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‘Strikeforce: Fedor vs. Henderson’ — Live Results and Commentary

(“Fedor, it’s an honor to fight you. And Scott, no matter what happens tonight, I’ll be violently sodomizing you later.” Photo courtesy of CombatLifestyle. For more photos from this album, click here.)

There might not be much on the line in the grand scheme of things, but make no mistake — Fedor Emelianenko vs. Dan Henderson is a superfight. It’s rare that two MMA fighters with so many combined accolades step into the same cage to do battle. Thanks for coming by tonight and watching it with us.

Also on the card: the 135-pound women’s title fight between Marloes Coenen and Miesha Tate, and a pack of heavy-hitting supporting players like Robbie Lawler, Tim Kennedy, Paul Daley, and Scott Smith.

Live round-by-round results from the Showtime broadcast of Strikeforce: Fedor vs. Henderson will be piling up after the jump beginning at 10 p.m. ET. Refresh the page for all the latest and let your thoughts be heard in the comments section, even if they’re relatively stupid thoughts like, “DAAAAYYUM HE GOT NOCKED THE FUGGOUT!!1!” Come on in…

Henderson said that beating Emelianenko would mean more than any accomplishment in his career. The text poll asks us if Fedor will retire if he loses tonight. (Correct answer: If it is God will. Next question.)

Scott Smith vs. Tarec Saffiedine
This is Smith’s second fight at welterweight, after getting KO’d with the quickness by Paul Daley in his 170-pound debut in December.

Round 1: Smith stalking with the jab. Leg kick Saffiedine. Another. And again. Smith can’t reach him yet. Left straight from Saffiedine. He tries a body kick, then lands the leg shot. They clinch up, and Saffiedine sneaks in some knees to the body. Dirty boxing from the Belgian. Smith is stuck with his back against the cage. Saffiedine slugs to the body and head and rolls out. Leg kick Saffiedine. Saffiedine clinches and knees, then fires a head kick that lands. Smith clinches up and they’re back on the fence. The ref breaks ‘em. Inside leg kick and a right hand from Saffiedine, and Smith returns a kick. Leg kick Saffiedine. Smith lands a leg kick but eats a punch. Saffiedine tries a hook kick that gets a cheer from the crowd and the round ends. Easy 10-9 for Tarec.

Round 2: Saffiedine comes out at a higher rate of speed, bouncing around, landing leg kicks. Smith returns a leg kick, and Saffiedine drills him with a head kick. They clinch momentarily. Saffiedine pounces when Smith misses a leg kick, and assaults him with punches, kicks, and knees from all angles. Smith is rocked from a punch combo but stays on his feet. Saffiedine blasts him with a set of elbows from a clinch. Saffiedine nails Smith with another head kick, and Smith dives for a leg to change the level of this fight. Saffiedine stays on top of him, throwing punches to his temples. Saffiedine moves around to Smith’s back and looks for a choke. Smith escapes to his feet. Nice lead uppercut from Saffiedine, followed by a kick and more punches. They clinch on the fence to the bell. Another one in the bag for Saffiedine. Smith is woefully outgunned tonight. He’ll need another one of his miraculous comebacks.

Round 3: Jabs and a leg kick from Saffiedine. Another sharp shot to Smith’s leg. Saffiedine throws the lead uppercut again. A kick to the head, and some nasty hooks from Tarec. Smith fires an overhand right but misses. Saffiedine jabbing to the body. Leg kick from Smith. Dead-on left straight from Saffiedine. Smith chasing, Saffiedine avoiding. Leg kick Saffiedine, and a right hand. Brazilian kick from Saffiedine. Saffiedine throws a leg kick that clearly stings Smith. Smith charges in with a superman punch but misses. A head kick with bad intentions also misses. Smith is trying to finish this fight with one shot, but Saffiedine wisely keeps his distance to survive until the bell. A closer third round where Saffiedine really just wanted to protect his victory, but he’s got this one for sure.

