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StrikeForce Rousey vs. Kaufman Aftermath: The MMA Super Athlete Has Arrived

By Elias Cepeda

MMA fans have always wondered what would happen if the sport grew to the point where it could attract the types of elite athletes that have historically gone to, say, the NFL or the Olympics. Surely once that happened, we’d see a marked rise in athleticism and potential in the sport we all love.

Well, that new breed of elite MMA athlete has arrived. He isn’t the dominant and other worldly athletic Jon Jones. He isn’t the pound for pound great and all-around lethal weapon Georges St. Pierre. She’s Ronda Rousey.

The Strikeforce women’s bantamweight champion successfully defended her title Saturday night against Sarah Kaufman. In about the last year and half the Olympic Judo bronze medalist Rousey has had her first six professional fights, winning all six by arm bar in the first round.

Kaufman couldn’t last a minute in the cage with Rousey before being forced to tap out. The thing is, Kaufman is a damn good fighter. So is Miesha Tate, Rousey’s prior victim.

Kaufman is a former champion and has only lost twice in her career. Tate has only lost three times. Both women have almost three times the professional MMA experience as Rousey.

“Rowdy” Ronda isn’t perfectly well-rounded yet. She hasn’t been tested in a fight yet and she simply hasn’t fought nearly as much as the women she faces. But she’s been able to dominate them all because she brings a lifetime of doing a couple things at a higher level than even most MMA champions have ever done anything.

As a world-class Judo player Ronda is great at taking people down and submitting them with arm bars, just like her mother was during her hey day as an international Judo competitor.

There are no real barriers to enter MMA – it is an accessible and democratic sport in many ways. If someone wants to fight MMA, they will be able to find a promoter willing to give them a fight. Whether or not they become good depends on their talent, their work and lots of luck, like anything else. But we’ve seen many non blue-chip fighters become champions in MMA based almost entirely on yeoman-like hard work.

That’s a beautiful thing. It is also a thing of beauty to see a similarly hard-working individual who just happens to be a world-class athlete and raised in a competitive shark-tank and has emerged an efficient killing machine.

That’s Ronda Rousey. Our friend Mike Chiappetta wrote this weekend that she has the best killer instinct in all of MMA. It’s hard to argue with him.

Her finishing with arm bars is just one way that all of her fights have looked the same. The other is how she starts all her fights by storming her opponents, putting them on their heels and in a defensive mindset from the beginning. Ronda Rousey is literally trying to submit you from bell to bell.

Rousey may or may not continue to be flawless but the point is that she’s got more potential than almost anyone in the sport because of her elite athletic pedigree and superior competitive mindset. Former Strikeforce 145 pound champion Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos has dismissed Rousey as an easy mark that has never yet been kneed hard on the chin, as Santos is good at doing to people.

That may be true, and if Santos ever comes down in weight to face Rousey we might see how the two match up. “Cyborg” is certainly the larger and more experienced fighter. But, while Cristiane passes the time during her doping suspension by trash-talking Ronda, we should appreciate what we’ve got on our hands with Rousey.

She’s entertaining in and out of the cage, fights more aggressively than anyone else in the sport right now and has the biggest upside of anyone in MMA.

The best prospect in MMA is the chick already wearing the gold.


  1. » Can women’s MMA continue to grow on the back of Ronda Rousey alone? – Says:

    Sun, 08/19/12 - 11:35

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  2. Cheeseburger Eddie Says:

    Sun, 08/19/12 - 11:35

    last nite Rhonda also beat me by turning my pelvis into dust, totally worth it.
  3. MMA » Can women’s MMA continue to grow on the back of Ronda Rousey alone? – Says:

    Sun, 08/19/12 - 11:38

    [...] FightersBleacher ReportStrikeforce: Rousey retains title with (surprise!) armbar submissionUSA TODAYCagepotato -Los Angeles Daily News -MMA Fightingall 470 news [...]
  4. ArmFarmer Says:

