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Strikeforce: Nashville — Live Results and Commentary, Y’all

("You believe this guy? No towel between his head and hat. I will never understand some people as long as I live." Photo courtesy of the Strikeforce Weigh In Pics gallery on

A note before we get started: The CBS broadcast of tonight’s Strikeforce event may not be live in all areas, so please check your local listings before you run headlong into spoilerville. Now then, we’ve got a short but sweet lineup of fights in store for us, with three titles on the line: Strikeforce lightweight champion Gilbert Melendez defends his belt against invading DREAM champ Shinya Aoki, Muhammed "King Mo" Lawal attempts to steal the crown from reigning light-heavyweight ruler Gegard Mousasi, and middleweight champ Jake Shields faces off against PRIDE/UFC legend Dan Henderson in the biggest fight of his career. Live Strikeforce: Nashville results await you after the jump, beginning at 9 p.m. ET. Refresh the page every few minutes for round-by-round updates and the usual jokes about Frank Shamrock‘s braces and Stephen Quadros’s clown-makeup. 

While you’re waiting, here’s the intro video for the broadcast, courtesy of shosports.

The crowd at the Bridgestone Arena is about as white as you’d expect. Gus Johnson runs down the competitors on this card, including "Shinya Oioki," and "Gayhard Mousasi." No Quadros tonight, apparently, but Shamrock and Mauro Ranallo are in the building. And in the backround, stalking around the cage? Our man Big John McCarthy. As Johnson says, it’s "a pay-per-view-type card, on free TV." The umbrella hoochies and pyrotechnics mean only one thing…

Gegard Mousasi vs. Muhammed "King Mo" Lawal
A demo sequence from the EA MMA video game takes us through the Keys to Victory. (Mo = ground and pound. Mousasi = leg kicks?) Mo’s mouthpiece says "Thirsty." Mousasi’s mouthpiece probably says something insightful and poetic, but he won’t show us. The crowd chants "King! Mo!"

Round 1: Mousasi fires a high kick. Mo dashes in with a hard 1-2. Mo swings more punches. Mousasi better hope those don’t land flush. Mo grabs a single leg and takes Mousasi down after some effort. Mousasi tries to set up a triangle, but Mo shakes out. Mo throws down some punches. Mo gets up and Mousasi tries an upkick before Mo dives on again in side control. Mo’s up again and more upkicks from Mousasi. Mo jacks Mousasi with a left. GnP from Mo. Again Mo stands, and Mousasi lands an upkick before Mo jumps on once again, abusing Mousasi against the cage. Big punches from Mo. Desperately, Mousasi throws some punches from his back. Mousasi grabs onto Mo and works to his feet. They’re slugging. Mousasi stuffs a takedown and slugs Mo in the head. He lands a sharp knee from a clinch before Mo takes him down again. Mousasi gets up, lands a short hook and eats one from Mo as the round ends. 10-9, Lawal.

Round 2: Mo works for the double leg and gets it. He’s on Mousasi’s back against the fence, and throws a knee into the champ’s body. Mousasi rolls to guard and starts landing punches from his back. More punches, and Mo returns a couple of his own. Mousasi works his upkicks as Mo stands. Mo is back on top and Mousasi once again starts boxing off his back. He kicks Mo off and stands. They clinch. Mousasi tries to punch out, but Mo gets him down again and takes a rest in Mousasi’s guard. Mousasi lands an upkick when Mo resets and they trade punches on the ground. Mousasi kicks Mo off. they clinch. Mo bulls Mousasi down and starts eating leather again. Mousasi briefly tries to set up an armbar. Mousasi escapes and ppunces on Mousasi with punches against the cage before taking Mo’s back and trying for a choke as the round ends. I say the champ evens out the score, 10-9.

