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Video: Chuck Liddell and Anna Trebunskaya Make the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

It’s been over two months since we’ve seen Chuck Liddell throw around Russian pixie Anna Trebunskaya, but the two have been reunited for one last score, thanks to a Dancing With the Stars-themed feature in the 2010 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. Watch as Anna bounces around in a bikini while Chuck bounces around like a jackass. Obviously this isn’t going to be the deciding factor for you to go out and buy the issue — there’s an entire spread on bodypainted ex-girlfriends of soccer players, so you should already have this thing pre-ordered.


And So It Ends: Chuck Liddell Booted Off ‘Dancing With the Stars’

Chuck Liddell Anna Trebunskaya Dancing With the Stars
(Photo courtesy of ABC News.)

You could see it on Anna Trebunskaya‘s face Monday night during judgingChuck Liddell‘s plodding two-step was the last gasp of his Celebrity Dancing career. The show’s viewers made it official yesterday, voting the former UFC light-heavyweight champion off of Dancing With the Stars. Look, we all know how unfair that is — Louie Vito should have been the next to go, obviously — but in the end, Liddell finished the season in 11th place out of 16 competitors, beating out Ashley Hamilton, Macy Gray, Kathy Ireland, Tom DeLay (stoppage due to injury), and Debi Mazar. That’s pretty damn impressive for a guy who came into the show as a complete amateur. As Trebunskaya told Chris Cuomo on GMA today:

"He wasn’t a very good dancer to start with. He had to work a lot on his dancing footwork and dancing ability. Totally different from fighting.

Despite Anna’s obvious bitterness, we’d like to salute Chuck for trying something highly challenging and potentially embarassing in order to promote his sport in front of an unfamiliar audience. And just because the Iceman has been voted off, that doesn’t mean we’ll stop covering DWtS. Come back next Tuesday morning to find out how Aaron Carter handled the Paso Doble!


Chuck Liddell’s Two-Step Fails to Knock Out the Judges on ‘Dancing With the Stars’

(Props: PROMMA)

Traditionally performed by drunken rednecks, the two-step was supposed to be right in Chuck Liddell‘s sweet spot. And still these goddamned bloodsucking judges criticized his lack of grace on last night’s Dancing With the Stars. Fine, so he was more of a prop for Anna Trebunskaya in this round, but at least he got to lift her over his head a couple times. (Check out the 0:43 mark during the training montage; I’m sure it took a tremendous amount of self-control not to power-bomb that chick through the basement.)

In the end, the Iceman’s skill with a lasso and ability to take a head-kick weren’t enough to win over the so-called "experts," and he ended up with a score of 17 (just like last week), putting him near the bottom once again; Michael Irvin and Louie Vito tied for dead-last with scores of 16. Let’s put that in perspective: Even if Cecil Peoples showed up as a special guest judge and added a perfect 10 to Liddell’s score, he’d still have one less point than Melissa Joan Hart and Mya. Whatever the dance-studio equivalent of American Top Team is, Chuck needs to go there immediately and start expanding his toolkit, because the younger, hungrier celebrity dancers are closing in, just waiting for a chance to make their names off of him.


Video: Poofy-Sleeved Chuck Liddell Gets Flamboyant in Week 3 of ‘DWTS’

(Props: wwwprommadotinfo via MMA Mania)

Last week on Dancing With the Stars
, Chuck Liddell got to wear MMA gloves, make angry faces, and tear his shirt off. But any tough guy can tango — does Chuck have enough lightness in the loafers to pull off the samba? I’m not a dance expert, so I’m probably the wrong guy to ask. All I know is, those sleeves he came out with at the 1:46 mark were breathtaking. We also saw a tender moment where Chuck and his daughter went out for pedicures. (My God this disintegration of traditional parental roles!)

Despite the awkward humping at 2:25, Chuckie did aight, and the judges were tough but fair. Bruno called it a "samba from Zombietown," which is high praise considering Zombietown’s high dance standards. Once again, Chuck’s score (17) placed him near the bottom but not squarely on the chopping block. Scoring lowest last night was Michael Irvin (14), who somehow did worse than injured white guy Tom DeLay (15).

Related: Chuck and Anna will be signing autographs at the AT&T Center in San Antonio before WEC 43: Cerrone vs. Henderson this Sunday.


Photo of the Day: Chuck Liddell’s Sock Puppet Routine Fails to Cheer Up Dance Partner

Anna Trebunskaya Chuck Liddell Dancing With the Stars
(Props: CagePotato reader Richard T.)

Heart breaker/dream maker/love taker Chuck Liddell assaults the dancefloor again on tonight’s installment of Dancing With the Stars (ABC, 8/7c), following his debut last week, which kind of sucked, but not as much as Macy Gray’s. As you can see from the above photo, Chuck’s dance partner Anna Trebunskaya may already be cracking from the pressure of dealing with the Iceman, though Liddell himself seems to be having a freakin’ blast. Seriously, I wonder what kind of crazy voices he was doing to go along with those Henson-caliber sock puppets! More Please, indeed! Anyway, watch and vote if you have absolutely nothing better to do tonight.

After the jump: Dancin’ Chuck reimagined as a Simpson character, courtesy of Fightlinker/ScritchandScratch.


Photos: Chuck Liddell Trains for ‘Dancing With the Stars’

Chuck Liddell Dancing With the Stars Anna Trebunskaya
Chuck Liddell Anna Trebunskaya Dancing With the Stars Chuck Liddell Anna Trebunskaya Dancing With the Stars Chuck Liddell Dancing With the Stars UFC
(Props: via Fightlinker)

A punch-drunk fighter with a heart of gold learns to love himself again through the graceful (life) lessons of an auburn-haired dance instructor. No, it’s not the plot of a new Mickey Rourke/Isla Fisher romantic comedy. It’s Chuck Liddell‘s real fuckin’ life, so get used to it. (It’ll help if you put on this song, and try to pretend that this is all just part of some badass training montage.) Season nine of Dancing With the Stars premieres on September 21st. Will the Iceman’s moves be up to snuff, or will the judges starch him harder than Sugar and Shogun combined? And what are the odds that Kimbo Slice will join DWtS for season 10?

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