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Still Wondering Why Fedor Won’t Sign with the UFC?

Last week we posted a video interview with Fedor Emelianenko where he said he didn’t see himself signing with the UFC as long as the contract, and the way in which that contract is offered, remains unacceptable to him.  Now here’s Dana White on Steve Cofield’s radio show to remind us exactly what Fedor was talking about. 

According to DW, Fedor isn’t any good, hasn’t beaten anyone worth a damn in years, and is a fraud because he refuses to sign with the UFC.  There, that should solve that perceived lack of respect issue, though it kind of makes you wonder why Dana would have ever offered a guy like that a bunch of money to come fight for him.

If this is a tactic designed to bring Fedor to the negotiating table, it’s a horrible one.  There may be some people in the world who can be baited and bullied into accepting a contract that they don’t like (for whatever weird, possibly stadium and/or Sambo-related reasons), but Fedor ain’t one of them.  There is perhaps no one in this sport with less of an urge to prove anything to anyone. 

Fedor is that special kind of fighter who is only more unwilling to join forces with you after you call him an overrated punk, which must just confuse the hell out of White.

On the other hand, maybe White has just given up on Fedor completely and is instead trying to convince the rest of us that he’s not worth thinking about anymore.  That doesn’t explain why he just said that Fedor-Lesnar is a fight that is destined to be a huge event some time in the UFC’s future, but at least it would make more sense than trying to insult the guy into taking a contract offer. 

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The Harvester- July 21, 2009 at 8:06 pm
Hahaha I love all the people that try and defend Fedor and his increasingly more embarrassing list of opponents. Every time I read allowed his last three opponents including or not including Barnett I am forced into uncontrollable laughter.

After Barnett is finished, Fedor just needs to wait until Ken Shamrocks suspension is over so he can show his #1p4p skills by defeating another former UFC Champion. I mean if you beat a former UFC champ it means you're the best in the world right?

Can the idiot nutthuggers at least call him the best heavyweight not the best p4p, Its really disrespectfull when there are at least 5 fighters who if they weighed the same as Fedor would beat him. GSP, A Silva, Machida, Penn, and fucking Rampage would knock that motherfucker out! Mir or Lesnar would probably take him too.

lilpo0ts- July 21, 2009 at 12:42 pm
lol dubba,

its kind of funny how being kod by a LHW makes you mir huh? wow didnt think of that? brock beat herring..out of his prime, fedor beat herring in it prime when he could be juiced up on steroids. randy couture LHW so how does that make lesnar cool? UFC offered more money than any other organization? dude you dont think fedor has more sponsors than the UFC can make up for straight pay? GTFO lol you make yourself look like an intelligent business man until everyone realizes that you dont know any of the numbers involved. nice jump on the lesnar humptrain, he beats 3 folks and one of those was a rematch..vera beat mir in 1 round..took brock 2 and he had dominate position the entire time. when he didnt have dominate position he got his bell frank fricken mir.

dana is all like AA and tim knocked each other out all the time..when did AA knock sylvia out? wasnt it an achilles lock? wasnt it only once? oh and "anything tom says never comes true" chuck being the best LHW in the world..but the second he goes to japan he gets his assbeat mercilessly. UFC stays in the UFC for that reason. anderson silva was in pride and lost there comes to the ufc and hands it to everyone.

franklin can beat everyone at MW except anderson silva...he goes to japan and machida ko's him.

dana white is a promoter and a good one, because no matter how much he lies or shit doesnt come still believe him. i got more, i might as well ramble on

rampage beats chuck, omg rampage is the best ever he beats dan henderson... forest beats him..after getting his head dribbled off the mat 6 million times by jardine..forrest is the best..but he doesnt need to avenge his loss against jardine.

the spiders most challenging fight was against hendo. hendo beats some folks, kayo's the dogshit outta bisping..hendo just wants a rematch, but he has to go against franklin again? what the fuck for? is franklin gonna go after silva for a 3rd time?

i never said anything about gsp because his weight class is shot..he is an awesome champ but he's looking like franklin before silva to me.

mma is turning into a predictable mess, they wont put the champs up against good opponents until they are done with their marketability. history shows this to be true. UFC isnt the best talent , it just has more eyes to look at its signage saying that they are.
numbnuts- July 21, 2009 at 12:38 pm
Dana cotradicts himself on a regular basis when it comes to Fedor. Bottom line you can't believe half the shit that comes out of his mouth because he is always in PR mode.
mac- July 21, 2009 at 12:28 pm
C'mon Dana.
If Fedor is really a nobody and can't beat your guy, why not sign him to a one fight deal?

