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Alistair Overeem Makes “Rampage” Jackson Look Like a Gentleman

There was some discussion about this in the forums a while back, but here’s a video clip of Alistair Overeem proving that he knows how to treat a lady, assuming that lady is into being dominated and doesn’t mind a little pain.  This is from some weird Dutch website (a redundant phrase, we know), and we have no clue what they’re saying, but the general idea seems to be that Overeem beats up some cute reporter while she maintains a positive attitude and somehow only becomes more attractive throughout the assault.  Or at least she’s putting on a good front for the camera, just like our girl did when "Rampage" Jackson tried to put a baby in her

Christ, the things women have to deal with just to get an interview in this sport.  Really makes us glad that we’re too unattractive for anyone to want to touch us inappropriately.  Not that it wouldn’t be flattering if someone would at least give it a shot every now and then…