Tarec Saffiedine def. Scott Smith via unanimous decision (30-26, 30-27 x 2).

Did Fedor replace Tanya the translator? Fail, bro.

Paul Daley vs. Tyron Woodley
Big opportunity for the undefeated Woodley, who came in on short notice for Evangelista Santos.

Round 1: Woodley in his low wrestler’s stance. He tags Daley first with a right. Woodley catches a kick and clinches up with Daley, pushing him against the fence. Woodley takes a knee to the balls and Big John McCarthy pauses the action. Well that’s one way to get a dude off of you. They restart in the center of the cage. Woodley aggressive with kicks, and shoots in. Daley defends the takedown, but his back is against the fence again. They trade knees. Woodley working on Daley’s legs. Woodley chages position, still looking for the takedown. The ref breaks ‘em. Daley fires some punches, Woodley dodges and clinches again. Daley with knees to the body. He rolls out and swings. Daley dives in throwing leather, then initiates the clinch himself. Woodley briefly has a headlock, but Daley slips out.Knees to the body from Woodley. There’s the horn. Tough one to score.

Round 2: Daley stuffs another takedown. He lands a knee to the gut in a clinch. But Woodley returns two of his own. Woodley finally gets Daley to the mat after some effort. Woodley in Daley’s guard. Not much action from either fighter. Woodley throws a few punches to Daley’s head and body as Daley locks him down. Daley trying to work his way to his feet, but Woodley keeps his top control. Big John stands them up with 20 seconds left. Daley swings an uppercut. Woodley shoots, Daley sprawls and ends the round on top of Woodley, throwing down a couple punches.

Round 3: Daley lands a right, but eats a knee. Both guys brawling. Daley gets wrapped up while charging in with a knee, and Woodley takes him down, winding up in half-guard. Elbows from the top from Woodley. Daley tries to kick off, but Woodley sticks on him. Woodley hangs onto a leg as Daley gets to one knee. Daley gets up, fires a knee, slugs Woodley when Woodley goes low, and briefly gets on top of Woodley’s back, throwing down punches. Woodley gets up and eats a knee going back in. Daley sprawls and…goes for an omoplata on the ground? Woodley works out of it and gets in Daley’s guard. There’s the bell. Even though he’ll probably lose the decision due to Woodley’s wrestling, Daley decides not to punch Woodley after the bell.

Tyron Woodley def. Paul Daley via unanimous decision (29-28 x 3). “GLORY TO GOD! HALLELUJAH!” shouts Woodley’s mom.

Tim Kennedy vs. Robbie Lawler

Round 1: Teep from Kennedy. Lawler lands a right hook but simultaneously gets kicked in the nuts. He takes a few seconds to gather himself and jumps right back in. Kennedy shoots, Lawler stuffs it and skates away. Lawler stuffs another takedown and throws some punches on the break. Kennedy relentless with the takedown attempts and winds up on Lawler’s back. Lawler twists out of the position but winds up in a front headlock. Kennedy tries to take the back, and Lawler escapes to his feet. Kennedy with a lightning fast punch/takedown combo. Kennedy in side control, then steps to mount. Lawler rolls out and gets to his feet. Kennedy throws a head kick. There’s the horn.

Round 2: Knee kick and leg kick from Kennedy. Kennedy shoots, Lawler sprawls. Tim might be shooting in from too far away. Looping right from Kennedy. Lawler grazes Kennedy with an uppercut as Kennedy shoots in. Kennedy, tenacious as ever, sticks on Lawler until he converts the takedown, but there is a geyser of blood pouring out of his face. He may have gotten his nose shattered from that uppercut. Kennedy in Lawler’s guard. Kennedy slugging from the top. Lawler gives one back from the bottom. Hammerfists and elbows from Kennedy. More punches. He takes the round, but damn, he’s bleeding like a stuck pig.

