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Sakara, Alvarez Sidelined by Injuries

Shinya Aoki Eddie Alvarez MMA Japan
(Shoulda worn the invincibility tights, Eddie.)

Alessio Sakara, who most recently scored his first win as a middleweight by knocking out Joe Vedepo at UFC Fight Night 15 in September, has been forced to pull out of his Fight Night 17 match against UFC newcomer Jake Rosholt due to an unspecified injury. Replacing "Legionarius" will be Dan Miller, who is 2-0 in the UFC (with wins over Rob Kimmons and Matt Horwich) and 10-1 overall. Rosholt has won all five of his professional bouts by stoppage, and last appeared at WEC 36 in November where he defeated Nissen Osterneck via second-round TKO. The Miller/Rosholt bout is still slated for the undercard of the UFC Fight Night 17 lineup.

In other injury news, top-ten lightweight Eddie Alvarez will no longer be able to headline Extreme Challenge’s "War at the Shore" event on January 23rd in Atlantic City; Alvarez was scheduled to take on ZST/UFC vet Naoyuki Kotani. Unsurprisingly, ligaments in Alvarez’s knee are "looser than they should be" after being heel-hooked by Shinya Aoki at Dynamite!! 2008 on New Year’s Eve. We hate to say it, but it serves Eddie right; booking a fight less than 30 days after you’re scheduled to face Aoki is the kind of pride that goeth before the fall, so to speak. The Alvarez/Kotani fight will likely be scheduled for a later date, and Extreme Challenge is working on putting together a new headlining bout for the Atlantic City event. Alvarez is still under contract for one more fight with DREAM, and will enter Bellator Fighting Championships’ lightweight tournament in April, which will be broadcast weekly on ESPN Deportes.

Unrelated, but Important: Our current Fight! Magazine caption contest ends in about five hours. Get in your last entries ASAP!


Diaz Tops Ultimate Fight Night Payouts

(Why you so mad, Nate? By Stockton standards, you rich!)

Official salaries for last week’s Ultimate Fight Night 15 were released today by the Nebraska State Athletic Commission, and not surprisingly it was Nate Diaz who made off with the most cheddar (that’s what the kids call money these days, right?). Here’s the full breakdown. Each winning fighter’s salary represents a doubling of his base pay:

Nate Diaz: $40,000
Josh Neer: $9,000
Clay Guida: $26,000
Mac Danzig: $15,000
Alan Belcher: $26,000
Ed Herman: $16,000
Eric Schafer: $12,000
Houston Alexander: $13,000
Alessio Sakara: $34,000
Joe Vedepo: $3,000
Wilson Gouveia: $36,000
Ryan Jensen: $4,000
Joe Lauzon: $20,000
Kyle Bradley: $4,000
Jason Brilz: $6,000
Brad Morris: $4,000
Mike Massenzio: $6,000
Drew McFedries: $16,000
Dan Miller: $10,000
Rob Kimmons: $5,000

Some quick thoughts…


UFC Hands Out $30,000 Bonuses for UFN 15

(Nate Diaz vs. Josh Neer; props to MMAScraps.)

The UFC’s customary end of the night bonuses were worth 30k for Ultimate Fight Night 15. It’s too bad there was no time to replay any of the undercard fights, because it seems there were a lot of stoppages to choose from. Here’s who got the extra bumps:

Fight of the Night: Nate Diaz and Josh Neer for their always-competitive and action-packed main event battle.

Knockout of the Night: Alessio Sakara for Cro Copping poor Joe Vedepo.

Submission of the Night: Wilson Gouveia for his armbar of Ryan Jensen.

We’ll add gifs/videos of the last two as soon as we find ‘em…


Win-or-Get-Fired Alert: Gabriel Gonzaga

Gabriel Gonzaga Fabricio Werdum UFC MMA
(Gonzaga’s game-plan begins to fall apart at UFC 80; photo courtesy of

How far the mighty fall: Once the UFC’s #1 heavyweight contender, Gabriel Gonzaga will reportedly be facing Team Punishment journeyman Justin McCully in his next bout, at UFC 86 (July 5th, Las Vegas). McCully will be looking for his second win in the Octagon, after defeating Antoni Hardonk by decision at UFC Fight Night 9 in April 2007; he hasn’t competed since then. The match is particularly important for Gonzaga, who’s been on a two-fight skid since knocking out Mirko Cro Cop at UFC 70. Not only did Gonzaga lose big matches to Randy Couture and Fabricio Werdum, he didn’t look impressive in either bout, leading some fans to question his heart. Fighting McCully is Napao’s last chance to redeem himself; if he doesn’t have a successful showing, you can bet he’ll be a victim of the UFC’s ongoing roster cuts.

In other UFC news…

— Due to a busted ankle, Alessio Sakara has been forced to withdraw from The Ultimate Fighter 7 finale (June 21st, Las Vegas). Replacing Sakara in his middleweight bout against Rob Yundt is Rob Kimmons, a 20-3 veteran of an alphabet soup of regional leagues who will be making his UFC debut.

