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“Strikeforce: Lawler vs. Shields” — Blow by Blow

(“Guys, you can get some of those cupcakes *after* we take this face-off picture, okay? Guys?” Photo courtesy of Sherdog.)

Hello, and welcome to a special “From Press Row” edition of the CagePotato liveblog. That’s right – I’m typing to you from the Scottrade Center in St. Louis tonight, not from my usual spot on my couch in Brooklyn. The good part? I’m about 25 feet from the cage and wedged between some of the brightest minds in MMA journalism. The bad part? Slamming beers, eating wings, and loudly showing bias towards my favorite fighters is frowned upon here, apparently. But we’re gonna try to have a good time anyway. Live round-by-round results are after the jump, starting at 9 p.m. CT. Hit that “read more” link and refresh the page every few minutes to get all the latest. Time to do work, son.

Undercard quick results:
- Pat Benson def. Dave Cochran via armbar, 2:42 of round 1

- Lucas Lopes def. Scott Ventimiglia via DQ (Lopes KO’d by illegal knee) 3:26 of round 1

- Tyron Woodley def. Salvoder Woods via submission (choke), 4:20 of round 1

- Booker DeRousse def. James Wade via TKO, 4:06 of round 1

- Mike Kyle def. Rafael “Feijao” Cavalcante via TKO, 4:05 of round 2

- Jesse Finney def. Josh Bumgarner via submission (kimura), 1:55 of round 1

Fedor and Barnett are here, and couldn’t be more cordial. And hey, there’s Tim Sylvia, getting a surprising amount of love from the fans.

Strikeforce ain’t feeding us (ASSHOLES), so I’m gonna go get a burger before the main card starts. If I’m late, just go ahead and liveblog the Randleman fight for me, in the comments section. KTHXBAI.

Burger eaten, 8:48 p.m. CT.

Jimmy Lennon warms the crowd up before the broadcast begins, going through the matchups. St. Louis pops hard for every former UFC fighter. Lennon shouts out all the fighters sitting cageside, and Fedor gets a standing O. Anderson Silva is here, and the cheers and boos are equally loud.

I gotta say, that Gateway Arch is way more impressive in person. And here we go…

Kevin Randleman vs. Mike Whitehead
The Monster is incredibly amped up. His cornerman slaps him a few times, not that he needs it. The crowd is very happy to see him. And there’s Big John, holdin’ it down.
Round 1: Leg kick Whitehead. And again. He misses a head kick and Randleman pounces, clinching onto his back. Whitehead escapes and throws a head kick. He clinches and drags Randleman to the mat. Randleman bounces him off and gets back up. Whitehead shoots and gets the takedown, but Randleman quickly escapes again. They clinch and Randleman goes for the guillotine before Whitehead drags him down. Randleman again with the nice escape. Leg kicks Whitehead. Whitehead slips in the uppercut and clinches. He scores the takedown, yet again, but Randleman has him locked down on the ground. Whitehead throws some punches from the top as the round ends. 10-9 Whitehead.

Round 2: Whitehead comes out punching, before the inevitable takedown. Randleman holding on tight to keep Whitehead from posturing. Whitehead moves to side control, dropping punches where he can. The crowd gets restless. Whitehead just laying on top. Then he jumps to mount. Randleman slips out and escapes, then lands an uppercut. Whitehead throws some slow punches, hitting air. Randleman hesitant to throw. It’s a standing stalemate until the bell. 10-9 Whitehead for the top control, but it wasn’t pretty, and they’re both gassed.

Round 3: Whitehead misses a body punch, and Randleman cracks him, but Whitehead returns fire. More weak sparring. Randelman lands a huge left hook which drops Whitehead, then abuses him on the ground for a few seconds before Whitehead groggily struggles to his feet. They clinch. Whitehead slips in some punches, before scoring a takedown. He’s in half-guard, working for an armlock. Randleman gets up, and Whitehead cracks him with a right. Randleman lands a straight right, then jabs, and the round is over.

