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CagePotato Comments of the Week

("It is our destiny to become an advanced race and to kill the earth in the process, only in all probability to be crushed by an even more advanced and complexed system. One day we will find other human like creatures that have noses on their arms and we will find them ugly and they will find us ugly." More from this insane rant after the jump! Photo props to HolyTaco.)

Dana Mother F$%king White on "Aleks Emelianenko Leaves Red Devil, Continues to Pretend That He Can Fight in America": Instead of hatin’ on him, ya’ll should Hepa brother out.
[Ed. note: ZING!]

El Famous Burrito on "The Potato Index: UFC 96 Aftermath": The UFC needs to get Vince from the Shamwow commercials to pitch title fights to guys:
"Ok Rampage, if you act now, and call your manager in the next 20 minutes, because we can’t do this all day, we’ll send you to Vegas to fight Rashad Evans for the title. And as a bonus we’ll throw in a fight at UFC 99, because we all know the Germans need good fights, you can even use the Shamwow to wipe down those greasy Jackson fighters. You’ll be saying wow every time."
[Ed. note: Hey, it worked for Lyoto "SlapChop" Machida.]


Rumor of the Day: Antonio Silva vs. Aleksander Emelianenko @ Sengoku?

(Eric Pele gets ready to hand Antonio Silva his only career loss at a Bodog Fight event in December 2006. Four months later, Pele got his ass kicked by Aleks Emelianenko. You do the MMA-math.)

Though they don’t offer much in the way of sources or details, Fighters Only Magazine just published this juicy rumor:

Earlier today, it emerged that [Antonio] Silva — who has a three-fight non-exlcusive deal with Sengoku — might be facing Aleksander Emelianenko in his next bout. Coincidentially, Emelianenko has also experienced difficulty with CSAC after being removed at short notice from Affliction’s debut MMA show in July last year.

In my opinion, both Silva and A. Emelianenko sit just outside the heavyweight top ten, so a match between them would be both exciting and meaningful. It’s been too long since either man has faced high-level competition, and the fight makes logical sense: the guy who’s exiled from the U.S. because of a steroid suspension facing the guy who’s exiled from the U.S. because of NOT HEPATITIS. (Though let’s be honest, if Aleks’s last-minute dropout from "Banned" was simply a case of late paperwork, don’t you think he’d get his shit together in time to be on the"Day of Reckoning" card?) Make it happen, Sengoku equivalent of Dana White.

Also mentioned in the Fighters Only article was Bigfoot’s recent rant on the Brazilian MMA TV show Brasil Combate regarding the marquee heavyweight in his old fight organization, EliteXC:

"The EliteXC matchmaker told us that Kimbo Slice wouldn’t last more than thirty or forty seconds with me…Kimbo has all my respect but he didn’t deserve all attention of the organisation. I bet the rest of my career that any Brazilian lightweight fighter can beat him easily"

Ouch. I mean, he’s basically saying that Jorge freakin’ Gurgel could beat Kimbo. No word on when/where Mr. Ferguson’s next fight might be, but hey, the dude’s got enough on his plate right now.


Aleksander Emelianenko Returns Tonight for M-1 Challenge

Aleksander Emelianenko MMA M-1
(“Well, it was nice knowing you.” Photo courtesy of M-1 MixFight; props to BloodyElbow for the heads-up.)

M-1 is holding an M-1 Challenge event today in St. Petersburg, Russia, with Team Russia Red Devil taking on Team Korea, and Team Russia Legion facing Team Holland; the full lineup is here. Headlining the team competition will be two “superfights” that reflect the card’s nation vs. nation theme. The Legion/Holland main event will be 1-1 rookie Alexander Timanov vs. Dutch bad-boy Gilbert Yvel, while the Red Devil/Korea feature will be none other than Alexander Emelianenko vs. Spirit MC/DEEP/M-1 vet Sang Soo Lee (10-4). Soo has won four of his five fights this year, including a submission victory over Emelianenko’s Red Devil clubmate Roman Zentsov. The Korean fighter may be a step up in competition from Aleks’s last opponent, but we still think The Grim Reaper should be able to take this one relatively easily. More photos from yesterday’s weigh-ins are after the jump, courtesy of


‘Fighter’ Caption Contest: The Winners

Kenny Florian Fighter
(Kenny is sooooo happy for you!)

