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Wednesday Morning MMA Link Club

(The Rampage Jackson Diaries, vol. 1: A quick look at Rampage’s secret training camp for UFC 123.)

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The Tuesday Afternoon Rumor Funhouse

Chuck Liddell Tito Ortiz UFC MMA
(Ortiz and Liddell will settle their grudge once and for all on New Year’s Eve…OR WILL THEY?? / Photo courtesy of CombatLifestyle)

One of my weekly MMA must-reads is the "Sunday Morning Rumor Mill" column on MiddleEasy, which features a bunch of juicy stories that just might be true. In homage to our pals, we’d like to start a similar feature on CagePotato — except ours will work a little differently. Of the eight items you see below, seven have been pulled directly out of our asses. The other one is absolutely, positively, 100% true, and has been confirmed by inside sources. Which one is it? We’d rather not say, due to legal reasons. You’ll have to figure it out yourself…

– Vinicius Quieroz wasn’t the only fighter who was caught by the UFC’s independent drug-testing at UFC 120. There was a second guy who pissed hot for the same steroid, but the company decided to let him off with a private (but very stern) warning. Hint: Main card, but not main event.

Arianny Celeste has been dating a former UFC fighter for the past year, but has kept the relationship hidden from the public, in order to protect the fantasy that she’s "available" to her fans. We can’t reveal her boyfriend’s name, but his initials are Tiki Ghosn.


Video: Aleksander Emelianenko Smashes Another Random European

(Props: rusquote via Fightlinker)

Just a month after he scored a first-round TKO over Eddy Bengtsson via mind-bullets, nomadic heavyweight Aleksander Emelianenko was back in the ring this weekend at an Azerbaijan Pankration Federation event, proving absolutely nothing against another middle-of-the-food-chain European opponent. This time it was Miodrag Petkovic (29-12-1), a 40-year-old Serbian who holds wins over Igor Pokrajac, Tim Hague, and Travis Fulton. I wish we had a better video of this — perhaps, one that shows how Petkovic originally ended up on his back, and didn’t include another fight tacked onto the end of it, and didn’t look like it was edited together by Azamat Bagatov — but the basic gist is, Aleks spent the majority of the fight smashing Petkovic from the top until the ref stopped the fight at the 3:00 mark. It was Emelianenko’s eighth consecutive first-round victory. But of course, quantity is no replacement for quality. Did he forget about his plan to come to America and beat everyone in the UFC?


Video: Confirmed: Alexsander Emelianenko is a Sith Lord

(Skirting the Unified Rules, Lil’ Emel uses the Force Choke to incapacitate his opponent)

For years now, fans and reporters have hypothesized that Fedor Emelianenko is some mystical being whose powers were not of this world — a Jedi, perhaps.

It seems that his younger brother, Aleksander, has similar gifts. 


Aleksander Emelianenko Continues to Find Fights in Russia, Former Olympian Is Up Next

(We’re not sure, but this may be the best translated fighter "documentary" since the one on Mirko Filipovic. Fourteen seconds in and he’s declared "one of the strongest guys on the planet." That really sets the tone for what’s ahead.)

Though Aleksander Emelianenko and his possibly tainted blood are no longer welcome to fight professionally in the U.S., he’s been surprisingly active in Russia of late. At least, you know, for a guy who may or may not have Hepatitis B. Just last year he beat Ibragim Magomedov and also made his pro boxing debut, and more recently he won the Russian Combat Sambo Championships. Now reports that he’s found himself another MMA opponent willing to take the risks for a shot at glory and money, and it’s Swedish fighter and former Olympic wrestler Eddy Bengtsson, who will face Emelianenko in Moscow on April 23.

Bengtsson is 3-1 and he’s only been a pro since 2008, so there are at least two reasons why this fight would have a hard time getting sanctioned in any country that cared for the well being of the individual. But dammit, we can’t hate on Aleks or Eddy for trying to ply their trade. In fact, it’s refreshing to see two guys throwing good sense aside in an attempt to hurt one another.

At the same time, after watching some of Eddy’s fights we’re a little concerned that he may get straight-up murdered by MMA’s favorite tattoo enthusiast. Obviously he’s a good wrestler, but Emelianenko isn’t just some punk he can toss around with ease. He’s a big scary dude who has a little bit of experience at this MMA stuff, and Bengtsson really doesn’t. See what we mean after the jump.


A Month Out From Rogers Fight on CBS, Fedor Takes a Wife

(‘And now I join you in holy matrimony, for better or for worse, until one of you starves or is eaten by wolves.’)

Here’s how unconcerned Fedor Emelianenko is about fighting Brett Rogers on Strikeforce’s November 7 show on CBS: instead of training his ass off with a single-minded focus on destruction, he took some time out to get married this weekend.  Fedor took the plunge for the second time in his life (his first marriage ended in 2006), and he did it in a Russian Orthodox ceremony which involves a lot of awesome symbolism, such as being crowned the king of your own home.  The typical Orthodox wedding also usually involves a couple days worth of celebrating, but we’re hoping that Fedor postponed that, along with the honeymoon, so he could be back hitting tires with sledgehammers and sparring in public parks by Monday morning.

