe!
Morningwood- December 19, 2011 at 12:19 pm
xeno, everyone speaks fetal position!

I think he started it. I think he needed to remember he wasn't somewhere where someone was going to yell, "cut" well maybe they did yell cut. But, in an entirely different context. Also, it doesn't sound like any charges were filed against anyone. So, that doesn't say he was the victim. AND he wants us to believe that a bar owner and a girl with a false name can track his cell phone? c'mon, I call bullshit!
BurnTHalO- December 19, 2011 at 12:10 pm
I have two problems with his story. First, he says that "...drug my body down the steps into the street. All of my attackers remained standing in the bar unharmed." Followed by "Without any consideration to my safety or the events that had just occurred, they placed both Menzies accompanied by MJ Castro, and the man who had attacked me with a mug in the beds right beside me."

If your attackers were unharmed and standing in the room, why were they in beds at the hospital next to you?

Second problem. "We were told not to use our phones or internet to avoid any chance of the wrong people discovering our location. I was contacted by a friend from the United States and who had previously lived in Bangkok and was able to arrange transport from friends of his with protection to the US Embassy." So, you contacted the Embassy, and they did not tell you to come to the Embassy immediately? Hard to believe. Also, if you were told not to use your phones or internet, how are you getting ahold of people to help you move afterwards and looking up treatment options on the internet? Furthermore, how are you writing letters to CP?

Not saying I dont believe Thailand is messed up or that shady stuff doesn't go on, but there are some major questions I have of his I would like answered.
ccman- December 19, 2011 at 12:09 pm
As a person who has needed to get out of a country fast I can feel for him but again. Go to the embassy dumbass. First thing I do is know the fastest sprint to an embassy anywhere I go.
Gorgzilla- December 19, 2011 at 12:01 pm
Shit, now I'm reconsidering my february trip to Phuket.
Maybe I'll just ditch the hotel and leave for Krabi or Phi Phi in a hurry.