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Biz Buzz: ‘Roots of Fight’ Making Fight Shirts That Don’t Suck

(Video courtesy of YouTube/RootsofFight)

Someone sent me the video above that chronicles Eddie Bravo’s career defining 2003 win over Royler Gracie at the Abu Dhabi Combat Club tournament. I watched the well done mini-doc a few times before heading over to the Roots of Fight site to learn a bit more about the company, as I haven’t really heard much about them.

Besides the Bravo signature shirt that immortalizes the 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu founder’s upset over Gracie, what stood out were the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy, Cassius Clay/Muhammad Ali and Bruce Lee Jun Fan Gung Fu Institute shirts.


Make Your Thanksgiving a Little Bit Better by Watching Eddie Bravo and Renato Laranja Act the F*ck Out of This Short Film

If you’re looking for something to do today besides watching football and pretending to enjoy the company of your annoying family, we got you covered.

The first episode of Eddie Bravo’s “Bravo & Company” web series, “Return of the Death Knuckle,” featuring a who’s who of the 10th Planet family tree including Joey Diaz, Renato Laranja and Scott Epstein is out, and we’ve got it here for your viewing pleasure.

So grab your iPhone and a bottle of bourbon, lock the bathroom door and spend the next 23 minutes watching this masterpiece.

Check it out after the jump.


Oregon-Based 10th Planet-Trained MMA Fighters Foil Hotel Robbery

(Video courtesy of YouTube/Hollywood2NY)

A would-be thief picked the wrong hotel to rob last week.

According to the LA Times, 31-year-old Luis Rosales walked into a hotel in Los Angeles’ Koreatown around midnight on Wednesday and pointed a gun at the night manager, telling him to fill his duffle bag with cash. When the suspect attempted to flee the scene, the manager grabbed him in a bear hug and managed to keep him from reaching the gun which he had put back into the bag, and called for help from a pair of guests who had exited the elevator in the hotel lobby.

The men, who happened to be competitors in last weekend’s World Jiu-Jitsu No-Gi Championship in Long Beach, quickly sprang into action.


Video: Renato Laranja Gives Joe Rogan An Earful About Smoking Weed and Badmouthing Brazil

(Video courtesy of YouTube/TwisterEddie)

Renato Laranja doesn’t take kindly to people dissing his beloved Brazilian homeland, and why should he? The dude is a 27-time Mundials champ.

It doesn’t matter if the guy talking smack about his country is a UFC commentator and the host of Fear Factor. Renato gives Joe Rogan no pass, even if he wants to avoid a face-to-face conflict with the dangerous BJJ black belt, because he “talks a lot of stuffs.”

Laranja has issue with Rogan’s penchant for smoking “the heefer,” because he feels like kids who are fans of his work in the UFC and on TV will start smoking it to emulate Joe.


Get Ready for the Best MMA-Themed Trailer You’ll See All Week, Starring Eddie Bravo and Renato Laranja

(Video courtesy of YouTube/TwisterEddie)

If  your jiu-jitsu association advocated the use of marijuana and its membership included video and movie producers, actors and musicians, wouldn’t you spend a Sunday hitting the bong and making an awesome movie trailer?

There’s no confirmation whether or not this movie, which features 10th Planet founder Eddie Bravo, his nemesis Renato Laranja and the voice of Scott Epstein, even exists or if the preview is just a clever ruse by the 10th PJJ faithful, but fingers crossed that it’s legit. According to Bravo, it’s an independent film called “Return of the Death Knuckle,” and it is indeed real.


Technique Video of the Day: The One-Arm North-South Choke

(Video courtesy of YouTube/ScottEpstein)

Back by popular demand…

It’s Monday and most of our brains haven’t kicked into third gear yet, so we’ll make today’s technique a simple, yet effective one.

If you ever find yourself in side control during a roll, match or fight and are looking for a finishing move that doesn’t require a ton of energy or strenght to pull off, give this nifty little move demonstrated by 10th Planet black belt instructor Scott “Einstein” Epstein a try.


Technique Video of the Day: 10th Planet Leg Lock and a South African Hottie

Yesterday when we posted video of that double armbar submission, Potato Nation loyalist ihateemo pointed out that it looked a bit like Eddie Bravo’s Sorcerer submission, and he even linked to the video. Thanks, ihateemo, now we can’t post that as the technique video of the day and write about how they looked similar. We would have looked very perceptive and educated, and everyone would have been impressed, but ihateemo had to go and screw it up for us. Thanks a lot, jerkface.

Good thing is, Bravo has plenty of videos out there of the strange and wonderful world of 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu, and finding footage of him weeded and talking his way through an exotic submission requires about two minutes and a yellow belt in Google Fu. With just a little bit of time and effort, we found this little gem covering the Vaporizer leg lock (which has NOTHING TO DO WITH WEED, YOU GUYS), plus a bonus: the vid features Joanne Spracklen, whom we’re sort of fond of around here.

Ok, Nation: go put on your gi pants, do some stretching, and try this out on a white belt today. With any luck, you can make them tap and/or cry and be back on XBoX before cocktail hour.



Matt Horwich is a Scary Dude — And Not in a Good Way

(Video courtesy YouTube/twistereddie)

If you’ve never watched any of the 10th Planet Mastering the System videos, you’re likely not familiar with Renato Laranja, who may or may not be a 27-time BJJ Mundials and capoeira champion and may possibly be made-up character who appears in the series. In a nutshell, Laranja is a BJJ black belt who has a cameo in nearly every episode in which he argues with Eddie Bravo about his no-gi system and seems to scrap with the Bravo faithful including Joe Rogan and Scott Epstein on a somewhat regular basis.

During a recent episode, Laranja "choked out" Bravo in an altercation that happened during one of Eddie’s classes at 10th Planet headquarters in L.A. The "incident" prompted Crispin Glover doppelganger and 10th Planet purple belt Matt Horwich to challenge the Brazilian to a fight in the episode above using way too many homosexual rape references for audience comfort.

As an added bonus, besides weekly marijuana tips courtesy of Bravo, Rogan appears on the show regularly in a Tae Kwon Do Joe segment in which he breaks down kicks used by fighters in recent fights.

Check out the Renato backstory after the jump:


Eddie Bravo Explains UFC Departure

("I recommended Gus Johnson as my replacement. I heard he trains twice a week.")

Eddie Bravo contacted Cage Potato last night to expound on the news reported by Gareth Davies Wednesday that he had resigned from his post as an analyst with the UFC.

Although he confirmed he has indeed left the organization, he says his departure was an amicable one and that the move was necessary to allow him to focus more on his growing number of schools and students and will not restrict him from cornering his fighters in the Octagon.

"Yes, I quit to focus on cornering George [Sotiropoulos] and [Dan] Hardy. It was an amazing seven years with Zuffa," Bravo explained via text message. "I owe Dana, Lorenzo and Frank to the death."