    Sun, 08/19/12 - 11:38

    It's not like she's the first mma super athelete.. Koschek's been around a while and, to me at least, being an NCAA D1 wrestler that placed in the top 4 in the nation each year he competed, including an undefeated season ending in a championship victory, is on par or better than a 4th place bronze in women's judo. He just doesn't shine as much as her because the level of competition he's facing is wayyyy more than Ronda's. A more appropriate title would be "the female mma super athelete has arrived"
  5. ArmFarmer Says:

    Sun, 08/19/12 - 11:40

    On top of that, Koschek apparently has no idea he's one of the best wrestlers in mma anymore.. because he sure likes to lose fights he might have won by standing the whole time. (his last fight, both gsp fights)
  6. nickyroose Says:

    Sun, 08/19/12 - 11:46

    Ah I see the point here. It's weird to mention GSP and Jones but not Anderson when talking about fighters elevated above the sport they compete in but whatever. Rhousey plays it quite safe against Cyborg. She has no motivation to go up and a Cyborg that shrink down to 135 is a Cyborg that can be tapped due to exhaustion 35 seconds in. Cyborg is a powerhouse that overcomes Rhousey 4/5 times at 145. She is not physically able to fight at 135 so that shit's not gonna happen. Rhousey is great at the one thing and I hope she continues to do well, albeit with a better attitude than she did against Tate. But to say it's all athletic pedigree and mindset is a little silly. She is the best in the world at her weight at doing what she does, and there doesn't seem to be anyone able to stop that in her weight-class. A little early to be calling her shots at two title defenses. Let her start defending in the 5 or 6 and she could be the greatest, as long as its not Cyborg/Cuddles style match-ups/.
  7. NomadRip Says:

    Sun, 08/19/12 - 12:00

    You realize Ronda only moved to 135 for her last 2 fights, right? She was fighting at 145 (or higher) for the other 7 and her Judo career.
  8. ringjoker80 Says:

    Sun, 08/19/12 - 12:36

    the sexiest killer in mma all women fighters beware soon she will develop a triangle and a leg submission as well. until then she does exactly what all maa fighters should do go in there finish and leave point blank period.
  9. RwilsonR Says:

    Sun, 08/19/12 - 12:56

    That a stupid article. The "What if...?" question asked in the first sentence is totally misunderstood. The actual question is posed asking what would happen if MMA could attract that level of athlete right from the beginning, instead of ever having them go into other sports. And the answer is someone like Jon Jones. If you frame the question the way you do, how does it prove the point that she's the super athlete that is the thesis of this stupid article? If your question is simply, what happens if the best athletes from other sports tried MMA, we've answered that... so how is Ronda different than those who have come before her with similar backgrounds? What has she done in Judo that is so much more impressive than what other athletes have done in wrestling before starting MMA? Matt Lindland won a silver medal, Ronda won a bronze. Satoshi Ishii, Hidehiko Yoshida, and Rulon Gardner all had gold medals before starting MMA. Were they not the height of athleticism for their respective sports? This is just a stupid way to elevate Ronda and women's MMA to the elite levels of athletes like Jon Jones and GSP by stating hyperbolically that she is actually superior to these men in her place in the sport. The truth is, she isn't that fantastic. The rest of her competition is just that bad.
  10. Elias Says:

    Sun, 08/19/12 - 12:57

    Being an ncaa champ isnt even as elite as being on the olympic team, to say nothing of earning a medal.
  11. ArmFarmer Says:

    Sun, 08/19/12 - 01:34

    Elias... please find the stats on how many males actively compete in amateur wrestling, and how many females actively compete in judo. My high school had like 50 people on the wrestling team every season. I really really doubt that there is nearly as much competition in women's judo. Rwilson, agreed. Like I said.. the word "female" should be in the title.
  12. SquidInk Says:

    Sun, 08/19/12 - 01:38

    Wow, you're crowning Rousey with this title awful fast. Yes, she has the 135lb belt. But she's spent exactly zero seconds in the cage with Cyborg. Believe me, the hype train is going to derail very quickly when the two of them meet in there. Yes, Rousey is good. Claiming she's an "MMA Super Athlete" is way premature.
  13. ArmFarmer Says:

    Sun, 08/19/12 - 01:42

    I think she is an "mma super athelete".. my problem with the article is that you're acting like she's the first one. Like there have never been champions and olympians from multiples sports competing in mma all along.. which there have.
  14. RSparrow Says:

    Sun, 08/19/12 - 02:11

    13 out of 15 min of fame is now complete.
  15. holeeball Says:

    Sun, 08/19/12 - 02:16

    This site pleads daily for Silva to go up in weight. Do we have to read your whining now about how Cyborg should come down in weight? Sheesh. Give it a rest already.
  16. Elias Says:

    Sun, 08/19/12 - 03:43

    ArmFarmer, my point is that shes probably the youngest one to do it and then become a champion in mma, quicker than anyone else from a similar background. Yeah, Lindlands a stud but he never became champ and sure its cool that Randy and Hendo made the transition but they made it after their wrestling primes were over. Ronda decided to give judo and more olympics up for mma in her prime, while shes young
  17. Pen Fifteen Says:

    Sun, 08/19/12 - 03:52

    Elias, Satoshi Ishii was 23 years old when he made his MMA debut, a year after he won his gold medal. Is that prime enough for you? Again, it's great that you want to continue to pile on to the Rousey hype-mobile, but you're going nowhere with this line. No man could come in an dominate his competition the way Rousey has from an Olympic sport simply because the talent pool is much, much deeper.
  18. Pen Fifteen Says:

    Sun, 08/19/12 - 03:55

    And if Jon Jones coming in and destroying his first 17 opponents, including 4 consecutive wins over former champions, isn't evidence enough of his "elite" athleticism, maybe you could tell us what exactly would rate for you.
  19. Mr_Misanthropy Says:

    Sun, 08/19/12 - 03:55

    @ whoever the fanboy is who wrote this article while I was impressed with Rousey's performance last night and expected Kaufman to last a little while longer, Ya'll need to climb down out of that uterus. Women's MMA and Men's MMA are similar but have many differences. Most women fighters, barring the lucky perfectly placed shot, do not have potential KO power in every one of their strikes. Fights in women's mma are still violent and dangerous but it is not on the same level across the board as yet when you compare it to men's mma. They are apples and oranges. While I am a fan of women's mma, and more so a fan of the personal liberty of individuals and believe women can and should be allowed to fight if they wish, women fighters do not face the same level of competition yet. Rousey can employ a different strategy in her fights than men of a similar caliber can utilize. she does not have to be as worried about getting clipped with one shot and getting knocked out from being overly aggressive. She also is not the first athlete with an Olympic pedigree to fight in MMA. Saying she "fights more aggressively than anyone else in the sport right now " is quite possible the stupidest thing I have ever read on this website.
  20. Mr_Misanthropy Says:

    Sun, 08/19/12 - 03:59

    Oh, it was you Elias. I don't care what you say about her, she still isn't going to armbar your vacuum hose. Maybe if you're lucky you can share an awkward moment at a fan expo while you have her autograph the cover of your ESPN magazine.
  21. blakebork Says:

    Sun, 08/19/12 - 04:18

    I have something super funny to say here, but since the tools who run this site haven't put up the "comment of the week" polls, I'll just keep it to myself and "LMAO" by myself...
  22. ArmFarmer Says:

    Sun, 08/19/12 - 04:34

    Sticking to my guns on this one.. if the title had the word "female" right before "mma", then it would be accurate and there'd be a lot less hating goin on.
  23. Hill-Billy Says:

    Sun, 08/19/12 - 05:23

    I think I've found an answer to Rhonda at least as far as being utterly beast athletically. Now, I'm going to warn people. Seeing this woman might make you unable to 'perform' for a few days. She's like cyborg only much uglier. but no one else pinned all their opponents in the last Olympics. Here she is in action possibly in the Olympic trials. She's too big for Rhonda but get her some MMA training and put her against cyborg and it would be epic.
  24. kiz nizel Says:

    Sun, 08/19/12 - 05:31

    She's a woman. HAHAHAHAHA
  25. kiz nizel Says:

    Sun, 08/19/12 - 05:43

    Who writes this shite? let me throw a few quotes at you... “Rowdy” Ronda isn’t perfectly well-rounded yet. She hasn’t been tested in a fight yet and she simply hasn’t fought nearly as much as the women she faces. But she’s been able to dominate them all because she brings a lifetime of doing a couple things at a higher level than even most MMA champions have ever done anything. A super athlete then! " Her finishing with arm bars is just one way that all of her fights have looked the same. The other is how she starts all her fights by storming her opponents, putting them on their heels and in a defensive mindset from the beginning. Ronda Rousey is literally trying to submit you from bell to bell." And no one else does this? Why did you come to the computer and write so much spew? I expect it's the same reason I did, but some of us can do it super.
  26. kiz nizel Says:

    Sun, 08/19/12 - 05:44

    This is anonymous right?
  27. Maine Blazer Says:

    Sun, 08/19/12 - 05:48

    This isn't a Strikeforce Aftermath; this is a Ronda Rousey muff dive. Jacare knocked out Derek Brunson in beautiful, BRUTAL fashion. OSP knocked out TJ Cook with a devastating left hook. Miesha Tate and Julie Kedzie put on an amazing back and forth that saw each fighter on the verge of being finished on multiple occasions. The head kick that Tate survived in the third round was un-fuckin-believable. Shin bone to the face. She quickly collects herself to pull off a Rousey, I mean an armbar. Where is the love? By the way your login process is bad and you should feel bad.
  28. Festizzeo Says:

    Sun, 08/19/12 - 06:04

    And I'll tell you something else, I was around before all this MMA bullshit! I remember a time when real men were clattering a pool que around some poor cunts head, and then giving him ten of the best ( concentrating on the genitals) while the scumbag was unconcious on the floor! So all this talk of the super athlete, and TRT, and second ammendment rights, John Jones and driving on the piss hold no water with me sunshine! I think I might have a question for Don Frye...
  29. Festizzeo Says:

    Sun, 08/19/12 - 06:30

    Sorry about the spewing shite thing. It's a fine article, except I disagree with almost everything you wrote. But don't let this bother you. Many fingers makes more bread! And we're all in this together. Porn.
  30. El Guapo Says:

    Sun, 08/19/12 - 06:53

    "The new breed... of elite MMA... athlete... Has arrived. She is Ronda Rousey." A. UFC JayT B. Mauro Ranallo C. Clayton Bigsby D. Elian Zepeta
  31. RwilsonR Says:

    Sun, 08/19/12 - 08:05

    I don't have a problem with a little nut hugging after some dominance, but it's that it came at the direct comparison of other athletes who actually fit the author's definition of Super Athlete much better. Jon Jones is an athlete of the quality who might have competed professionally in other sports, but instead chose MMA in his prime. And he is a lot more accomplished, and shown much more impressive athleticism and growth in this sport than Rousey has, and against better competition. If your point, Elias, is that he doesn't have an Olympic medal or didn't compete in another sport... yeah, that's the fucking point. He instead opted for excellence in this sport. The best men in other sports, in their prime, can't excel as well in MMA as Rousey because the talent pool is so much deeper. That's why I mentioned Satishi Ishii and Rulon Gardner. They might have both been the Ronda Rousey's of male MMA had the men's divisions still been in 1994 levels of talent. And when the men's MMA divisions were at that level of talent, Mark Coleman, Mark Kerr, and other top wrestlers did come in and make the same type of impact Rousey is making now for the shallow women's division.
  32. ArmFarmer Says:

    Sun, 08/19/12 - 08:58

    You really need some thick ass skin to be an author at cagepotato.. we may not agree with every article, but we appreciate that you take the time to write them. Some of us just need something to bitch about anyway, and I'll be damned if you guys don't provide. And for that, we thank you. Now fix your fucking login system... shit.
  33. duster Says:

    Sun, 08/19/12 - 09:08

    All the props to Ms Rousey for another dominating win, but I think there should be more emphasis on how how the training camp of Kaufmann completely blew it. I don't think there has been a fighter in recent history where you could predict what the opponents game plan is going to be easier than Ms. Rousey. The next female fighter that loses by arm bar, should immediately fire their coach for not preparing them properly. You better get 2 LHW male fighters ripping on your arms 24/7 until you learn to get out of it. Seriously.
  34. UFCFightBlogger Says:

    Sun, 08/19/12 - 10:55

    The Rousey/ Cyborg fight needs to happen at this point. Women's MMA is going to continue to grow with Rousey's success. She gives female fighters everywhere a chance and stage to prove they belong in the same arena as men. Check out this rumor about Cyborg wanting to be released from Strikeforce
  35. RaginAsian Says:

    Mon, 08/20/12 - 12:50

    I realize people just got through losing their shit over the Olympics, but it's not exactly a cash cow for the majority of its competitors to be comparing it to the NFL. Gold medalists get 25k I think? Not hard to see why Ronda chose mma instead. And isn't Ben Askren a gold medal winner? Sorry if I don't get excited for the prospect of more of him.
  36. Mr_Misanthropy Says:

    Mon, 08/20/12 - 01:39

    @ Ally-ass Centi-peda Hey- I don't mean anything personal, I don't care who writes for the website really, I just enjoy the atmosphere. @ Everybody else It seems that we can all agree that if nothing else MMA provides monetary opportunities that other obscure combat sports do not and hopefully we will continue to see an influx of world class athletes from other sports as MMA continues to grow.
  37. Mofo Says:

    Mon, 08/20/12 - 07:27

    @armfarmer - The reason Kos doesn't shine as much is that he doesn't go for the finish at every second like she does. That's not his skillset: in wrestling, you win by pinning someone on their back. Gay. In judo, she was winning by breaking arms. End of thread. Oh not yet: a national competition does not equal a world wide competition. Okay now it's end of thread.
  38. Mofo Says:

    Mon, 08/20/12 - 07:30

    Please look into punctuation. But I agree with you.
  39. Mofo Says:

    Mon, 08/20/12 - 07:37

    Oh my god quit your whining and bitching all you sandy cunts. I snap my carrot every time she undresses ringside, let those of us who wanna bang her enjoy the ride.
  40. FightZen Says:

    Mon, 08/20/12 - 08:04

    This should have been listed under the unsupportable opinion tag.
  41. Elias Says:

    Mon, 08/20/12 - 09:04

    Ant Farmer, Haha, thanks man. I'm sure Ben will see this...what's happening when you try to log in?
  42. Elias Says:

    Mon, 08/20/12 - 09:07

    Being in one's prime is one thing I'm talking about. Doing well in MMA is another thing. Ishii has yet to show that he likes MMA and will be successful in it. Ronda clearly has the mindset for the sport, and has reached the top very quickly. Elite background, in prime, successful in MMA. Any other questions?
  43. Elias Says:

    Mon, 08/20/12 - 09:09

    Here's hoping...
  44. Elias Says:

    Mon, 08/20/12 - 09:11

    "Why did you come to the computer and write so much spew?" Because I've gotten paid really well to do it since 2005. Good luck with your posting career, homie
  45. Elias Says:

    Mon, 08/20/12 - 09:14

    I'm choosing option, B. I love that guy.
  46. Elias Says:

    Mon, 08/20/12 - 09:15

    Porn indeed :) Yeah man, thanks. I got no problem with you disagreeing with what I wrote. We in 'Merica, baby! Disagreement is necessary and interesting
  47. ArmFarmer Says:

    Mon, 08/20/12 - 09:17

    mofo, what does finishing have to do with the topic? Nothing.. absolutely nothing. We are talking about a super athelete making a transition from their sport to mma, not who finishes more fights. Set your fanboyism and wrestling hatred aside if you want to debate. And yes, placing 4th in the nation as a freshman, placing 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in the nation, having an undefeated ncaa d1 season at 42-0, four-time PSAC Champion, PSAC Wrestler of the Year three times and two time Eastern Wrestling League Wrestler of the Year, puts you in the category of "super athelete". You're content to just go herp derp olympic beats national, but they are apples to oranges. Like I said, we had 50 wrestlers per season at my highschool alone. I guarantee you the number of serious womens judo competitors is dwarfed by the number of men competing in wrestling. Also, Kos has 10 finishes in 17 fights.. so he finishes more opponents than he beats by decision anyway. Put Kos in the ufc in the late 90's where he's facing competition that's actually comparable to ronda's, and he'd be finishing everyone in the first round too. The level of competition does not compare between the men and women.
  48. Elias Says:

    Mon, 08/20/12 - 09:17

    I'm sorry, I was just watching Ronda highlight videos Saturday night until her fight came on. But shit, you just covered the aftermath in your past so thanks! Tell me more about this "Jacare," guy. Sounds like he comes from an amazing striking background...
  49. ArmFarmer Says:

    Mon, 08/20/12 - 09:19

    elias, just the whole type a comment, log in, lose your comment deal. It's easily fixed by just hitting cancel, copying, then logging in again and pasting.. but it's still annoying.. and I just felt like complaining about something.
  50. nickyroose Says:

    Mon, 08/20/12 - 09:19

    I understand your point I'm not saying Rhousey can't fight at 145 she just isn't very likely to win. As long as Cyborg has the physical strength and her unyeilding attack I think she is a terrible matchup for Rhousey. It is physically impossible for the 'borg to get down to 135. It is not impossible for Rhousey.
  51. ArmFarmer Says:

    Mon, 08/20/12 - 09:23

    Honestly mofo.. if you're gonna get that bent outa shape over the kos example, just pick any of the other guys mentioned in this thread. Kos was just the first that came to mind as an example of a "super athelete" making the transition to mma. If you don't like that example, just pick one of the other ones. It doesn't really matter, the point is she's not the first super athelete to make the transition to mma, that is the only point I've been trying to make.
  52. Elias Says:

    Mon, 08/20/12 - 09:31

    Finishing = a particular level of dominance and success. But I got it - national college competitions = olympic level wrestling/judo and women are worse than men. Cool :)
  53. angry little feet Says:

    Mon, 08/20/12 - 10:08

    Okay - I was with you up to this point. But Mauro? Really? Ugg. That man makes my fur stand on end. And not in a good way :(
  54. Mofo Says:

    Mon, 08/20/12 - 12:11

    I'm not bent out of shape over Kos, I'm bent out of shape over the demise of CP. And not just the stable of authors but the commenters too. We've got a lot of noobies on the site who write shit comments. We've got too many articles that are clearly written in 2 minutes (yes I'm looking at you Danga). I enjoyed this article. Then I read a steady stream of nothing but dudes shitting on the author. Fuck that. I agree with the posts here that say Jon Jones *is* an example of a super athlete who *started* in MMA instead of another sport. Rousey is an example of a super athlete who started in a different sport and joined MMA while in her prime. Yeah maybe she's analogous to the Smashing Machine. Hope she doesn't end up like him.
  55. Mofo Says:

    Mon, 08/20/12 - 12:20

    Also - for everyone shitting on the article, at least you're commenting. This article has 41 comments, while most articles seem to get about 4 comments these days. Over the years, every single time someone expresses an actual opinion in an article, there's a bunch of people who want to shit on it. On some level that's fair game. But at the same time, all the assholes on this site apparently scared off Chad Dundas (our old weekend guy) who's actually a funny dude, check out his Co Main Event podcast with Old Dad. Good writer shows up at the site, realizes everyone will shit all over him no matter what he writes, moves on to some other site - it keeps happening.
  56. ArmFarmer Says:

    Mon, 08/20/12 - 12:36

    At least they let you speak your mind uncensored. I left mmajunkie years ago because they started heavily censoring comments. I can understand not allowing curse words, that's fair, but if you so much as said "Ronda sucks", your comment would be removed for "fighter bashing". Now that is lame. I lay into cp as much as anyone, but there's a reason I've been coming back for years. They have their screw ups but when alls said and done, it's still a pretty damn cool site.
  57. El Guapo Says:

    Mon, 08/20/12 - 03:40

    Dundas writes for, mang. I'm thinking the reason he left CP is all about the benjamins, baby, more than anything else. Don't get me wrong, getting paid in t-shirts and shitty DVD's is cool and all, but... Y'know.
  58. Festizzeo Says:

    Mon, 08/20/12 - 04:07

    I'm a noobie, I guess, and I intend on making as many shit comments as you guys, but let me ask you this... Antfarmer:- " At least they let you speak your mind uncensored. I left mmajunkie years ago because they started heavily censoring comments. I can understand not allowing curse words, that's fair" So are you for censorship or not? Lulz, Dumbass.
  59. Festizzeo Says:

    Mon, 08/20/12 - 04:20

    Where are Skeletor and Shitbag these days anyway?
  60. Mofo Says:

    Mon, 08/20/12 - 04:56

    @Festizzeo - CP is a place where comments are fucking hilarious. That's what CP is. Everyone one-ups everyone else. But Taco and Rex are always the funniest. The shit comments are mainly the rambling nonsense with no punctuation - we seriously had zero of that for years, now they've moved over here from MMJunkie or whatever. Just keep your comments smart or funny and you're in the spirit of the Tater Nation. "Lulz dumbass" isn't smart or funny, but at least you use punctuation.
  61. Mofo Says:

    Mon, 08/20/12 - 05:00

    @Danga - Sorry if my criticism is no longer warranted. I'm probably just thinking of the times when you've copied and pasted from other websites, a long while back, without much critical thinking involved. I'll shut up, you're probably doing a good job man! At least you keep the content comin'! To all the writers at CP, thanks for keeping the site going.
  62. RwilsonR Says:

    Mon, 08/20/12 - 06:01

    Wow, Dundas got a real gig with a semi-reputable site? Good for him. What ever happened to that thin-skinned Mauro Ranallo look-a-like from Canada who used to delete comments he didn't like?
  63. ArmFarmer Says:

    Mon, 08/20/12 - 06:20

    @festizo No I'm not generally for censorship.. but if you want to run a family friendly site, and you don't want to worry about 10 year olds reading things like fuck shit dick nuts.. then I can respect that. On the other hand, what's the point in having an mma discussion forum when you can't talk bad about a fighter you don't like? There's a difference between the two forms of censorship. I'm kind of surprised I have to spell it out for you honestly.
  64. Mofo Says:

    Tue, 08/21/12 - 08:24

    "No fighter bashing" only makes sense to me for the UG, where fighters actually hang out. The UG community wants those fighters to keep hanging out there, the interaction is cool. So, don't talk shit about them. Makes sense. Over here, ain't no UFC fighters posting in comments. So we are free to say whatever we think. Freedom of speech, freedom to be retarded! Weeeeeeeee
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