Round 3: Kennedy ducks some punches and looks for the shot, but Lawler evades. Knee kick from Kennedy. Kennedy kicks and looks to clinch up, but Lawler tosses him off. Lawler stalking. He throws the flying knee, but Kennedy dodges. Leg kick Kennedy. Lawler needs to pull the trigger, but isn’t. Kennedy rushes in with a knee, and gets nailed by an uppercut. Kicks from Kennedy. Kennedy clinches and converts the takedown. Heavy ground and pound from Kennedy. Kennedy keeps Lawler on his back to the last bell. “It’s just blood!” Kennedy explains to the judges.

Tim Kennedy def. Robbie Lawler via unanimous decision (30-27 x 3)

Kennedy brings in one of his Wounded Warrior buddies in the cage to put this whole cage-fighting thing in perspective. Kennedy says he wants Jacare again, and doesn’t like judges.

Marloes Coenen vs. Miesha Tate
Coenen is amped the hell up in her walkout, slapping fans’ hands like she’s trying to break them. When she’s in the cage, it’s her usual death-stare.

Round 1: Tate takes the center of the cage. She comes in to clinch and works some foot stomps against the cage. Tate is warned for holding the fence. They separate. Coenen lands a wide left hook. Tate shoots, Coenen fires a knee. Tate takes Coenen down but Coenen has her head. She looks like she has a deep choke, but Tate slips out. Tate puts her knee on Coenen’s arm and establishes a dominant side-control position. Tate to north/south, but ain’t doing much with it. There’s the horn.

Round 2: Tate clinches up immediately. Coenen with a knee to the body. And another. Tate going hard for Coenen’s leg. Coenen flips Tate to the mat and takes her back, setting up a body triangle. Coenen looking for the choke, softening Tate up with punches and elbows. Coenen working the body now. Tate tries to return an elbow behind her. Coenen gets some distance when Tate rolls, and fires down some punches before going back to the choke-hunt. Tate survives to the horn, but clearly loses the round.

Round 3: Coenen lands a sharp right. Body kick from Coenen. And another. Tate gives one back. Coenen lands a hard leg kick but Tate catches it and takes Coenen down. Short elbows from Tate. Tate stacking up. She goes back in, they trade some punches on the ground, and Big John stands them up. Tate gets another takedown. Again, she can’t accomplish much with the position. Some punches her and there from Tate. Coenen sweeps Tate and gets on top, but the round ends.

Round 4: Leg kick Coenen. Tate charges in with punches, but Coenen avoids and lands the leg kick again. Tate lands the takedown again. She gets to side-control. Coenen with elbows into Tate’s grill. Tate steps over to the other side to set up an arm-choke…and gets it! Miesha Tate is the new Strikeforce Women’s Bantanweight champion. Coenen had never been submitted before, and she’s really, really not happy about it.

Miesha Tate def. Marloes Coenen via submission (arm-triangle choke) 3:03 of round 4. The new face of women’s MMA, y’all. Sarah Kaufman will be Tate’s first challenger, in a rematch of their fight from 2009, which Kaufman won by decision. By the way, “Women’s Bantamweight” makes a lot more sense than “Women’s Welterweight.” I mean, it’s 135 pounds, okay? Let’s not confuse ourselves.

Fedor Emelianenko vs. Dan Henderson
Is Fedor getting boos during his introduction? Savages.

Round 1: Fedor and Hendo start off throwing bombs! Henderson slips to the mat but lands a nasty left hook after bouncing to his feet. He rushes in with a superman punch and has Fedor on his heels. They clinch, slowing down the frantic opening. Fedor is bleeding already. Henderson throwing knees to the legs of Fedor, who is looking very mortal right now. Knee to the body from Hendo. Fedor with some punches to Henderson’s head. Henderson shakes out and goes for the homerun left hook. Fedor charges in with a right hand and tries to grab a leg but Henderson dashes away. Fedor slugging now and knocks Henderson down! Fedor pouring it on, but Henderson slips out, and pops Fedor with an uppercut from behind that knocks Fedor flat! Henderson starts to jackhammer some punches but Fedor is already unconscious. Holy crap, what a wild ending. Hendo is the man.