Seriously, it’s great that Fedor has entered once again into wedded bliss, and we’re very happy for him, but couldn’t this have waited until after the Rogers fight?  Judging by the pictures, his bride wasn’t eight months pregnant, so they could have conceivably put it off until after the fight if they wanted to.  At this point we have to assume that Fedor knows how to prepare for a fight, but these distractions are starting to take on a little bit of a “Rocky III” kind of feel, and – we’re just putting it out there – Brett Rogers and Clubber Lang have very similar haircuts.

In other Emelianenko family news…


Aleksander Emelianenko Still Chasing That UFC Dream

(Props: TSGIGOR)

We don’t speak the Russkie, but according to rough translations of the above shout-out video, Aleksander Emelianenko would just like to say thank you to all his fans, and vows to come to America soon to "beat everyone in the UFC." Yes, everyone — even the lightweights, we’d have to assume. And sure, Aleksander seems to pop up every few months to make similar proclamations, despite the fact that the CSAC’s Bill Douglas once stated that he’ll never be licensed to fight in the U.S. again. But things feel a little different now…and dare we say, hopeful.

Back in March, Aleks said he was pondering an offer from the UFC. At the time, we pointed out that his Affliction contract would get in the way of a UFC signing happening in the immediate future, but now that Affliction is toast, he’s basically a free agent again; remember, he no longer has any official ties to M-1 either. Just spitballin’ here, but could the UFC pick him up to put in European shows, thereby skirting his blacklisted status in the U.S.? (After all, the CSAC never came out and said "Hep B" — that was just the widespread rumor.) Or is this one of those pipe dreams that will never materialize, no matter how many ethical guidelines are bent?


Aleks Emelianenko to Take on Fedor’s Sambo Nemesis

Aleksander Emelianenko
(Still the master of the just-woke-up-and-ready-for-murder look.)

The next stop on Aleksander Emelianenko’s “I Totally Don’t Have Hepatitis” tour is reportedly set for September 29 in South Korea, where he’ll meet Blagoi Ivanov, the Bulgarian fighter who defeated his brother Fedor in the World Combat Sambo Championships in November.  The fight is scheduled to go down in the newly-formed Fighter Mania Championship (or, if you prefer, the FMC) in Seoul, and the hook here is fairly obvious.  Aleks attempts to exact revenge on the man who embarrassed his brother in Sambo by beating him in MMA and maybe also infecting him with a blood-borne disease.  Ivanov is supposed to be making his MMA debut against Kazuyuki Fujita at Sengoku 8 on August 2, but apparently the FMC promoters are betting he’ll be fine to compete again less than two months later.

You have to give Ivanov this much, for a guy with zero professional experience in MMA he’s certainly diving into deep waters right away.  Fujita and Aleks Emelianenko may not be at the top of anyone’s heavyweight list, but they’re both experienced, dangerous opponents.  It seems we’ll find out in a hurry whether winning a Sambo tournament makes you an instantly credible MMA fighter.  Our guess is no, it probably doesn’t.


The 10 Fastest & Most Furious Knockouts of All Time: Emelianenko vs. Thompson

MMA knockouts Fast Furious videos

#9: Aleksander Emelianenko vs. James Thompson @ PRIDE 28 (10/31/04), 11 seconds

Beginning with one of the greatest face-offs in MMA history — which pitted Thompson’s theatrical fury against Aleks’s nose-picking stoicism — it was clear that this fight was going to provide an entertaining clash of styles. Thompson’s ridiculous “gong-and-dash” routine actually succeeds in catching Emelianenko off-guard, but as soon as the Grim Reaper springs back to his feet, reality sets in. Thompson proceeds to eat punch after punch until his legs give out, thus proving a very important lesson: It doesn’t matter how big you are, or how angry you look — real power comes from having tons of Russian prison tattoos.



Aleksander Emelianenko Ponders UFC Offer, New Tattoo

Aleksander Emelianenko UFC MMA
(He thought wearing the t-shirt would bring him joy, but still he felt a profound melancholy. Props: FiveOuncesofPain)

MMA Cube passes along a translation of a recent blog post by Aleksander Emelianenko, in which the ex-Red Devil fighter talks about his plans for the future, while denying rumors of his criminal history and health issues. No surprises there, really. Though this part was kind of interesting:

I can already say where I’m getting offers to continue my career — from Holland’s Golden Glory, Japan’s DREAM, president of the UFC Dana White wants me to fight for them. All the contracts offered are long term, so I have not made up my mind yet where I will compete.

UFC, huh? Of course Aleksander would have to complete his three-fight U.S.-exclusive contract with Affliction first, and he’s fulfilled zero of those three fights so far. But you have to believe that Dana White would want to sign Aleks to the UFC as a thumb in the eye to his brother Fedor. Oh! Delicious! By the way, not to beat a dead horse, but Aleks could totally compete in America if it came down to it:

I did not get in on the first Affliction show because there were some problems with documents. I flew in, and passed the medical commission. Everything was fine. Then they tell me that I flew in too late and cannot compete. And before the second event, I injured my hand. I sensed that I would not be able to compete at full strength and asked them myself not to schedule the fight. I’m hoping to compete on the third Affliction show this summer in America.