Round 3: Body kick Mousasi, then a leg kick. Mo tries to clinch. Mo lands a pair of punches. Mousasi attacks with punches and they clinch against the fence. Mo throws some wild punches. He’s gassing, but he’s not done yet. He takes Mousasi down once again. He isn’t doing much with the position. Mo slugs to Mousasi’s body. Mousasi takes a hard right from the top. More shots, and Mousasi can’t do much more than cover up and wait out the round. Mo landing punches where he can. Mousasi kicks Mo off. Easy 10-9 for King Mo.

Round 4: Mousasi throws a slow leg kick. He’s definitely lost his pep. Mo lands a couple of punches before taking Mousasi down against the fence once again. Mousasi lands a big upkick when Mo gives him some space, but Mo settles back on top. Yet again, Mousasi is stuck against the cage. Big John stands ‘em. Mo shoots for a single and pulls Mousasi down. Mo in side control, working some knees to the body. Punches from Mo. Mousasi doing what he can from his back, but it’s not enough. The round ends. 10-9 Mo. Mousasi needs to finish the fight in the last round or he’s toast.

Round 5: Mousasi jabs. Mo with a strong takedown and Mousasi has no answer. Mousasi with another upkick when Mo gets to his feet. Mo back on top, grinding with punches. Mousasi lands an upkick when Mo’s knees were down and the fight is paused. Mo says he’s okay, but crouches down to suck air for a moment. A point is deducted from Mousasi, not that it will make a difference. Big John resets the fight, with King Mo in Mousasi’s guard. Mousasi firing punches from his back. Mousasi still throwing upkicks whenever Mo pops up, but he can’t get any space to do anything effective. He gets up and tries to fire punches, but Mo clinches and bulls Mousasi into the cage. Mousasi escapes…briefly. Mo scores another takedown. They trade punches on the mat. Big John stands ‘em and they box. Mo lands two jabs before completing one final takedown. Shocking. 10-8 round for the challenger, who will take this in a rout.

Lawal def. Mousasi via unanimous decision (49-45 x 3). King Mo gets his crown. A lot of people in the crowd are booing for some reason. Look, it wasn’t the most exciting fight, but how else was Mo supposed to win it? Gotta give the dude props. The new light-heavyweight champion says "Y’all go ahead and boo me, but I’mma keep on winning. So thank you to my haters."

Gilbert Melendez vs. Shinya Aoki
As is his custom, Aoki comes out to "Baka Survivor." Gilbert starts walking out before Aoki has even entered the cage. We’re playing catchup already, eh guys? Nate Diaz hangs around behind El Nino, mean-mugging nobody in particular. Mario Yamasaki delivers the fight instructions in the universal language, Broken English.

Round 1: Melendez lands a body punch. Melendez stalking from the outside. Another straight right to the body. Melendez catches a kick and Aoki falls to the mat but gets back up. Melendez seems to catch an accidental eye-poke, and takes a break for a minute. He wipes his eye off on Yamasaki’s shirt. Aoki dives for a leg when the action resumes and transitions to guard. Melendez quickly gets out of dodge and they’re back on their feet. Melendez with another body punch. Aoki shoots again and is stuffed. Aoki chills on his back. Melendez dives in with a punch. Melendez with two hard punches from the top. Aoki escapes to his feet. Aoki with a sharp body kick. Melendez tags the jab before taking another body kick. Melendez scores with a knee to the body before the bell rings. 10-9 Melendez.

Round 2: Melendez snaps an uppercut as Aoki shoots forward. Aoki with a botches guard pull. He shoots in and grabs one of Melendez’s arms. Melendez on top, throwing punches. Body punch from Melendez. Yamasaki stands ‘em. Aoki lands a left straight. Melendez swarms with punches after backing Aoki against the cage. Aoki complains about shots to the back of the head. A good right from Melendez. Aoki with a knee to the body. Aoki shoots and pulls guard, and Melendez bashes with hammerfists. Melendez with a right hand. The ref stands it up. Aoki with another takedown attempt; Melendez stuffs and punches angrily. There’s the bell. 10-9 Melendez.