Dan Henderson def. Fedor Emelianenko via TKO, 4:12 of round 1.

Henderson says he hopes Fedor keeps fighting. He’d like to defend his light-heavyweight belt next, but it’s pretty much up to Zuffa at this point. Gus Johnson allows Fedor an ovation from the crowd and asks if the fight was stopped prematurely. Fedor says he feels it was. Now we’re letting Fedor take us through the replay, through an interpreter. Cripes. Just retire already. Gus asks Fedor how he feels about his future. It’s God’s will, duh.

And I’m out. Instead of dwelling on Fedor’s future, let’s talk about Dan. Where can he go from here?


- Gesias Cavalcante def. Bobby Green via split decision (29-28 x 2, 28-29)

- Tyler Stinson def. Eduardo Pamplona via KO, 0:15 of round 1

- Alexis Davis def. Julie Kedzie via unanimous decision (30-27 x 2, 29-28)

- Derek Brunson def. Lumumba Sayers via submission (rear naked choke), 4:33 of round 1

- Gabriel Salinas-Jones def. Bryan Humes via submission (brabo choke), 1:19 of round 3

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ajaykumar- September 25, 2011 at 11:08 pm
What’s the sopcast feed everyone’s watching? The usual UFC channel isn’t working…
Gate ece papers
Dagnut- July 31, 2011 at 8:16 pm
@dranokills I'm sorry I'm not cool enough, I'm sorry I don't I like WWE wrestling an Steven seagal, you got me there.
Now I remeber why I left this website I'm just not "cool".

You're pathetic, I'm glad I got to read your drivel again on this thread, and i'ym glad others get to see what a pathetic little troll you are. Shitsticks like you are the reason this site went downhill faster than a greased turd of a shovel
Elentius- July 31, 2011 at 5:23 pm
Fedor was definitely out! Hendo has a punch that could knock out any heavyweight so don't think for one second that Fedor is a chump. I am not a big fan of Fedor but I think he should actually cut to 205 and start from scratch.
edhedicus- July 31, 2011 at 5:12 pm
Geez, so personal! Would it make things better if we all just said Fedor is God, he created the world, and the fishes in the sea, and the greatest mma, boxing, kung fu, wu shu, karate, kenpo, sambo, judo, bjj, aikido master who has Segal on his nuts too?
He seems like a really nice, humble guy too....
Everyone feel better?
ccman- July 31, 2011 at 4:29 pm
2josh. Sherdog has been rankings for sale for years. Its like cp post bf. Jokes aside its tough to be more anti ufc than sherdog. And you did say multiple.
@ drano.. did you really do "my bf will beat you up"? Pathetic. Go back to hand jobs at bus stations and leave mens sports to men. If you wish to act tough at least act like you are. You keep missing your tired insults and hide behind karma bit invalidates every opinion you ever were told you had. Get a scar for yourself
KarmaAteMyCum- July 31, 2011 at 3:10 pm
Hey guys be nice to Drano! That's my boyfriend you're talking about! Let me tell you, he is an amazing lover, gives great head and none of you are half of the boy that he is! And you know what Joshuan, his brains ARE gravy! I know that cuz I have filled that hairless, voice-cracking, braces wearing, middle school paper bag lunch packing boy's brain with sooo much of my own gravy that you could open his mouth and use him as a gravy dish on fucking Thanksgiving!
And Drano... you better not know anything about these other guys' nuthugging skills! You hug mine and I hug yours! PERIOD!! And don't even act like you know what a woman's vagina smells like! You'd be quicker to catch the scent of a man's bleeding anal fissure from a mile away than identify the smell of a bloodied up cunt! Now quick whackin it in your mom's basement, ask to borrow her car and come to my parents house so me and my dad can tag team your smooth, diaper-rashed bottom right!
intercept440- July 31, 2011 at 3:01 pm
as steampunk22 once told me....
dont feed the trolls... its a waste of time.

was a good fight, end of story.
lets dig up some of tates camel toe pics and move on
joshuan29- July 31, 2011 at 2:48 pm
Drano: "Nuthugger Can Crusher Blabber Blabber fuck shit (this is where my valid argument would go if I had one)"

Dumb bastard
joshuan29- July 31, 2011 at 2:42 pm
haha Drano. With every post you further reveal yourself as a mindless pre-pubescent douche bag with gravy for brains. Do your homework kid. Get off the internet.

