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CagePotato Comments of the Week

Brock Lesnar baby picture

tallkitchenbags on "First Look: ‘The Expendables’ Trailer":
They should make a sequel starring Ben Rothwell, Roy Nelson and Tim Sylvia called The Expandables.

beginus maximus on "Even as a Baby, Brock Lesnar Would Swallow You Without Chewing":
"I’m gonna go home and drink SIMILAC cause ENFAMIL don’t pay me. Hell I might even jump on my mother’s tit tonight!!"

cwr on "What Your Favorite Fighter Says About You, Part II":
If your favorite fighter is Nick Gonzalez you would rather jerk off then get to know a woman.
[Ed. note: Man, talk about bringin' it back.]

Wyatt on "Hot Fighter Alert: Mika Nagano":
If she wore a school girl outfit and beat some enormous freak on New Year’s eve via Aoki-plata, Japan would just f*cking explode.

GetUpAndKill on "Hot Fighter Alert: Mika Nagano":
Ok Ok, so nobody noticed that her penis is wearing a watch?

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Zuffa Catch of the Day: Vazquez vs. Davis, Lauzon vs. Oliveira

Dan Lauzon MMA Affliction
(In retrospect, Dan should have never accepted that "Hertz Donut." Photo courtesy of AllElbows.)

The feeding frenzy continues, as the WEC and UFC have reportedly picked up a few more solid additions in the wake of Affliction’s demise. Here’s the latest…

According to Sherdog, the featherweight bout between Javier Vazquez and L.C. Davis that was supposed to take place during the undercard of "Trilogy" will now take place at WEC 42: Torres vs. Bowles (August 9th, Las Vegas). Vazquez (13-2) is a former King of the Cage and Gladiator Challenge champion who most recently choked out Mark Kergosian in 19 seconds at last month’s Ultimate Chaos show; it was just his third fight since 2003. Davis (also 13-2) is an IFL vet whose most recent decision loss to Michihiro Omigawa at Sengoku 7 in March dropped him from our featherweight top ten list.


Strikeforce Snatches Up Sobral vs. Mousasi For Aug. 15 Event

Babalu SobralGegard Mousasi
(In light of this fight being moved from a ring to a cage, "Babalu" would now like to amend his statement about where Mousasi will be peeing.)

Good news, fight fans.  Attempts at salvaging the wreckage of the cursed S.S. Affliction have already resulted in the resurrection of one main card bout.  The scheduled fight between Renato “Babalu” Sobral and Gegard Mousasi has now officially been picked up by Strikeforce for their August 15 event in San Jose.  Strikeforce sent out a press release announcing the addition this afternoon, and confirming that Sobral’s Strikeforce light heavyweight championship will be on the line.  Naturally, this puppy has been added to the televised portion of the card, so the outlook just got a little brighter for Strikeforce despite some recent holes appearing in the lineup.

So there’s one good fight we’ll still get to see.  Now Strikeforce’s big question is what to do about Nick Diaz, who lost his scheduled opponent when Joe Riggs had to pull out.  At least two good welterweights just had their calendars free up when the Affliction cancelation left Jay Hieron and Paul “Semtex” Daley without a place to beat each other up.  Might one of them swoop in to try their luck against Diaz?  We’re expecting to hear something on that one soon, so don’t wander off…


Brett Rogers’s Camp Speaks Out on Fedor/Affliction Negotiations

Big John McCarthy Brett Rogers MMA
(Afterwards, Emelianenko personally invited Rogers to Stary Oskol for a tour of his playground training facility followed by a private meatloaf-eating contest. Props:

For a brief moment last week, it seemed like Brett Rogers had a decent shot at replacing Josh Barnett in the main event of Affliction: Trilogy (R.I.P.). Fedor wanted it, the fans wanted it (at least more than they wanted to see Emelianenko take on middleweight Vitor Belfort), and hey, at least it would be better than canceling the event altogether, right? Then, the rug was pulled out from everyone’s feet. Team Bison owner/head trainer Mike Reilly made a long post on FiveOuncesofPain over the weekend to answer questions and explain the Grim’s role in the behind-the-scenes negotiations. Some highlights…

On how Rogers first came up as a possible replacement: "We never asked to fight Fedor. We are under contract with Strikeforce and happy to be [with] Strikeforce. We have not sought any bouts outside of Strikeforce. We were however approached to fight Fedor by Affliction. Of course we agreed to the fight immediately provided all the details could be worked out among the many parties involved."

On Fedor: "He is the unqualified best in the game. The quintessential fighter. Accepting a fight against him on nine days notice may seem foolish or simply a money move; but it is not. The bottom line is you never know when, or if you will get another chance. Brett is not in this game to be good, he is not in it to be great; his goal is to be the best. How, as a fighter, could he have turned down the possibility of taking his greatest test? No chance he walks away from that opportunity. When Fedor mentioned Brett by name as the replacement he wanted we were very honored."


Affliction Shit-Show Update: Fighters to Be Compensated, Affliction to Be a UFC Sponsor Again?

UFC's Dana White and Affliction's Tom Atencio
(Whaddaya say, best buds again?)