Mike Whitehead def. Kevin Randleman via unanimous decision (29-28 x 3). Fowlkes was right — we didn’t really need to see that one.

Phil Baroni vs. Joe Riggs
Riggs is the clear fan favorite in this one. The jokers behind me greet Baroni’s arrival with chants of “FUCK THE YANKEES!’
Round 1: Riggs tries a head kick. Baroni clinches and tries a knee, but Riggs takes him down and moves to his back, going for the rear-naked. Baroni defends, rolls, and establishes guard. Riggs lands a good punch from the top. Baroni tries to roll out, but Riggs stays on him. Baroni uses the cage to get up, but Riggs puts him right back down. Baroni struggles to his feet again, and winds up on top when Riggs goes for the takedown again.  Baroni with body shots from the top. The ref stands ‘em. Riggs dashes in for a takedown and pushes Baroni against the cage. Baroni works his way on top and throws in a few punches before the round ends.

Round 2: Leg kick Riggs. Baroni backs him up with a right. Spinning backfist from Riggs misses by a mile. Riggs gets another takedown, pushing Baroni against the cage, but Baroni gets up and takes *him* down. Riggs gets up and lands a knee and punches. Riggs with a big right against the cage and follows in up with a jumping knee, then another knee in the clinch. Baroni tries to get it to the ground, but fails. Baroni shoots again and Riggs sprawls, but he works his way on top. Riggs latches on a triangle, and it looks close but he loses it. Baroni on top in Riggs’s full guard, slugging. Riggs wriggles halfway out before the bell. Two close rounds, but Riggs probably has the advantage going into the final round.

Round 3: Leg kick Riggs. They clinch and Riggs knees out of it, then throws a flying knee that rattles Baroni. Riggs with the body kick. Riggs with another knee to the head. Baroni is covering up; he’s looking gassed. Left straight Riggs. Riggs sticks the jab. Body kick Riggs. Riggs chasing Baroni with punches, then lands a short flying knee and a punch. Riggs with the hard right hook. Riggs swarms with punches and a knee. Baroni sticks the right straight, but Riggs returns more punches, more knees. Leg kick Riggs. Baroni starts swinging, trying to put something together, but Riggs takes him down to run out the fight. Very dominant round for Diesel.

Joe Riggs def. Phil Baroni via unanimous decision (30-27 x 3). Riggs says he broke both hands in the fight, and he wants Jake Shields.

Being at the fights live, I’m robbed of hearing Mauro Ranallo’s insanity. If he’s thrown out any metaphorical gems so far, lemme know in the comments section.

It’s official: Gina Carano has signed with Strikeforce and will face Cris Cyborg on their August 15th show. Whoo-hoo!

Nick Diaz vs. Scott Smith
Round 1: Nice boxing exchange right off the bell, and Diaz is already putting his hands up. They clinch and Smith sneaks in a sharp right hook before punching out altogether. Diaz puts his hands down and gets nailed on the ear. Okay, be serious now, bro. Smith swinging for the fences, but Diaz lands a counterpunch, then a body kick. Diaz pressuring Smith against the cage with punches. They clinch for a moment befor Big John breaks ‘em up. Diaz lands a punch and goes back to the clinch, working some knees to Smith’s legs. They separate. Diaz sticks his chin out and gets clocked. He should really stop doing that. More clinching against the cage. Smith grabs onto Diaz’s back and slams him to the ground. Diaz bounces up.  Diaz advancing with punches. Smith with a leg kick. Smith rushing forward with punches, and Diaz with a surprise takedown at the bell.

Round 2: Diaz throwing punches in bunches. Smith clinches on Diaz’s back again, but Diaz escapes. Diaz seems to hurt Smith with a punch flurry. He’s landing shots at will. Smith comes back with an elbow. Diaz attacks again with dozens of lil’ pitty-pat punches. Smith misses a head kick, and it’s back to the Nick Diaz boxing show. Knees from Diaz in the clinch. BJM separates them. More punches from Diaz, and a head kick to Smith’s glove. More sharp punches from Stockton’s own. Leg kick Smith. Smith lands a superman punch and a body kick. They clinch, and Smith throws a knee, but Diaz pours on some body punches that drop Smith at the bell. Smith is very slow getting to the stool. The round was all 209.