Aleksander Emelianenko Vladimir Putin Jean Claude Van Damme

This week’s Fighter caption contest — which centered on a chance encounter between The Grim Reaper, Pooty-Poot, and the Muscles from Brussels — was an overwhelming success, hauling in 440-ish entries, nearly all of which revolved around some combination of hepatitis and homoeroticism. Three of them were good enough to earn copies of Fighter, courtesy of Viking and Coach. But first, some honorable mentions:

crookshark: In spite of his fighting skills, Aleksander Emelianenko proved to be terrible at musical chairs.

Destro: Jean-Claude breathed a sigh of relief…finally, someone who was even more underdressed than he was.

Horror Fighter: Frank Dux stopped smiling when Aleks reached into his shorts and pulled out Jackson’s Harley-Davidson bandana.

Dangada Dang: Jean Claude recovering from what will go down in history as THE most awkward boner.
*previous record held by….Jean Claude Van Damme

And the winners are…


Aleksander Emelianenko To Fight Next Month — Not in the U.S.

Aleksander Emelianenko MMA
(Aleks’s sledge-hammer rears its head over the airspace of Tireland.)

When Aleksander Emelianenko was pulled from July’s Affliction: Banned card at the 11th hour, American MMA fans were robbed of seeing “The Grim Reaper” compete in the U.S. for the first time. Though rumors persisted that the CSAC blocked Aleks from fighting due to health concerns, he has always insisted that late paperwork was to blame, and that his health is good. Good enough to fight outside of the States, at least: M-1 has announced that Fedor’s younger brother will be headlining M-1 Challenge 9 against Sang Soo Lee, on November 21st at the Ice Palace in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Lee (9-4) is a Korean fighter who has fought under the SpiritMC, DEEP, MARS, and M-1 banners, and is on a three-fight win streak. His last match was a first-round triangle-choke submission of Roman Zentsov at M-1 Challenge Korea in August — and now Aleks is going in to avenge his Red Devil Sport Club homey’s loss. The Emelianenko/Lee match will be supported by fights between Team Korea and Team Russia Red Devil, and Team Russia Legion vs. Team Holland.

But before that, M-1 will make it’s first appearance on U.S. soil. Says

On October 29th 2008, the M-1 Challenge will come to Kansas City, Missouri for the 8th installment of this new fight series. 3 time All American Wrestler of Missouri and UFC and IFL veteran Mike Whitehead (22-6) is slated to take part in the event as the superfight participant.

Whitehead had a 13-fight win streak snapped at Affliction: Banned when he dropped a decision to Renato Sobral. As for Aleksander Emelianenko, he expects to compete at Affliction’s January event, and may also “fight around Christmas-time in Japan.”


Aleks Emelianenko To Return Against… Anyone? Bueller?

(Oh yeah, finding opponents won’t be difficult at all…)

According to a new article by Fighters Only, Aleksander Emelianenko claims that he will be returning for the next Affliction show.  He also mentions that the medical rumors surrounding his ejection from the last Affliction PPV are simply untrue.  That’s right.  Just didn’t happen.  Looks like the CSAC was mistaken(?) when one of their top execs had this to say regarding Fedor’s little:

“The one thing that I can absolutely say is that he (Emelianenko) was not and will not be cleared to fight in California. He is officially denied a license and that will stand for all of the United States of America.”

Hmm. Well that’s not encouraging. Despite the harsh words from the Golden State, Emelianenko remains optimistic.

“I am going back to the States next week to do interviews and make some film for the January event,” he said.

“But I don’t know about any opponent yet, all that is in the process of being sorted out.”

Aleks added that he may also “fight around Christmas-time in Japan.”

“But there will be no problem this time – everything is cool.”

And by cool, he means it’ll be a piece of cake to find a top level fighter who is willing to fight a potential case of Hepatitis B. This can’t bode well for Affliction, as Fedor has made a history of mandating that his brother be included in all shows he does.


“Day of Reckoning” Update: Sylvia, Rothwell, Aleks Out; Hieron Expected

Jay Hieron IFL MMA Affliction
(Is Jay Hieron the latest IFL refugee to be rescued by Affliction?)

Some more news and rumors emerging about Affliction’s October 11th show in Las Vegas…

— Tim Sylvia and Ben Rothwell’s agent Monte Cox has informed Five Ounces of Pain that the two Miletich big boys are unlikely to be added to “Day of Reckoning,” though they could be part of Affliction’s third event.

— According to Tom Atencio, Aleksander Emelianenko “still faces licensing problems” and will not fight at “Day of Reckoning.” Said the CSAC’s Bill Douglas: “The one thing that I can absolutely say is that he (Emelianenko) was not and will not be cleared to fight in California. He is officially denied a license and that will stand for all of the United States of America.” The reason for Emelianenko’s rejection is still unclear, though he and his camp continue to refute reports that he tested positive for Hepatitis B before “Banned.”