Round 3: Aoki shoots, more aggressively this time, but Melendez defends and gets on top. Melendez scores with punches from the top. Yamasaki tries to stand them up and Melendez dives on with one more hard punch. Kind of an unethical move, though not illegal. Yamasaki steps in between them and makes them stand. Aoki drops to his back and buttscoots forward, to the great displeasure of the crowd. Yamasaki orders him up, but he buttflops again and Gilbert gets back on top. Brutal right hands from Melendez, as Aoki grips onto his left. The ref stands ‘em. Melendez attacks with punches, but eats a knee. That’s the bell. Melendez pitching a shutout as we go into the championship rounds.

Round 4: Aoki lazily shoots and is pushed away. Melendez with a right. Aoki misses a knee, but does his shoot/guard-pull thing again. Melendez goes back to slugging with his right before jumping back up. Aoki goes into his buttscoot thing but Yamasaki won’t allow it. Melendez scoring with single punches. Aoki shoots and Melendez drives a knee into his chest. Aoki gets off the mat, mentally pwned. Melendez fires some punches. He stuffs another takedown. Aoki shoots and gets lit up with punches. He buttscoots forward and just as Yamasaki orders him up Gilbert blasts Aoki in the face *again*. Yamasaki is pissed and warns both of them for fucking around. Melendez bashes Aoki to the mat. He stands and kicks Aoki a couple times in the leg as the round ends. 10-9 to the champ.

Round 5. Melendez with an uppercut. Aoki shoots and falls backward, saying he was poked in the eye. Sorry buddy, that shit won’t play in the States. Aoki drops under a punch and pulls guard. He tries to play with rubber guard against the cage, but Melendez isn’t giving him anything to work with. Melendez with more right hands. He lets Aoki up. Nice straight right from Melendez. Aoki shoots, Melendez stuffs and lets him up. Aoki grabs Melendez and pulls guard. Melendez gets up after being brushed with an illegal upkick. Aoki  shoots and is stuffed, shoots and is stuffed. The ref orders him up. Melendez storms forward with punches and puts Aoki on his ass as the round ends. Another monotonous rout, but this time for the champion.

Melendez def. Aoki via unanimous decision (50-45 x 3). Aoki was 0-for-18 on takedown attempts. Yeesh, buddy. Melendez says he’s a top-3 lightweight after tonight. So far, this is a wild night for MMA rankings.

We’re gonna see highlights from the Miller/Stout fight. This show’s gonna go waaaaaay long.

Jason Miller takes Tim Stout down with ease and slugs him from the top until the ref steps in. Mayhem wins via TKO, round 1. Main event time…

Dan Henderson vs. Jake Shields
Let’s hope this is a short fight, or at least a competitive one. Otherwise, "Nashville" has to be a disappointment for Coker & Co. Frank Shamrock says Henderson is going to destroy Shields, and Shields has a boring style. You know, normal unbiased commentator stuff.

Round 1: Leg kick Shields. Henderson already tags Shields with a right and the champ goes down! Henderson dives on with more punches, trying to finish. Jake shakes the cobwebs and tries for a leglock. Hendo stands, trying to shake out. And he escapes. Henderson charges forward with more punches, and Shields falls to his back. Henderson knocks Shields down with an uppercut. Shields back up. Henderson blitzing with punches. Henderson throws a right and clinches with Jake against the fence. Big John breaks them. Jake lands a few light punches. Body kick Shields. Shields gets a single-leg takedown, but Dan quickly gets up. They clinch against the fence. Shields punching Hendo’s body. Henderson elbows out at the bell. It was moving dangerously close to a 10-8, but I’ll give it to Dan 10-9.