Round 3: Both guys slugging. This is when Smith is the most dangerous — when he’s getting the tar beaten out of him. Diaz slaps a kick against Smith’s jaw. Diaz with a right hook and Smith goes down. Diaz gets on Smith’s back, maybe too high for a choke…but no, he slaps on the rear-naked and it’s a wrap.
Nick Diaz def. Scott Smith via submission, 1:41 of round 3. Half the crowd boos him loudly. Don’t you people know genius when’s it’s right there in front of you? SAVAGES.

Andrei Arlovski vs. Brett Rogers
Round 1: Leg kick Arlovski. Rogers comes in swinging, and knocks Arlovski down. Big John immediately stops it. What. The. Fuck.
On the replay, Arlovski was clearly stunned when he went down…maybe he would have recovered, but not the way Rogers was swinging. Not a horrible stoppage, just unfortunate for Arlovski. Brett Rogers def. Andrei Arlovski via “spectacular” KO, 0:22 of round 1.

Where does Arlovski go from here? Boxing? Or maybe a profession that doesn’t require him to get punched in the face. Because that clearly hasn’t been working for him lately.

Jake Shields vs. Robbie Lawler
St. Lou loves them some Lawler.
Round 1: Lawler the aggressor…they go to the ground briefly after a clinch, then pop back up. Lawler with some dirty boxing. Shields tries some knees in the clinch. They separate; body kick Shields, and another. Leg kick Shields. Shields clinches, then tries for the arm-in guillotine, dropping to the mat. Lawler tries to pick him up, but he falls back to the mat and Shields is still wrapped around his neck. Lawler taps. Boom. The crowd starts leaving to beat the traffic.
Jake Shields def. Robbie Lawler via submission (guillotine choke), 2:02 of round 1. Shields wants Cung Le‘s belt. From a distance, you can hear Joe Riggs say “what about meeeeeeeeeeeee!!!”

Great night for welterweights taking on middleweights. Bad night for former Hammer House fighters. I’m heading to the press conference, talk to you guys later…


  1. Fucklord Says:

    Sat, 06/06/09 - 05:39

    Tyron Woodley def. Salvoder Woods via submission (choke), 4:20 of round 1 This is a sign, Diaz will win

    Sat, 06/06/09 - 05:43

    1st to mention 1st
  3. Jburg Says:

    Sat, 06/06/09 - 05:45

    1st to mention that you are a fucking faggot.

    Sat, 06/06/09 - 05:46

    And your my Bitch!!! come here and suck my dick!!!
  5. Bookgrub Says:

    Sat, 06/06/09 - 05:54

    Tito, don't you mean thuck?
  6. Derly Says:

    Sat, 06/06/09 - 05:55

    Anywhere to stream this?

    Sat, 06/06/09 - 05:58

    Lol. yeah quiet man Jburg is thuckin me now dhats y he cant reply! il have him bend over later so he can type in reply Homme!
  8. DangadaDang Says:

    Sat, 06/06/09 - 06:01

  9. Polish Says:

    Sat, 06/06/09 - 06:07

    Not a single decision, I hope the main card follows suit...
  10. Diggler Says:

    Sat, 06/06/09 - 06:09

    Nice call on the Cavalcante fight Bens...
  11. straight face-tim sylvia vs fedor Says:

    Sat, 06/06/09 - 06:13

    i heard that the only way this fight is being shown is streaming online. is that true?
  12. Cookie Monster Says:

    Sat, 06/06/09 - 06:19

    mike kyle won???? so much for a sure thing CP...and since when was mike kyle relevant? what a crazy world
  13. javiG26 Says:

    Sat, 06/06/09 - 06:30

    im shocked that feijao lost, he was a title contender.
  14. Fucklord Says:

    Sat, 06/06/09 - 06:34

    rofl feijao hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  15. ColinL Says:

    Sat, 06/06/09 - 06:46

    The undercard will be shown later on HDNet. The main card is live on Showtime in 15 min. I don't believe they have streaming. Yahoo streams UFC PPV events, sure.
  16. So So Explosive Says:

    Sat, 06/06/09 - 06:52

    Randleman Vs Whitehead Round 1: Randle charges at Whitehead with explosive speed hurling himself at whitehead but unfortunately missing and breaking the cage,now laying knocked out, outside the broken cage. Whitehead by KO 0:05
  17. Da Truth Says:

    Sat, 06/06/09 - 07:23

    Anderson stole Fedors icecream.... theres a BRAWL in the first two rows! Randlemen by KO in round 3 with flying double dropkick Scott "Hand of Steel" Smith vs Nick "Fingers of Steel" Diaz is gunna be the BOMB Son!
  18. Polish Says:

    Sat, 06/06/09 - 07:28

    Damnit why didn't Randleman finish that...
  19. ReDx Says:

    Sat, 06/06/09 - 07:31

    Can Lawler look any less enthusiastic in that picture?
  20. Da Truth Says:

    Sat, 06/06/09 - 07:34

    As IF are those judges on... a couple of lame takedowns count more than Randelman dropping him with a haymaker?
  21. Polish Says:

    Sat, 06/06/09 - 07:45

    Riggs sucks ass, stand and trade with Baroni you pussy...
  22. bobzemuda Says:

    Sat, 06/06/09 - 07:54 you're in st louis. When do we get our after fight drinks???
  23. Silent Joe Says:

    Sat, 06/06/09 - 08:10

    You might of missed him saying Gina vs Cyborg is in August
  24. Cathedron Says:

    Sat, 06/06/09 - 08:17

    Randleman looked like shit. Exactly what I thought. He gassed early and the few times he could have won, he didn't even seem to notice. Sad. All these old guys trying to come back is starting to make me sick. Riggs fought a smart game. Damn. That last round was just brutal. I'm surprised Baroni survived. Tough dude. But I like seeing him get beat up.
  25. aptiger Says:

    Sat, 06/06/09 - 08:17

    no crazy metaphors but Mauro did almost call Coleman the Grandfather of Ground and Pound
  26. Cookie Monster Says:

    Sat, 06/06/09 - 08:22

    you might hate nick diaz but shit he has style son!
  27. Jburg Says:

    Sat, 06/06/09 - 08:24

    Ranallo has said "punches in bunches" 3 times so far.
  28. ReDx Says:

    Sat, 06/06/09 - 08:32

    LOL, that old white dude jumping into the camera "Nick Diaz number 1!"
  29. Cathedron Says:

    Sat, 06/06/09 - 08:33

    Diaz is such a punk, but he's so damn good. I was hoping Smith could pull off a miracle, but I knew he was going to die.
  30. Meohfumado Says:

    Sat, 06/06/09 - 08:34

    Ranallo pointing out that Diaz was switching between traditional and southpaw in the 3rd round....when he had been doing it all fight.
  31. JiMMA Says:

    Sat, 06/06/09 - 08:40

    I hate the DIAZ brothers... Can't wait until Cocker runs out of tailor made fighters to feed him..
  32. Meohfumado Says:

    Sat, 06/06/09 - 08:42

    "And don't forget every dog has his day."
  33. Diggler Says:

    Sat, 06/06/09 - 08:42

    Did anyone else notice the steroid titties on Randleman?
  34. Cathedron Says:

    Sat, 06/06/09 - 08:44

    Aren't the man-tits supposed to go away when you stop using?
  35. Osama Says:

    Sat, 06/06/09 - 08:45

  36. JiMMA Says:

    Sat, 06/06/09 - 08:47

  37. Cookie Monster Says:

    Sat, 06/06/09 - 08:47

    HOLY CRAP!!!!
  38. ReDx Says:

    Sat, 06/06/09 - 08:47

    Saw that coming.
  39. Jburg Says:

    Sat, 06/06/09 - 08:50

    Ranallo "What a display by Bret "the grim" Rogers, he has just become a household name!!" hehe
  40. Cathedron Says:

    Sat, 06/06/09 - 08:50

    Rogers was just compared to Clubber Lang after saying he was humble. Does that make sense? Poor AA. Poor bastard. His card just got filled.
  41. Meohfumado Says:

    Sat, 06/06/09 - 08:50

    No early stoppage there. The lights were on...but nobody was home.
  42. Osama Says:

    Sat, 06/06/09 - 08:50

    Andrei :'(
  43. aptiger Says:

    Sat, 06/06/09 - 08:51

    lol that Clubber reference and house hold name were both insane comments
  44. Fucklord Says:

    Sat, 06/06/09 - 08:53

    I called that shit Rogers is the real deal
  45. ColinL Says:

    Sat, 06/06/09 - 08:53

    Ranallo brilliance: "With one big punch, Brett Rodgers becomes a neighborhood name!" ...Except it was actually 4. And I'm sure of that, because they showed 3 replays after the live camera was in TERRIBLE position straight behind Arlovski.
  46. Cookie Monster Says:

    Sat, 06/06/09 - 08:53

    i feel bad for poor pitbull...will all his celebrity friends still love him? i know i will
  47. Kadumel Says:

    Sat, 06/06/09 - 08:53

    @Necro I totally called the AA/Rogers fight. I knew how that one was going to end. Glass chin all the way.
  48. Polish Says:

    Sat, 06/06/09 - 08:55

    Arlovski was out, no early stoppage at all.
  49. ReDx Says:

    Sat, 06/06/09 - 08:55

    HAHAHA you hear the translator almost say fighting in the UFC
  50. Fucklord Says:

    Sat, 06/06/09 - 08:56

  51. TexBuzz Says:

    Sat, 06/06/09 - 08:56

    I wanna see that McCarthy cam footage, AA's eyes looked like fresh Southern Maid donuts.
  52. Sneaky Pete Says:

    Sat, 06/06/09 - 08:57

    WTG Brett Rogers! I'm going to have to pay more attention to this dude.
  53. JiMMA Says:

    Sat, 06/06/09 - 09:00

    Right, Ref CAM FTW!
  54. OrMMA Says:

    Sat, 06/06/09 - 09:05

    anyone else make some money on that fight? Rogers ftw!
  55. Cathedron Says:

    Sat, 06/06/09 - 09:06

    Shields will win. It is God's will. Always bet on God's will or you'll lose your money and God will be pissed.
  56. Phenylalanine Says:

    Sat, 06/06/09 - 09:11

    this just wasnt a Brett Roger's haymaker that put Arlovski down...evidently Mariah Carey is in attendance and hit a really high octave right at the start of the fight, shattering the pit bull's jaw.
  57. Amancio Says:

    Sat, 06/06/09 - 09:12

    Jake Shields by RNC.
  58. ColinL Says:

    Sat, 06/06/09 - 09:14

    Shields' standup is improved, but he's not going to beat Lawler with that... Haha guillotine!
  59. Cookie Monster Says:

    Sat, 06/06/09 - 09:14

    San Francisco Jiu Jitsu BOYYEEEEEEEEE!!!!!
  60. Cathedron Says:

    Sat, 06/06/09 - 09:14

    What'd I say? Don't fuck with God's will.
  61. Hum Deez Nutz Says:

    Sat, 06/06/09 - 09:17

    All aboard the fail train! Poor Lawler...
  62. Cookie Monster Says:

    Sat, 06/06/09 - 09:17

    ONE MAN ARMY in the HOUSE!
  63. BuckWild Says:

    Sat, 06/06/09 - 09:19

    TVU channel just got cut.. Where is another stream???? HELP !!!!
  64. ColinL Says:

    Sat, 06/06/09 - 09:19

    Ranallo screaming into the mic about Gracie Jiu-Jitsu... then wondering why Frank doesn't agree.
  65. Fucklord Says:

    Sat, 06/06/09 - 09:21

    That was better than every UFC card in 2009 so far
  66. Lysol Says:

    Sat, 06/06/09 - 09:24

    Arlovski should follow Cung Le into being an action movie actor. There he could throw as many flashy flying bullshit attacks as he wants and not get KTFO.
  67. ColinL Says:

    Sat, 06/06/09 - 09:25

    Well this kinda sucks, because Diaz and Shields won't want to fight for the 185lb belt. I didn't expect Shields to win, so I was figuring on a Lawler/Diaz rematch for the interium MW belt. If somehow Scott Coker does convince them to fight, I'm pretty sure Diaz would win. Their BJJ is roughly even, but Diaz is obviously a ton better striker than Shields. 170lb is really thin outside of the UFC. Maybe Shields goes back down to fight Riggs for the vacant belt, maybe he doesn't.
  68. Chiggs Says:

    Sat, 06/06/09 - 09:47

    Yeah sad to say but for a split second AA was flashed :( Long enuff to go out, landed awake which is evident by him still holding himself up with his hands, coulda gone bit longer but doubt he woulda recovered. Also what was with Big John letting WHitehead lay the fuck all over Randlemen for forever but the next few fights was all over standing em up right away??!? Diaz is the shit an I called that one to a fuckin TEE, kids only 25 and on a roll, destined for great things without a doubt an at this rate would give Anderson a run for his belt an defintely strip aways Cungs from him.. Awesome awesome nite of fights IMO as always.
  69. Chiggs Says:

    Sat, 06/06/09 - 09:50

    As I said already, yea Flash knockout forsure, but for all the assholes saying he's washed up an his jaw is glass, I'd like to see any one of ya's stand there, get pegged by two HARD shots on the chin, side of chin, then a fuckin hard power shot to behind the ear. Exactly the shots that Ko'd him for a second or two as he was concious when he went down an was still supporting his own body weight when Mcarthy hopped in.
  70. One Two Says:

    Sat, 06/06/09 - 09:50

    anyone know what happened in the feijao fight? they probabally could of cut out those gay muscle guy instructionals and showed it.
  71. JiMMA Says:

    Sat, 06/06/09 - 10:02

    Can someone PLEASE make a GIF of Fedor laughing at Ranallo's face?
  72. ReDx Says:

    Sat, 06/06/09 - 10:18

    I want to see Carwin vs Rogers.
  73. UFC fan Says:

    Sat, 06/06/09 - 10:43

    yeahhhh another night of UFC wannabees, and UFC leftovers. Arlovski has the same chin as the Iceman now, time to retire dog, you can't take a punch anymore old man. The only thing strikeforce has going for them is a future fight between 2 wild women.......all the rest of the fighters are nobody's fighting for the scraps left in the shit-pile by UFC.
  74. Bandy13 Says:

    Sat, 06/06/09 - 10:47

    i was wrong on the baroni fight, wrong on the shields fight. i dont get how diaz with that stance he doesnt get laid out.
  75. Angry Monkey Says:

    Sat, 06/06/09 - 11:11

    Nick Diaz. Enough said.
  76. molky brothers Says:

    Sun, 06/07/09 - 04:50

    You said it all bro.
  77. Acrocerid Says:

    Sun, 06/07/09 - 08:56

    UFC fan is just that. It's an MMA world now broseph.
  78. LargeMidget Says:

    Sun, 06/07/09 - 11:52

    Nick Diaz is never "too high" to choke somebody out.
  79. Big Jumpin Dad Says:

    Mon, 01/04/10 - 02:09

  80. mark mania Says:

    Tue, 12/03/13 - 10:23

    ... I feel there may perhaps become a couple duplicates, but an exceedingly helpful record! I've tweeted this. Lots of thanks for sharing!...
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    Mon, 07/07/14 - 09:57

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