Until you come up with something valid to say, this is me, ignoring you : )

CC: There are your rankings. Your move
dranokills- July 31, 2011 at 2:28 pm
Dagnut Says:

Sun, 07/31/11 - 02:24

Hay Drano apparently Hendo was training with Seagulls… that’s an Akido uppercut…
You fucking worthless disrespectful keyboard warrior, bitter sad little man
SO, you think henderson was training with sea birds?
whos worthless now huh fuckstick? get off my jock. OR try to be cooler when you try to diss me loser.
dranokills- July 31, 2011 at 2:26 pm
shut up ccman, your words are as hollow as your threats. Don't make me sic karma on you, we all know he would kick your ass, so stop being a whiner.
Dagnut- July 31, 2011 at 2:24 pm
Hay Drano apparently Hendo was training with Seagulls... that's an Akido uppercut...
You fucking worthless disrespectful keyboard warrior, bitter sad little man
joshuan29- July 31, 2011 at 2:16 pm
Here are sherdogs rankings for February 2009
ccman- July 31, 2011 at 12:09 pm
Ummmm drano. That fight was elite xc and the shaws. Now I am forced to say the word noob for josh and remember you are a karma nuthugger and every thing you say from now on must be placed in said catagory again same as we suffered thru the "beg for funds" timeline. Maybe mom will lift the parental controls and re-open wiki. Dunno but you lost credability again until the adults decide otherwise. Vote nation.
dranokills- July 31, 2011 at 11:45 am
joshuan29 Says:

Sun, 07/31/11 - 08:39

@Drano & Ed

Fuck the “nuthugger” and “can-crusher” bullshit. It’s old, overused, and doesn’t mean a damn thing
Dude does your pussy hurt or something cause I'm getting that smell from you, that metallic know the one you get when it's that time of know what I'm saying little bitch dontcha?
All this other shit your if you could just hear how crazy-ville that sounds to everyone thats NOT you.
Maybe you think arlovski was #2 cause you heard strikeforce call him the #2 in THEIR organization at the time, but he was never #2 in the world when he wore the fucking belt you uptight, knee-jerk little pussy.
The fact that you are a fan of shields proves every point I have made. You are delusional fucktard who can't see your hero is a ZERO.
oh yeah and because you hate the word "nuthugger", from now on you will be know as Nuthugger bitch, congrats on your new nick.
XENOPHON- July 31, 2011 at 11:25 am
@ccman Says: "he (Fedor) lost to a natural 185?er. decline away but that is inexcusable."

Right again, but this is not a crime.
One there was no title belt involved, it was simply a clash of titans.
Second, didn't the same thing happen to Forrest when he fought the smaller Anderson Silva?
Inexcusable maybe.
Unbelievable, no really.
XENOPHON- July 31, 2011 at 11:03 am
@ccman Says: "c. Fedor just might have been the best, not P4P but heavy? sure. His mismanaging of his career will forever place a ? next to his name on whether he was or wasn’t."

For us its often about the wins, but we all will admit that when records start slipping as fighters age their earning potential does too.

Personally, if I had piqued with only a limited number of wins left, it would be strictly business. I would eventually realize that my run was over (especially after consecutive losses.) Personal pride set aside, once my ego and esteem accepted that I was no longer invincible - I would know that it was time to forget about WINS and LOSSES, and start thinking about the last bit of ca$h left on the table.