Round 2: Jake shoots and is rebuffed. He tries again and takes Hendo to the mat. Henderson transitions to Jake’s back and almost wraps up a rear-naked. Shields escapes and gets in Hendo’s guard, then passes to mount. Jake postures and throws down some punches. More abuse from Shields. Henderson stuck underneath the champ. Henderson tries to return some punches from his back, but he’s definitely getting the worst of it. Hard punches from the top from Shields and Hendo is in trouble. Hendo controls Shields’s body momentarily, but Shields gets back to his ground-and-pound. There’s the bell. Shields evens the score in dramatic fashion.

Round 3: Jake jabbing. Henderson looks a little tired. Body kick Shields. Shields shoots in, and Henderson defends and stands up. Jake with another single-leg and works his way into Henderson’s guard. Shields working hard to pass. He’s in side-control. Henderson puts a glove over Jake’s mouth, and the champ doesn’t like it. Shields puts his knee on Henderson’s belly. He’s in half-guard, steadily dropping short punches. Shields sets up a guillotine but loses it. He gets to mount and retuns to GnP. Henderson tries to buck him off, but Shields retains the position. Shields rolls into an armbar attempt but runs out of time. 10-9 Shields.

Round 4: Hendo fires a big right, showing that he’s not beaten yet. Shields completes a slick single leg, but Henderson scrambles out. So Shields just tries it again, putting Henderson against the cage. They wind up in a very odd north-south crucifix position with Jake’s back on Dan’s stomach and his arm trapped between Dan’s legs. Shields works out of it and eventually gets back into mount. But he gives it up to work on an armlock, which doesn’t pan out. Shields in side-control, trying the armlock again. He loses it. Back to mount. Jake staying busy with short punches as Dan covers up. Henderson tries to roll out but Shields is tenacious on top. Hendo is stuck, and basically defenseless. More punches from the top as the round ends. One more and Shields keeps his belt.

Round 5: Henderson tries to land some desperation power punches, but Shields avoids them and easily gets another takedown. Okay, now I do want to see Shields vs. GSP. Shields once again moves to mount. The crowd boos the third lopsided title fight in a row. Whaddya gonna do. Ground and pound from Jake. Shields looks for a kimura before getting back to the good ol’ mount-and-murder. Shields goes for the arm-triangle choke now but can’t secure it. Shields almost loses position looking for a rear-naked choke, but gets back on top. Shields grabs a kneebar in a scramble to ride out the fight. The decision will surprise no one.

"I am a Jake Shields fan, and I’m saying it right now," says the newly converted Frank Shamrock. This night is full of suprises.

Shields def. Henderson via unanimous decision. (49-46, 49-45, 48-45)

The crowd boos. Fine, it was a boring night, but it was one with tremendous implications.

Holy shit, Mayhem jumps into Jake Shields’s post-fight interview asking for a rematch and the Scrap Pack jumps him. It’s chaos in the cage. "Gentlemen, we’re on national television," Johnson pleads.

The replay shows that Mayhem got a little too up in Jake’s face, and Gilbert Melendez made the first shove in retaliation. Ranallo calls Jason Miller‘s unannounced pop-in "disgusting." Between the post-event brawl, lopsided fights, lack of stoppages, and the overlong broadcast, Strikeforce and CBS have to be pulling their hair out. But on an individual level, Jake Shields, Gilbert Melendez, and King Mo came out of this one looking like heroes. Well, Mo’s still a heel, but he’s officially hit it big. Time for me to sign off…we’ll talk soon.

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Jason Statham- August 21, 2011 at 8:38 am
this is good,now i only find it
ccman- April 18, 2010 at 7:14 pm
Blah blah blah.

what Diaz exactly fought on this card?? so why are they in the cage??

how long after melendez's fight was this?? why is HE in the cage??

