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Video Roundup: UFC 156 Extended Preview, George Lucas Discusses Daughter’s MMA Career + More


UFC 156 goes down this coming Saturday in Las Vegas, featuring the featherweight title fight between Jose Aldo and Frankie Edgar, Alistair Overeem‘s return against Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva, Rashad Evans vs. Antonio Rogerio Nogueira, and a whole mess of supporting talent. Check out the extended trailer above, and ask yourself the following…

- How likely is it that Edgar will become the third UFC fighter in history (after Randy Couture and BJ Penn) to become a UFC champion in a second weight division?

- Is anybody buying the idea that Bigfoot’s size and power will be a challenge for Overeem?

- What would Rashad Evans need to do, hypothetically, to convince you that he deserves another crack at Jon Jones?

- The UFC injury curse has been eerily quiet lately, with very few withdrawals of marquee fighters over the past two months. So, were Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta justified in throwing those virgins into the volcano?

And now that we have your attention, you might as well watch this stuff too…


Epic Weigh-In Fail: Heather Martin Shows Up 13lbs Over The Limit For Bout With Amanda Lucas

“Who you calling “Jabba”, bitch?” (PicProps: Tussle Fight Gear)

With so many deserving fighters flying under the radar these days, that this particular match up got any attention at all may be a crime, but who are we if not willing accomplices? Amanda Lucas, adopted daughter of Star Wars & Indiana Jones creator George Lucas, was set to climb into the cage for the third time tonight at Freestyle Cage Fighting 46. Lucas had spent the past year away from competition sharpening up her skills; unfortunately, her opponent was a little less diligent in her preparation.

At last night’s weigh-ins, Martin hit the scales at an astounding 13lbs over the 165lb limit. Yeah, 13. We’ve heard countless excuses for missing weight over the years, some even of the ovarian-variety, but showing up 13lbs over the limit is almost inconceivable. To be fair, we don’t know what Martin’s reason may be and we don’t know the circumstances surrounding this fiasco, but we’re cool with that. Martin gave it two more “efforts”, but could only drop down to 173lbs. Lucas, outweighed by some ten pounds, withdrew from the bout.