Unfortunately, those around a person on the decline (Fedor is a great example) often have either a myopic belief in their talented friend (loyalty), or have gotten used to the money thrown their way (possibly mob loyalties in this case.)

As for the Rasputin like Russian priest he has, we all know history demands that the only way to end his particular type of parasitism is to maybe one lean he's found murdered.

Hopefully before that happens this group of "trusted confidants?" Persuades Fedor to man-up, get past the humiliation, and get back to winning ways.
ccman- July 31, 2011 at 10:31 am
I would love a link showing AA as #2 when he fought Fedor, since he held no belt, was in a 3rd tier promotion, and fighting the (I must assume you think) #1 who was also in a 3rd tier promotion, during it's start up. So basically for AA to have been #2, means every heavy in the UFC and SF were ranked lower than the Affliction # 1 and 2..... Seriously Josh, not trying to be a dick but i REAAALLLY want you to consider exactly how stupid that sounds. keeeping in mind that the Shaws had control over Affliction.
XENOPHON- July 31, 2011 at 10:28 am
@joshuan29 Says: "Call me when someone else tops the heavyweight division for 7 years and we’ll talk."

Can't touch that fact.

With Cain at 9-0,
Lesnar at 5-2,
or Carwin at 12-2
the best Heavyweight the UFC fields is JDS at 13-1.

Fedor may not be loved by all, but his 31-4 (Hendo was really a catch weight) when stacked up against all legitimate Heavyweight divisions is the current all time greatest - to the best of my knowledge.

I don't think anyone here can show me a better fighting record of a MMA Heavy Weight, except that of Fedor and James Toney. GRIN
joshuan29- July 31, 2011 at 10:23 am
@ CC

The noob tirade was for Drano. I should've specified. Secondly, AA was ranked #2 when they fought by most rankings. He is part owner of M-1 and wanted to grow his own brand, which is putting on pretty good shows lately. You would have to argue against his "relevance" from 03-09. I would say the last relevant person he beat was Arlovski. Rogers was #9 ranked but I wouldn't count him. His best wins are probably prime Nog, and Cro-Cop. But his list of beaten opponents is a whose who of great heavys from his era. Were there freak shows? Sure! But honestly I am not saying he is still the best, or one of the best, or even in the conversation. I'm saying he's one of the best ever based on accomplishments. His time has passed. As Royce Gracies and Chuck Liddells, and Randy Coutures Did. And as Anderson Silvas will. Just like everyones will.
ccman- July 31, 2011 at 10:06 am
AA, was no where near #2 when he fought fedor, no where even close. He was cut after back to back losses to Silva, then fought werdum (a SNNNNOOOOZER) and beat a couple of nobodies, with the only fight worth notice is roy nelson.
No subs and strategies are not for noobs. and i am a fan of everyone you named, and i am not 12 so i never use the word noob. But Fedor is different, he did not turn down 500k, he turned down alomst 3x that to take 500k. Even when you could argue Fedor as relavent and potentially dangerous to anyone (look at Nog, who beat Sylvia, his crown jewel win, or cro cop in the UFC, they aren't exactly kicking ass) you HAVE to put an astricks on his record. I am no Zuffa forever kinda guy but i will give them this from an actual business standpoint.
a. they legitamized this sport. others looked for singe paydays ala boxing, they grew the sport.
b. who ever wins wins, no, i do not believe a fight has been fixed since #1, which was fake resumes and 'come sign up to gracie BJJ classes' And thought something was wrong when i watched it live. didn't know but still thought it was way to JCVD to be real.
c. Fedor just might have been the best, not P4P but heavy? sure. His mismanaging of his career will forever place a ? next to his name on whether he was or wasn't. Same for Mayweather as he keeps ducking Pacquai. He will fight the next best forever, and make excuses and point fingers to avoid the absolute best.
As a FAN, this bothers me, and should bother you. Hell, he probably could have beaten Lesner when he was negotiating with the UFC (his suspect chin, most likely) , possibly Couture, but he took the path more travelled and took on the B team. Now with JDS and Cain, he would be killed. Seriously he lost to a natural 185'er. decline away but that is inexcusable.
joshuan29- July 31, 2011 at 9:44 am
bullshit. Yeah subs and strategies are for noobs? Sorry buddy thats not me. I am a fan of Mir, Shields, Sonnen, BJ Penn, and alot of other slick jitsu, and ground and pound type guys. Hell I even know what a fucking goga-plata is, am I special or what?Don't insult my intelligence just because of your own blindness. And are you seriously dumb enough to beleive that Zuffa has never had a fix in for it's fights. Just like any other combat sport, guys take dives for money sometimes.