Wanna know why these 'team' mentatal fucks have no business in this industry.... thank you strike force!! you have 3 guys in your corner per the rules, a cut man (not cutting coke, diaz bros are out), your corner man (hello sheild brother) and a 3rd. so melendez, 2x diaz fuck offs had NO biz bein in the ring either. and Sheilds is containable, the other 3 need to get the fuck out and thank god Mo did not follow Miller (who did nothing but ask for a re-match, which he won the first so deal) in and drop skinny mexicans by the truck load coyote style. Realize your posse is the problem, not a fighting tradidition... move to the UFC where fighters exist (I had hendo, and now see why He was not re-signed for big money). Betting the cage potatos that had sheilds back will drop him if he leaves them in the little pond. he is absolutely the only valid fighter in the bunch..... yes i mean you Melendez.......... Belator needs a 3rd place finisher too.

FYI, i picked Mo, and been arguing Moussai has an inflated record all week on the top 10 list against the strike force- anti UFC bungy jumpers. This is the little pond for small fish... suffer Coker.
tnbp- April 18, 2010 at 4:06 pm

I assume you're not talking to me/calling me a prick when you ask how the brawl could have been prevented if this were the UFC, as I never said anything of the kind. But I don't see where Drano said it, either, so I'm not sure who you're insulting.

Anyhow, do you really think what you said in this statement?: "as for the card they where all close match ups, thats what happens when you pit good fighters against each other."

I don't think the fights were good, at all. It was all I could do to force myself to pay attention, with Mo laying on Mousasi but not doing anything, whatsoever, with Aoki running like his last name was Starnes and butt-scooting like his first name was Thales, and with Shields in mount for what seemed like a week but nowhere near being able to finish his opponent. Nor were the fights close, for that matter. King Mo won all but one round. Melendez won every round. Shields won all but one round. Everyone cruised to one-sided victories with seemingly no danger of submission or stoppage (except Shields, who was much closer to be stopped than getting a stoppage, himself.)

I also assume it's UFC 112 you're talking about and not 113, which hasn't happened, yet. But, personally, I'd still prefer that card to last night's. I'd rather re-watch Penn vs. Edgar or even Hughes vs. Gracie before I'd even consider re-watching any fight off of last night's card outside of Mayhem vs. Stockton. :p
Dagnut- April 18, 2010 at 2:45 pm
I never directly insult anyone but for you I'll make an exception you prick. How could UFC have prevented that brawl eh? come on enlighten for the card they where all close match ups, thats what happens when you pit good fighters against each other.
I'm not saying strikeforce do a great job its amateurish at best but hwo they could of prevented a mass brawl I'd love to seem to have forgotten the horrible ufc 113 which we had to PAY for.
asshole go back to your job in the UFC press department and take Whites cock from your sticky jaws.
dranokills- April 18, 2010 at 9:37 am
thanks for the link tnbp, and even after sleeping on it I still feel the same way as you. you capped it off the same way I feel.. strikefarce does indeed suck. this couldn't have happened at a better time...just in time to show all the morons who nuthug this shit WHY UFC is the only company that knows what to do, period.
you hit the nail on the head, THIS was the best strikemorons had to offer, they couldn't get a PPV deal for it, and this is what you get, a black eye for MMA.
Everytime I see Dana White talk shit about someone like this I know why, and I understand that for every 100 steps forward that ZUFFA makes some douchebags like this will fuck it up. it should be against the law, or at least there should be a school and degree that you MUST get before becoming a promoter, cause all I have seen is failure and embarrassment over and over and fucking over again.
I am sick of it, stay out of the MMA business until you get a degree from the Dana White college of higher learning.
tnbp- April 18, 2010 at 8:11 am
I've rewatched the brawl footage a few times now and I don't take issue with Mayhem. He was standing there awhile beforehand, smiling. He leaned over, said what he said with a smile, and you even see Shields smile back at him. It seemed, at worst, just a little rude but everything was totally fine at that point. But it was Melendez who made that ugly. And the first thing I said to myself was, "How could Miller NOT know that a brawl would break out. This is the Diaz crew! OF COURSE they're going to get all gangster on him." Diaz afterwards said a bunch of incoherent crap, obviously: hXXp://

Unfortunately, I thought that brawl was the only interesting part of the night besides the action and huge flip/flop of the first two rounds of Shields/Hendo. The turn-around between those two rounds had me pretty excited to see rounds three through five, anyhow (at least, prior to actually seeing them, which wasn't nearly as interesting or exciting.)

