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F*ck It, Affliction’s Cancelled

Fedor Emelianenko
(In retrospect, the search for possible replacement opponents was getting ridiculous.)

We can all stop speculating and arguing over who should replace Josh Barnett against Fedor Emelianenko on next Saturday’s Affliction: Trilogy fight card.  That’s because there isn’t going to be an Affliction: Trilogy fight card, says’s Josh Gross.  Apparently Tom Atencio and Co. just decided to go the cut-our-losses route and called the whole thing off.  Fighters were notified this morning, or at least their representatives were, since fighters don’t typically get up before 11 am.  This morning though, they may have jolted out of bed with the strange, unpleasant feeling you get when a bunch of money has just slipped out of your grasp.

Looks like our Saturday night just freed up for next weekend.  Anyone want to go bowling or something?