Fedor made more money doing what he did than he would've fighting for 500000 a fight for Dana.

AA was not cut by the UFC. Look it up. He was number two ranked when Fedor fought him 09? Who better to fight than the number one contender at the time? Jesus.....

Finally: what the fuck is your deal with nuts? does the "nuthugger" word make you feel big bad and cool, like a teenager drinking margarita mix?

Fedor was the best. He's not anymore. Look it up! Fuck this argument.
ccman- July 31, 2011 at 9:42 am
Actually as much as i dislike the 'forget when' mindset of our sports crowd. The one base i always put on fighters is
a. did they fight a declining fighter (hendo beating fedor, Rashad ko'ing Liddell, ect) and look better for the opponenets decline or their improvement.
b. Did i see something new to show me that they are growing or did they just get a favorable match-up? (could argue Tito, penn last dance with hughes)
c. is the other fighter elite due to reputation (hendo/fedor/Aoki) or because they are marketable (tito, sonnen,Vera). did you take the fight to get some name recognition on your resume? (anyone fighting a Nog, belfort,Shamrock)
Also, but combat sports are for the young, always have been since the origins, you get old over night, you die. now they get pay day fights to get hurt. Fedor is in this catagory even though statistaclly he should be in his prime. the years of protected status ruined him, and now he is exposed because it can no longer be UFC was outs carrying the flag for him.
XENOPHON- July 31, 2011 at 9:30 am
Without a doubt, the majority of the crews from Pirde (Pride) WEC, StrikeFarce, and otherz did not perform as well as I expected once they entered the Octagon. I am sure the numbers back up your perception.
My only guess today is that for some of these bigger names which brought less than exhilarating performances into the UFC, they had for some time become isolated from well rounded training (and capable training partners), and in some cases brought their age related decrease in athleticism.
Where the other organizations had big names, the UFC invested in youth. Its been their theme, move up or out. The UFC strategy paid larger dividends and their cabal of younger fighters learned new tricks (faster than than the old dogs) and had less pressure to perform under fire. Every former champion knows this is true.
The UFC also had and does have the advantage of marketing hype. We can give a kid a break for a loss, but the older one is, the perception is that they are sliding into a permanence of a has-been.
This mindset is for a large part correct...when it comes to warfare. One doesn't send an old man, to do what a young man can do, right?
ccman- July 31, 2011 at 9:14 am
@ joshua, Sorry, you are wrong. Fedor turned down morew money to build his side business (arguably his russian mob controllers) and refused to fight anyone relavent. AA was cut by the UFC because he was done and fading, Silva was cut because he was fat and disinterested (please look at who he has fought since he left) and was the king during what is completely reguarded as the weakest division ever in the sport, while it was split between 2 arguably 3 promotions. Fedor had every opportunity during his PRIME to fight and make a true legacy, not a Japanese freak show legacy, but fight the best available, he ducked, and not even over actual money. his image built the M-1 model (he is an owner, we always seem to overlook that). And before he even lost the mystique fighters that were supposed to be the other weight class versions of him left claiming they wanted to fight the best. Moussai anyone? under prides no testing, no rules, Mafia dictated endings, Fedor was king. he aint been shit since. my memory is perfect, Fedors win streak is what is tainted.