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Rampage Blames Loss to Rashad on Injury and ‘Boring Greg Jackson Game Plan’

("I pity the fool who makes fun of my scarf and inability to ignore the camera.")

It didn’t take Quinton Rampage Jackson long after his unanimous decision loss to Rashad Evans at UFC 114 to pull a Tito Ortiz. Just two and a half weeks after the bout and Rampage has already formulated his own "cracked skull" defense.


Is “Rampage” Jackson Going To Do His Own “A-Team” Stunts?

Rampage Jackson A-Team set
(Props:, via the UG)

Hell no, he ain’t doing no damn stunts!  You crazy?  He’s just here to say "I ain’t getting on no plane, Hannibal" and then collect his check.  Naw, dog.  He’s just going to kick it over here off to the side and sip some coffee.  Let this guy do the stunts…


Kimbo Slice is in Porn…Again

(Dignity is spelled, "K-I-M-B-O.")

Remember when we posted this picture and wondered aloud, ‘WTF?’  Well, Fightlinker has discovered the answer and it has left us exclaiming ‘WTF!?’

Turns out the picture was from a porn movie that features a cameo from Mr. Kimbo Slice.  The title of this porn movie is “Farold & Fumar Escape to the Bottomless Party” (link is obviously NSFW, unless you work at Hustler, and if you do, are you guys hiring?).  It is a predictably half-assed rip-off of “Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay,” which is itself already a half-assed attempt at a sequel to a half-assed attempt at a movie.

Kimbo plays a Gitmo guard by the name of Big Bud.  We know this because he shows up on screen and says, “What’s up bitches?  Hey bitches, I’m Big Bud.”  And his delivery is bad even for a porn movie.

Yeah, I think it’s safe to say Kimbo ain’t getting that part in the A-Team movie.  But the porn rip-off of the A-Team movie (entitled “Anal Team,” obviously) he’s a shoe-in for that.