Aoki was a HUGE disappointment. Didn't even bother to train in a cage prior to this fight? Ridiculous. Good for Melendez putting Aoki into that cage all night. Sound strategy. Aoki potentially being the #1 LW in the world after BJ's loss? Equally ridiculous. Anyone with takedown defense and decent striking would manhandle him the same way as Melendez did, I think.

Mousasi was a HUGE disappointment. Non-existent takedown defense and zero sense of urgency, even after he knew he gave up the first few rounds. I just don't understand what he was doing...

Jake Shields might be the worst striker for an overall fighter of his caliber I've ever seen. TERRIBLE striking. If he does sign with the UFC, I can't see any possible way he can beat GSP. GSP would turn that fight into a standup bout and destroy Shields, I think. Although, I don't know the last time I saw GSP grappling from his back, so that could be interesting if it actually made it there. And Shields has great jits, so if/when GSP takes him down, that could be slightly interesting. But if GSP forced a standup fight, Shields would be murdered.

Also, Strikeforce sucks. That card was literally the best they have to offer. Ugh.
Dagnut- April 18, 2010 at 7:57 am
so Henderson losses 2 in a row..comes back and beats Palhares, barely points Franklin(not IMO), beats bisping(average) and suddenly he deserves to be back in with silva and getting big bucks?
Too much focus on the word "legend".. shields was quicker and smarter with what looked to me like a better skill set...ok henderson didn't look his best but when's the last time he did?
All Hendo fans should count themselves lucky he wasn't back in with Silva getting made a mug off like Miaa..that would have been embarrassing.
robthom- April 18, 2010 at 7:35 am
Ooh snap!

I thought that I read that gayguard won.

Thats not good for his stock.

And very good for Mo!
Robocop Didnt Tap- April 18, 2010 at 7:32 am
After thinking (i.e. drinking) after the fight, I've come to the conclusion that the whole post-fight thing w/ Mayhem was definitely a work. I always wondered why Miller was put on the card to fight a local scrub on the damn undercard. After seeing that post-fight brawl, it all makes sense now.
rhinopoley316- April 18, 2010 at 7:11 am
and way to go Strikeforce for making Shields a rich man. You basically said dont let the door hit you in the ass on the way out, and by the way were feeding you to Henderson so you cant take the title with you, and looked what happened. Henderson looks like a joke, your big cbs show sucked bad, and Dana White is gonna write a huge check to Shields to get him to jump to UFC with your belt.
rhinopoley316- April 18, 2010 at 7:07 am
Mayhem Miller was the best part of that whole shit show! He walked out of the cage LAUGHING after the brawl! there were 6 guys jumping him and they couldnt do any real damage, he got a small fucking cut on his ear. from now on if Mayhem and/or Fedor arent on the card, im not wasting my time watching Strikeforce any more
FowlBeast- April 18, 2010 at 6:36 am
Thanks Gil!! Now I have a nice new T-shirt. I knew Aoki didn't have shit on you.And props to Nate Diaz for droppin' some curb stomp kicks on Mayhem.
sabadue23- April 18, 2010 at 6:35 am
I've never seen anyone lay and pray from the mount before, what a disappointing night of fights.
newdeal- April 18, 2010 at 6:30 am
Worst card I have seen in a long time. Especially since it was so hyped. I don't bet on fights but I would have bet on King Mo to win. Personally I thought Mousassi was WAYYY overrated and I was right, he did nothing, has no ground game and no takedown defense. I thought King Mo was alot better than that, but even though he sucked and his punches lost all power after the first minute of round 1 he still had enough to win. The rules at the beginning of the show stated no elbows to the head of a downed opponent which is why he didn't throw elbows but thats a gay rule. Aoki did nothing whatsoever but I dont think its because his opponent was good its because he has no wrestling and no striking so his jiujitsu didn't really matter. No way the guy who won is at the top of the lightweight division, he is just a standard boxer/wrestler type who isn't that good at either. Henderson was a huge disappointment, Shields looked scared to death and still took him down at will (Olympic wrestler can't defend a takedown anymore!) and Shields was able to pass with total ease, his punches from the mount had nothing on them whatsoever someone with some power would have finished it after having his opponent mounted like 10 times. Hendo = WAYYY overrated, his only weapon is walking through punches and throwing his right hand. Shields I think will be exposed if he moves to the UFC as not being as good as Hendo made him look, Mousassi was total crap as I thought he would be, Mo has no cardio and isn't fast enough to take someone with half descent takedown defense down and the lightweight fight was a farce. Overall EPIC fail, I now have no desire to watch another strikeforce card unless it has Fedor on it (not that he is the best but he at least has a well enough rounded game to make it entertaining)
vengful1- April 18, 2010 at 5:55 am
"Nick Diaz would fuck up Anderson Silva."
AAAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Maybe on his super nintendo. Oh shit that is some funny stuff. Nice. Anyways, Shields did a great job of getting the mount over and over. Now if he can just learn to throw a punch like a man he can be dangerous. Seriously, I've never seen such weak punches from the mount, sept for that time I mounted your mom. I went easy on her.
dranokills- April 18, 2010 at 5:00 am