According to MMA Junkie, the middleweight bout between Matt Lindland and Vitor Belfort that was slated for “Day of Reckoning” could be scratched due to a hand injury suffered by Belfort. No word yet on who might replace him on the card against Lindland.

— And finally, some good news: Junkie also reports that IFL welterweight champ Jay Hieron has been approached by Affliction and is expected to compete at their October event against an opponent to be determined later. If this is true, Hieron would be the third reigning IFL champion that Affliction has picked up, after Roy Nelson and Vladimir Matyushenko. Of the remaining three, middleweight champ Dan Miller signed with the UFC, Ryan Schultz is heading to Japan to be a part of Sengoku’s lightweight GP, and featherweight champ Wagnney Fabiano is apparently still weighing his options.


Barnett Confronts Aleks Re: Shit-Talking

(Props: MMA Scraps)

Skip to the 2:02 mark of this video taken backstage at Affliction: Banned, where Josh Barnett gives Aleksander Emelianenko a piece of his mind. The backstory to all this starts with an interview Emelianenko did with Sherdog last month in which he claimed that Barnett was refusing a re-match with Emelianenko because he knew he’d lose. (Barnett previously defeated Emelianenko at PRIDE Total Elimination Absolute in May 2006.) The Babyface Assassin responded thusly on his MySpace blog:

Aleksander Emelianenko must have hit something mighty powerful to think I am afraid of fighting him. The only offer I ever had to fight him was the one time I did fight him…and I won. His version of asking for a rematch is doing so in a locker room after beating Bobish while I visited his brother. “Sure we can fight. Why not for free even, I mean who does this to make money right!?” He’s not an “insane” fighter. He’s just delusional.

He thinks I have been “running” from him because “I know I will lose”. He says he lost because he had a, and I am not making this up, a temperature of “98.6″. No, he doesn’t mean Celsius because his organs would have cooked off like fireworks at the kind of heat (208.6C). Go back to rapping about….fuck who cares!? Have you heard that shit!?

I was asked if I would fight him in this Affliction event and I said “In a heart beat”. Ask Tom or Todd. I will walk up to him when I see him next and let him know too. You will never beat me. I will fight you anytime and you will lose again. You can make all the excuses you want but when they’re picking up what’s left of you the proof will be for all to see…splattered all over the ring.

Awkward confrontations are even more awkward when done through an interpreter, and it seems like Aleks doesn’t know what to make of Josh’s diatribe. If there are any Russian speakers reading this, please let us know how accurately the translator is relaying Barnett’s words to Aleks. Because if the dude was like “Josh says he apologizes for ducking you, and he acknowledges your superior masculinity, and would you please shake his hand now,” we wouldn’t be that surprised.


Video of the Day: Fedor vs. Aleks

(Props: “Kakkarotto_san” on the UG)

Check out this clip of Fedor and Aleksander Emelianenko (along with their coach, Vladimir Voronov) putting on a Sambo demonstration in Korea — and pay attention, because this might be the only time you’ll see Fedor tap in your lifetime. There’s a lot of super-slick throws from both brothers during the demo, though we don’t understand why Aleks didn’t haul off and start whaling on Fedor’s face when he had the chance.

Speaking of Aleks, the younger Emelianenko brother claims that those Hepetitis reports were false, and he was blocked from competing at Affliction only because he was late in getting his medical tests done. Well, who are you gonna believe, us or some mulleted ex-con? (It’s times like these that I truly appreciate the fact that I can hide behind a computer.)

Somewhat related: The upcoming Street Fighter IV video game will contain a new character named Abel, an MMA fighter whose outfit looks to be Sambo-influenced. Dude kind of looks like Jake O’Brien on massive amounts of steroids. According to, Abel was a huge hit among nerds gamers? nerds at Comic-Con, who overwhelmingly chose to play as him rather than new female character Crimson Viper.


More Support for the Hepatitis Theory

Aleksander Emelianenko MMA hepatitis
(“According to WebMD, I may also have shingles.”)

From MMA News via Fightlinker:

A source close to the situation spoke to’s Michael Moody on a condition of anonymity and explained that the blood tests came back right before Aleks and Buentello were scheduled to weigh in and that is why there was so much confusion around the stage and why the fighters did not weigh in. Gary Goodridge ended up stepping up on extremely short notice and filling in for the Russian heavyweight. The tests were positive for Hepatitis B which resulted in the CSAC cancelling the fight.

Previously: Aleks Emelianenko Might Have the Hep