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Video: Watch Renato Laranja Make Vinny Magalhaes Very Uncomfortable

(Video courtesy of YouTube/TwisterEddie)

Renato Laranja is back with another one of his instant classic interviews. This time around our hero sits down with M-1 light heavyweight champion Vinny Magalhaes and the interview goes well until the former TUF 8 finalist starts to get a gay vibe from the 27-time Mundials champion. Magalhaes accuses Laranja of becoming “weird” since he moved to the U.S. and hints that he may have picked up some homosexual tendencies — not that there’s anything wrong with that, right Vinny?

First Big Nog’ and now Vinny. What’s next? Is Anderson going to stop wearing pink shirts and dancing with Justin Bieber?


Technique Video of the Day: The One-Arm North-South Choke

(Video courtesy of YouTube/ScottEpstein)

Back by popular demand…

It’s Monday and most of our brains haven’t kicked into third gear yet, so we’ll make today’s technique a simple, yet effective one.

If you ever find yourself in side control during a roll, match or fight and are looking for a finishing move that doesn’t require a ton of energy or strenght to pull off, give this nifty little move demonstrated by 10th Planet black belt instructor Scott “Einstein” Epstein a try.


Video: Eddie Bravo Really Likes to Punk His New Students

(Video courtesy of YouTube/TwisterEddie)

If you’ve ever met, or know anyone who knows Eddie Bravo, you know that he’s big on practical jokes.

My instructor and a fellow student from our gym were in L.A. recently and while they were out eating lunch with Eddie, a girl came up to let the 10th Planet founder know how much of a fan she was. Eddie took her number and proceeded to make out with her at the table. The problem was, both of the other guys knew that Eddie recently got engaged and felt kind of uncomfortable with the situation. It turned out that the “random fan” was actually Eddie’s fiancee and she was in on the joke.

Bravo has been punking his students with gags like these for years.


And Now Your Wednesday Moment of Zen: Chuck Liddell’s New Nickname Courtesy of CagePotato’s Youngest Reader

I didn’t know if this little anecdote was worth posting here, but since there has been a decent response to it, I figured the story would bring a smile to at least few faces on an otherwise uneventful Wednesday.

Last summer my club did a seminar with Scott Epstein and Chuck Liddell. Unfortunately, for reasons beyond my control, I didn’t get an interview with Chuck for CP, but I did get a chance to chat with him for a while during a break in the seminar. Since he is the most recognizable face in the sport and has been since my kids started understanding what MMA and the UFC were, they’ve always known who he was and were excited to know that “The Iceman”  was making an appearance in our little town in Ontario, Canada.

Fast-forward almost a year and my (now) six-year-old daughter hands me her school journal to read yesterday and is quick to point out the unintentionally hilarious entry that details my meeting with Chuck.

Check it out after the jump.


The Gracie Breakdown: UFC Fight Night 24 Edition

If you think Twister is just a fun game to play drunk and naked, then #YouDontRoll.

In the interests of edifying our readers, we’d like to present you with the latest edition of the Gracie Breakdown.   We can’t have our readers being “that guy” that boos when fighters stop hitting each other and start rolling around on top of one another all gay and stuff.

True story: we overheard a guy at a bar explaining that the Gracie family is famous for their groundbreaking style of “Mexican wrestling.”  If you overhear someone drop a nugget of wisdom like that inside an establishment that shows UFC events *and* they serve alcohol, we recommend the following course of action:  buy that asshole a beer, buy one for yourself, and try to write down everything he says for the rest of the night.   Sure, you can teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime, but sometimes you owe it to yourself to sit on the beach and watch that moron pull up license plates and stingrays.
Anyways, watch Rener and Ryron analyze the historic Twister from UFN 24, then leave your newly-enlightened comments below.


George Sotiropoulos Weighs in On A Variety of Topics Ahead of UFC 127 Bout With Dennis Siver

(There’s this weird bald due who follows me everywhere including the dressing room of the gym. He’s behind me, isn’t he?)

We had the opportunity to speak with George Sotiropoulos back in December about his upcoming UFC 127 bout with Dennis Siver for an episode of The Bum Rush Radio Show and we touched on a number of topics, from his place in the UFC’s lightweight title picture to 10th Planet detractors and everything in between.

Check out what the fast-rising Australian lightweight contender had to say after the jump.


Exclusive: Scott “Einstein” Epstein Talks Eddie Bravo, Gracie Greed, 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu and Jersey Shore

("I’m a Jiu Jitsu guy; I don’t want to get hit. I like ice cream. I like girls with big asses. I like dogs. Getting hit is not on that list of things that I like."
- Einstein-)

If you don’t know who Scott Epstein is, chances are you’re a shitty fan of the sport, just like him.

4-0 as a professional MMA fighter, Einstein appeared on season one, episode nine of the TapouT series. He’s been referred to as one of Eddie Bravo’s right hand men, having trained with the creator of the 10th Planet system before the system had a name.

Most recently, he was hand picked by Chuck Liddell to not only help him prepare for his UFC 115 comeback bout with Rich Franklin, but was also chosen by "The Iceman" to be one of his grappling coaches on Season 11 of The Ultimate Fighter.