robthom Says:
Sun, 04/18/2010 - 08:51

@ dranokills,
I dont have to watch a damn thing to know that your a filthy tick!

You prove that point all by yourself!

awww do I get UNDER your skin? hahahaha
Dude that is the best NON answer to my reply to your stupidity, way to rep that.
I think you and strikefarce BOTH fail, so that's great company you are keeping. good on ya.

speaking of failures, I sure hope the Diaz bastard twins get an $$$ "hey buddy" today.
radiobaby- April 18, 2010 at 4:56 am
in case you were wondering, yes that was funny, and i lolz'ed.
robthom- April 18, 2010 at 4:10 am
Lol, I've finally seen this cage riot.

Not really that bad.
Although admittedly amateur and clownish/embarrassing.

Also completely enabled by leading wigger up to and into the cage after the fight.

The blame, if its necessary, is pretty obvious.
NateGetsIrate- April 18, 2010 at 2:12 am
Lotta comments. Just gonna go ahead and add this one more. Cesar's camp is nuts and Nick Diaz would fuck up Anderson Silva.
LastEmperor- April 18, 2010 at 1:19 am
Fuck it. I like jake sheilds.
cecils_pupils- April 18, 2010 at 12:33 am
Most people gloat when they pick the winners. Tonight, I am gloating because I picked only the losers. "Hendo - Mousasi - Aoki believe it" is what I said... if only there was a prize for going zero for three.

Dana is loving it tonight... I bet he laughed his balls off.
cecils_pupils- April 18, 2010 at 12:26 am
209 in the muthafuckin' house...
FedorsIceCreamDealer- April 18, 2010 at 12:11 am
Kinda ironic that the Ceasar Gracie camp, who holds 3 belts in Strikeforce, probably just doomed the promotion all together. Stockton just has to represent on the national stage.
mikeDIZZLE39- April 18, 2010 at 12:08 am
mount and murder??? its more like paddycake than punching. its kinda sad he had hendo mounted 4 rounds straight and couldnt finish him
TheMadness- April 17, 2010 at 11:46 pm
Well, this was a shitty night for my picks. Mayhem made the horrible showing by Hendo slightly less painful. I love how he was smiling as he disappeared into the sea of white t-shirts and angry potheads.