Shady business practices?
I wouldn't have thought that of you had you not accused everyone but yourself of doing just that.

Just swallow your pride and sign Fedor. Let the fighters decide, in the cage, who is better.

Or are you scared Fedor will beat your vastly experienced guy(Brock) then leave your "elite" organization?

And, yeah, Fedor has beaten all your guys. How many has Brock beaten?
Mike Milbury- July 21, 2009 at 9:17 am
A job where your boss berates you? Doesn't Fedor want to be like the rest of us?
Dubbayoo- July 21, 2009 at 9:00 am
@ JPFighter, thanks! But in order for people to stop asking about Fedor, these interviewers are just gonna hafta hop on the Mercer hype train!
JPfighter- July 21, 2009 at 8:46 am

All the points you have listed are all the more reason for Dana White to simply stop answering questions about Fedor. The UFC does not need Fedor.
Dubbayoo- July 21, 2009 at 8:28 am
@ KarmaAteMyCat:
Thanks, man! I figure if I'm gonna ramble, it may as well have a chuckle in it! Plus it distracts from any grammatical/factual errors I make along the way...

@ Mr. W/o Remorse:
Well said.. But in the case of Kimbo, he was actually ko'ed by a LIGHT Heavyweight! :P

I don't see how/why Fedor can continue w/o the UFC. I think it's comes down to Pride, ultimately. Whoa, two puns for the price of one! The UFC is the #1 MMA League, and Fedor may, or may not, be the #1 MMA fighter. The Wamma belt is just a piece of jewelry so that Fedor can feel pretty when he walks in and out of the ring. Cuz in reality, if the Wamma belt is supposed to be cross-promotional, but the #1 MMA League in the world has nothing to do with it, and the Wamma belt has no affiliation w/ any leauge's division of HW fighters who are competing for that belt... then I have one question... WHAT'S FEDOR THE CHAMP OF? If anything, the Fedor Nuthugger Fan Club.

The UFC doesn't need Fedor. UFC 100's profits, buzz, conventions, etc is more than enough proof that they are #1 w/ or w/o him. But he needs them to prove if he is STILL #1.

THE #1 FIGHTER IN THE WORLD IN HIS WEIGHT CLASS CANNOT BE A JOURNEYMAN! Can't be on top of the food chain w/ no food chain..

So great pay, great exposure, the best place to prove his mettle.. is it REALLY Dana White's words that's keeping him from coming over?

Shit, even TITO is finally realizing that it's best to be in the good graces of the UFC..

WithoutRemorse- July 21, 2009 at 7:06 am
Interestingly enough I think that this is exactly what DW needs to be doing to make it happen. Lets face just about every fighter out there is an ego-maniac (its basically a prerequisite for individual sports - extreme self belief). Call it what you will, the most important thing to any of these fighters is how the are perceived by the public. Calling Fedor out is exactly how you get him in the UFC. Believe me he's up to date on this stuff DW is saying. For the record DW was refuting what the interviewer was saying. Everyone has to keep in mind that Heavyweight is a different style of fighting... you get hit with one full weighted solid kick/punch to the head (by anyone that is a heavyweight) and you're night is over, just ask Kimbo. So for Fedor to have 30 some fights and not have lost really is a good case for p4p in my opinion, but fighting and winning against Brock would cement that, probably in a lot of peoples eyes. Trust me pple this fight will happen... it's too much of a win win for the UFC. Fedor win's P4P and heavyweight champ titles. Brock wins...all the nutthugging WWE fans will be vindicated.