So after this morning’s news that Affliction: Trilogy was being canceled altogether you might be asking, ‘Sup Affliction?  You going to promote any more shows ever?  You going to give any money to those fighters you just screwed?  And what does this do to your relationship with Strikeforce and the UFC?  Judging by recent developments, Affliction’s answer to all those questions would probably be, ‘Shit, man, I don’t know.  Can you just take me home?’

Basically, it’s a mess right now.  The stories are coming in from all sides and some of them are changing by the hour.  Allow us to try and make sense of it:


Putting a Human Face to the ‘Affliction: Trilogy’ Tragedy


Getting busted on a random steroid test and running an MMA organization into the ground may seem like fun and games to you, Josh Barnett. But it’s not so funny to all the fighters who depended on "Affliction: Trilogy" for a paycheck and some much-needed exposure. The above video shows an in-shock Rafaello "Tractor" Oliveira, breaking the bad news to BJ Penn; Oliveira was scheduled to face Takanori Gomi on the event’s main card, in what would have been the most high-profile (and, we’d assume, well-paying) fight of his career by a wide margin. Now he’s back to square one, and swallowing his sadness. Tough break, man.

But hope remains in the BJ Penn camp…


F*ck It, Affliction’s Cancelled

Fedor Emelianenko
(In retrospect, the search for possible replacement opponents was getting ridiculous.)

We can all stop speculating and arguing over who should replace Josh Barnett against Fedor Emelianenko on next Saturday’s Affliction: Trilogy fight card.  That’s because there isn’t going to be an Affliction: Trilogy fight card, says’s Josh Gross.  Apparently Tom Atencio and Co. just decided to go the cut-our-losses route and called the whole thing off.  Fighters were notified this morning, or at least their representatives were, since fighters don’t typically get up before 11 am.  This morning though, they may have jolted out of bed with the strange, unpleasant feeling you get when a bunch of money has just slipped out of your grasp.

Looks like our Saturday night just freed up for next weekend.  Anyone want to go bowling or something?


Question of the Day: Will Josh Barnett Be Held Responsible For The Demise of Affliction?

Josh Barnett
(Loosely translated it means: ‘Screw this drug-testing stuff, I’m going back to Japan where they know how to treat a brother.’)

The good news for Affliction is that people are talking.  Josh Barnett’s failed steroid test and the ensuing media storm has, at the very least, gotten Affliction’s third event in the news.  This week Josh Barnett was #73 on the Google Trends list.  That put him well behind search topics such as “Michelle Obama haircut” (#29) and “dog takes baby from crib” (#25), but the point is, there’s some buzz now.

The bad news is that the buzz is mostly surrounding the one guy who we know will not be fighting Fedor Emelianenko next weekend.  Maybe the interest extends to the panicked search for a new opponent, at least for some people.  But who, aside from the hardcores who already know why Brett Rogers would be a sort of okay opponent and Paul Buentello wouldn’t, is willing to pursue it that far?


Oh Good, Don Frye Is Here To Say Something Totally Insane

(Don Frye doesn’t offer mustache rides. He merely takes applications and approves or denies them based on merit, need, and whether or not you are a gross fat chick.)

As much as we’ve been enjoying all the back and forth about who will and who won’t fight Fedor next weekend, it just seemed as though it hadn’t gotten quite absurd enough yet.  And then Don Frye chimed in:

"If Tom (Atencio) was smart, he’d have me fighting Fedor instead of whoever he’s hiring on a one week notice.  My phone works if he wants a real fight with someone who sell a fight in four days, somebody who will beat that bald-headed commie too. …He ain’t seen anything I have to offer.  He built his whole reputation (as a) waffle house chef. They’ve been serving him up ham and eggs with a side of canned tomatoes. I’ll bring it. And if he can bring it, you’ll have the best fight you’ve ever seen on the planet."

I’m sorry, bald-headed commie?  Waffle house chef?  Best fight you’ve ever seen on the planet?  And that’s just off the top of his head, people.  Imagine what he could do with a week to prepare some material and really build momentum.


Josh Barnett’s Statement Is Not Exactly A Passionate Declaration Of Innocence

Josh Barnett Affliction
(‘Furthermore, I’d like to say that there’s at least a chance that I didn’t do anything wrong, and I am kind of committed to partially clearing my name of most of these possibly erroneous charges.’)

Here’s what’s weird about the statement Josh Barnett made on his MySpace blog this morning with regards to his current steroid-related licensing issues in California: never does he actually come out and say that he didn’t do it.  At best, Barnett implies his innocence.  He suggests that he was surprised to have failed the steroid test, but stops short of saying that it would have been impossible for him to have popped positive.  In a sporting world where we all just expect athletes to vehemently deny steroid use right up until conclusive proof emerges, this is not a good sign.  Check it out and see what we mean:

Many of you are wondering what’s happening.  What I can say is that when applying for my license, the CSAC asked for me to submit a urine sample for testing prior to granting my license as they do with everyone, I believe. It was not a random test. I had no reason to believe there would be any issues and went in to submit my sample at the earliest possible opportunity on June 25th.  I never once thought there would be a problem.