— Yes, you heard that right. Karo Parisyan is the “gatekeeper” of the UFC’s welterweight division, according to Dana White. Ouch, buddy!

— The UFC just sent a cease-and-desist letter to Tito Ortiz for wearing the UFC’s championship belt on the cover of his new autobiography, This Is Gonna Hurt. The belt is “intellectual property of the UFC…as such, its use in promotional materials requires the company’s approval per the terms of its standard contract.” Now who’s the bitch?


UFC 82: Coffee Enemas & 150 Days of Suspensions

(I like my ‘chino enemas with extra foam.)

For those of you unaware, the UFC had an event on Saturday – UFC 82. We’ve given you results & commentary, payouts, 7/11 encounters, Chuck-Heads, and more. And to cap off our thoroughly kick-ass coverage of it all, here are the traditional Monday-after suspensions.

The Ohio Athletic Commission has revealed that only four of the fighters from the event have been slapped with medical suspensions. Each of the fighters who got the on-hold ruling lost via KO or TKO, although no broken bones or lacerations were reported. Since, Yushin Okami has been said to have broken his hand while KOing Evan Tanner and Josh Koscheck possibly might have broken his as well while dealing Dustin Hazelett his TKO and subsequent medical suspension.

Evan Tanner pulled a 60-day suspension, while O’Brien, Hazelett and Sakara all got 30-day suspensions. Overall, pretty tame suspensions for a major MMA event.

However, the best suspension announcement was Luke Cummo’s caffeine overload suspension. Fightlinker “broke” the story early today that Luke Cummo had received a three-month suspension for having “extremely elevated caffeine levels beyond anything the commission had ever seen before.”

“Normally we don’t pay that much attention to the level of caffeine in a fighter’s blood,” said OAC commissioner Warren Petty. “But Luke Cummo’s readings were off the chart. At first we thought there must be a mistake with the test, but follow ups showed that our original findings were accurate. This guy must have been tripping balls in the Octagon.”

Oh, you had us until tripping balls, although I wouldn’t put it past the made-up OAC member, Warren Petty, to say something like that. The story went on to say 3-liter coffee enemas were to blame, but luckily MMA Weekly was johnny-on-the-spot and squashed this one – not that anyone was buying it after “tripping balls”. However, OAC executive director Bernie Profato wasn’t too happy about the hoax story and had this to say about the matter:

“I’ll be contacting the state’s Attorney General office (on Tuesday) to see what options we have in this type of matter because this is absolutely not true.”

I’m sure Zuffa will be filing suit soon as well.


UFC 82 Videos: Koscheck/Hazelett, Arlovski/O’Brien, and More

Josh Koscheck vs. Dustin Hazelett, the best fight of the undercard. Awesome exchanges in the beginning, explosive finish at the end.

Andrei Arlovski vs. Jake O’Brien. Feel free to skip past the entire first round.

More fights after the jump…


Leben/Sakara Bump Sanchez/Bielkheden From UFC 82 Main Card

(Chris Leben, not on his best day.)

Andrei Arlovski? Undercard!

Josh Koscheck? Undercard!

Diego Sanchez? Undercard!

Chris Leben and Alessio Sakara? MAIN CARD!

That’s right! The UFC has officially added a middleweight bout between Chris Leben and Alessio Sakara to next month’s “Pride of a Champion” event — which is all good, but due to a lapse in judgement, it has been slated for the main card, and the scheduled fight between Diego Sanchez and David Bielkheden has been dropped to the prelims. (The full UFC 82 card, as it stands now, can be seen here).

We already know why Arlovski is being given a potentially untelevised undercard match, and we’d love to know what Diego Sanchez and Josh Koscheck did to deserve their dark-card status. We can’t help but see the main-card placement of Leben/Sakara — both of whom are 2-2 in their last four UFC fights and not particularly popular among fans — as a clear message that Sanchez and Koscheck are no longer in favor. Have they been bitching about money lately too? Does Dana White blame Sanchez for driving away Ali Sonoma? Did the UFC realize that Josh Koscheck’s hair gives people nightmares? Maybe if Leben and Sakara were hometown boys it would make more sense, but Hawaii and Italy are a long way off from Columbus.

To be honest, we get why any fighter who drops two in a row (a la Sanchez) might need to do a little penance, but Koscheck is coming off his first loss in six fights — against GSP, no less — and that doesn’t make him less of a draw than Chris freakin’ Leben. So yeah, mighty suspicious. We’ll do some digging and let you know what we come up with.


Fight of the Day #1: Alessio Sakara vs. James Lee

Ending in one of UFC 80′s six KO/TKOs, the fight between light heavys Alessio Sakara and James Lee was by far the stupidest match of the night, with Lee’s relentless pursuit of Sakara’s leg actually drawing laughs from the crowd. We predicted this one to end with Lee submitting Sakara, but we didn’t plan on Lee throwing out his back. Slapstick comedy ensued. Check it out before the UFC goes on its inevitable video-pulling spree.