So in summation... there's only two fights that we all want to see from here on out.... Sliva v. GSP and Fedor v. Brock.... nothing else matters.
JPfighter- July 21, 2009 at 6:29 am
I think DW's best strategy for dealing with Fedor is to just stop talking about him. When somebody asks DW about Fedor, he should just tell the interviewer that Fedor won't accept the UFC's terms, and move on. Perhaps Fedor and his camp enjoy all the drama, because it helps keep Fedor relevant in the MMA world. Quite frankly, I am growing sick of hearing about Fedor, and I'm sure that many MMA fans are feeling the same. I'm more interested in watching hungry fighters that are eager to compete (Carwin, Cain, Lesnar, Lashley, Mir, etc), not prima donna fighters that want stadiums built in their name.
AussieMMA- July 21, 2009 at 4:52 am
That DW interview left me in shock, has that idiot got retardation?
Where on the net has fedor said he was the best?
Why is it Fedor managed to fight for every other Organisation but UFC?Everyone else managed to sign him.
Has Dana White forgotten about Fedor beating cro cop in his prime?
Do you think with the russian Government (one of Fedors Fans is the russian ex-pres not the fcking mafia) being behind him, and Fedor competeing in all the Sambo(champion) and even carrying the Olympic torch through Russia he would give a shit about DW and what he has to offer?
Fedor doesnt need to talk, he just wins, and hasnt lost, at the moment he is the best hands dwn fighter and will be until losing says otherwise.
A Fedor and Brock Fight would obviously be fcking crazy, but all this speculation is just shit tlk until a fight happens and DW gets out his check book.
Until then Fedor would arm bar ur mum if he could ahahaha
KarmaAteMyCat- July 21, 2009 at 12:26 am
I straight up just died laughing @ Dubbayoo Best post ever.
Savage- July 21, 2009 at 12:18 am
KarmaAteMyCat- July 21, 2009 at 12:17 am
I completely Agree with Dana, it's time to get off Fedors nutts and sincerely look at what he's done within the last few years. You can't live in the past I mean Honestly fedor is skilled he might even be one of the truly good heavyweights in the world, but seriously best Lb for Lb? Who the fuck can honestly say that.. I mean This is ridiculous it baffles me how so many of you lack the enough ability to step back and use the facts to form Logical thoughts. the guys good but he isn't god he even said it in an Interview "I dont care about my legacy" of course you dont you cant take a hit on the money your making to prove you really love this sport. I mean honestly if you all keep hugging this guys Nutts there gonna turn blue and fall off get over it.. GSP where I may not be a HUGE fan and I might even Dislike him a bit is the best Lb for Lb.. fucking ridiculous guys stop hating fucking idiots.
kempo666- July 20, 2009 at 11:57 pm
If you truly believe Fedor is afraid of Lesnar, you might not have noticed the bored look in his eyes as he ran through EVERYONE in Pride...
He also lives to fight larger opponents...
And ever stop to think that the Russian Mafia might be a less hostile work environment than the UFC?

At this point the UFC needs Fedor more than Fedor needs UFC...
It all boils down to that.

mmaflunkie- July 20, 2009 at 10:00 pm
I'm convinced you get your news stories as soon as posts something. C'mon Ben, you're better than that.
just some dong- July 20, 2009 at 8:32 pm
Did anyone catch the part where Dana says he thinks Fedor's one of the best HW in the world? It's near the end of the clip. Everything else he says is simply in disagreement with this jerkoff of an interviewer, who actually says he believes that Ray Mercer would "expose" strikers in the UFC. (LMAO!)

Dana is just saying that he doesn't believe you can call Fedor the best p4p in the world anymore. I'd have to agree... Sure he's great, but his recent opponents have been jokeworthy - all UFC rejects. You're only as good as your last fight in the p4p rankings, folks.

At one time Fedor was the p4p king, no question. But that time was several years ago, back in Pride. I'd love to see him come to the UFC, but that's up to Fedor and no one else. The offer is clearly on the table.

That said, if you knew you'd eventually be expected to fight Brock Lesnar, after the absolute beating he put on Mir, would you sign that deal? Fuck no, you would not. And it appears that neither will Fedor.
UFC fan- July 20, 2009 at 8:31 pm
Fedor sucks! he always has, he fights cans, and that's all he wants to fight. all his fans are delusional nuthuggers who spam the hub with stupidity.
Dana White simply backs up everything I ever thought about Fedor.
All this is old news, Fedor will die a nobody and will have never stepped up, he is like tito, he isn't news stop posting shit about Fedor Ben's , it is a waste of time.
Dubbayoo- July 20, 2009 at 8:30 pm
I'd like to see Fedor and Brock tag team vs Brutus Beefcake and Greg "The Hammer" Valentine..

and if there's time, Tank Abbott vs George "The Animal" Steele...
tallkitchenbags- July 20, 2009 at 8:01 pm
yeah, but if lesnar could back in time and fight mark hunt in his prime...
tallkitchenbags- July 20, 2009 at 7:59 pm
you go fedor. don't join the UFC until you can name your price.

lesnar's record isn't exactly filled with a wealth of a-list competitors. after he smokes carwin or cain who's left? let's face it, the HW division is weak. even if all the sanctioning bodies were combined it would still be weak.

lesnar/ fedor is the only fight that matters in the HW class and until white gets it done he's a cut-rate version of don king.
clutchy hopkins- July 20, 2009 at 7:49 pm
pretty much anything anyone says on this subject has so many holes in it. for example i just looked up and saw someone say crocop was an easy win for fedor because gonzaga beat him....hahah so stupid. no relevance whatsoever. p4p best fighter will never be settled all opinion. its a good conversation peice for face to face convo so you can be rational, but on the internet its pretty much the most annoying subject to try and read
Dubbayoo- July 20, 2009 at 7:36 pm
Looks like CP has some bitter readers!

Fedor's trying to play hard ball thru the media. He was talking out of his ass in the interview w/ Bas. He says he doesn't enjoy watching any particular fighter. Oh wait, he almost forgot, he likes Josh Barnett's fights. Which was convenient to say on the spot, since he's been watching tape on Barnett lately. Who WOULDN'T be blown away by watching Barnett after being perched on top of Yvel with almost 3 full rounds of ineffective GNP?? Unless Yvel tapped out of boredom...

Fedor could've glossed over the question. How many times have you heard someone say that they're not thinking past the next fight? He obviously is, because probably wants to continue to have income. People are talking a lot of shit on Dana, I bet you Fedor's got a pretty sweet paycheck waiting for him if he goes to the UFC. Can Strikeforce give him a better offer? We know Affliction can't (anymore). Maybe Dream's got a really good offer for Fedor. Just in time for a New Year's Eve freak beating.

Watch the interview, u can see the wheels turning.. James Thompson doesn't fight in the UFC, but that would be too obviously of a lie. Fedor is smarter than to acknowledge that there is quality competition @ the UFC. Oh wait, no he isn't. Because 2 days after UFC 100, Fedor is saying Lesnar's legit, and he likes that matchup. Whoops. Maybe he stumbled on it next day on YouTube while looking for some non-UFC fight video... Maybe he's into regional MMA. Maybe he saw Bruno?

So the #1 MMA company in the world (by FAR, game over at this point, sorry Affliction)... ready to throw down more money than any other company could afford (without going bankrupt after it's fourth semi-annual show)...
...has the deepest HW division in MMA (aka, deep enough that it won't run dry before his contract expires)...
...says that they are ready for Fedor as soon as Fedor is ready, and his response is that the terms are just not acceptable.. Dana points out that beating guys who used to be champs doesn't mean you're the best guy around, nor does beating freak shows who aren't actually good fighters.

Dana's right guys.. It's ridiculous. Fedor beat former UFC HW Champ Tim Sylvia in 36. And in Sylvia's next fight he gets KO'ed in NINE seconds. By a guy who's not an MMA fighter. A fighter who lost to Kimbo Slice. So do victories like that prove that Fedor's the #1 guy TODAY? With that logic, Lesnar should be stripped of the title and Fedor should fight Kimbo @ TUF 10 Finale for the vacant P4P... on Spike!!! If that happened, it would be HUGE! And prove jack shit. And what if Kimbo won?

I am not proofreading this. After Affliction goes under, Fedor better hope his Sambo league gets a reality show...
The Truth- July 20, 2009 at 7:14 pm
ArmFarmer is a fucking genius.

Before ANYONE post ANYTHING about Fedor being pound for pound, they need to read his posts.....repeatedly!!!!
Joedirt- July 20, 2009 at 6:31 pm
Sure the standup looks different... but I would say mainly because they have other threats to consider. When two strikers are evenly matched... it's hard to tell how good they are (within reason). But take Franklin whose bread and butter is striking... he normally looks great striking until he fought Silva... Silva MADE him look bad because Silva was that much better. But the truth is... even Silva had 2 pro boxing matches... 1 win 1 loss... both fights against nobodies. I'm not comparing the two sports because they can't be compared... but as far as striking goes... the MMA fighters are not at par with a top ten boxer.