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BREAKING: Logan Stanton and Natasha Wicks Fired From UFC

Logan StantonNatasha Wicks UFC ring girl
(Cue melancholy Forrest Gump theme music.)

Some tragic news coming in from MMA Madness: has learned that both Natasha Wicks and Logan Stanton have been cut from the UFC as ring girls. Stanton’s contract expired after UFC 107 and the UFC chose not to renew it. Wicks was cut before the expiration of her contract. Ring girl Arianny Celeste will remain on with the organization; as her contract has been recently renegotiated- explaining her absence from UFC 107.
According to sources, there will be only two ring girls from this point forward. Though it has not been officially announced, our insiders are being told Chandella Powell, a former playmate, will be the newest ring girl. [Ed. note: We can't find many good pics of Ms. Powell, but apparently she's second from the left in this photo.] It has yet to be released when Ms. Powell will start her official ring girl duties, though UFC 108 would be the obvious choice.

Well this blows. With no other information to work off of at this time, we’ll just assume that Arianny became jealous that her alpha-chick status was being threatened by the two newcomers, and went into them-or-me mode during contract negotiations. I know it’s not very responsible to make up rumors out of whole cloth, but goddammnit, Logan and Natasha are gone — gone, you guys — and the last thing I’m feeling right now is responsible. More to come; for now, let’s remember the good times…

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Happy Friday, From the Beautiful Arianny…

Arianny Celeste UFC ring girl topless sexy

Photo courtesy of Satio Photography via MMA Fight Girls. Two more great ones after the jump…


Hot Potatoes: UFC Releases New Octagon Girl Photos

Arianny Celeste UFC ring girl
(Props: via MMA Fight Girls)

Candid, self-shot tweetphotos are nice and all, but sometimes you just need the touch of a professional photographer. The UFC recently released a new batch of high-quality Octagon Girl photos for your viewing pleasure, and they’re just the thing to get you through another miserable hump-day. Lots more pics after the jump; you can see the rest right here.


CagePotato Halloween Costume Contest: The Finalists

Arianny Celeste Halloween
(Might as well face it, she’s addicted to blood. Photo courtesy of

Now that our post-Halloween hangovers have almost completely subsided, it’s time to present the finalists for our MMA costume contest. Take a look at the best submissions after the jump, and please select your favorite costume via the poll on the right. Remember: $175 in MMA Warehouse gift cards are on the line, so vote thoughtfully.


Announcing the CagePotato MMA Halloween Costume Contest!

Seth Petruzelli Kimbo Slice costumeMauricio Rua Wanderlei Silva Fred Flintstone gladiatorArianny Celeste sexy school girl UFCtapout crew costumes halloween mma
(Just to get you in the holiday spirit: Forrest Griffin as Supergirl, Seth Petruzelli as Kimbo Slice, Mauricio Rua as Fred Flintstone with Wanderlei Silva as a drunken gladiator, Arianny Celeste as a sexy schoolgirl, and three fat guys as the TapouT crew.)

Check this out, Potato Nation. Halloween is just two weeks from now, which means you’re probably scrambling to come up with a clever costume. But we all know that the streets are going to be jam-packed with Zombie Obamas and Pedobears. So we’re looking for your best MMA-themed Halloween costumes. They could be faithful renditions of well-known fighters, or references to more obscure moments in the sport. The only requirements are that they’re related to MMA in some way, and that they make us LOMFAO.

Come up with a unique concept, cobble it together using whatever you can steal from Party City*, and e-mail a photo of yourself to The winner will get a super-awesome prize package, the contents of which cannot be revealed at this time because we’re not sure what it’ll be yet. But trust us, it’ll be absolutely spooktacular. Here’s the thing, though: You must submit your entries by Thursday, 10/29, so that we can post the finalists on Friday. In other words, you won’t actually have to go out in public wearing your costume if you don’t want to, which is great news if you’re planning to dress up as Brock Lesnar’s Tattoo. Holler in the comments section if you have any questions, and good luck!

* Shoplifting is in no way endorsed by or Break Media, but we all know times are tough, and we don’t expect anybody to drop a lot of cash on this contest when the return on investment could turn out to be an autographed 8×10 of Tim Sylvia.


Octagon Girl Edith Labelle Leaves the UFC Under Suspicious Circumstances

Edith Labelle Larente UFC Octagon ring girl
(Photo courtesy of

MMA Fanhouse has confirmed that Edith Labelle — you know, the large-chested Octagon Girl who’s not Arianny or Logan — won’t be holding round cards and blowing kisses to the camera during UFC broadcasts anymore. Her manager was quoted as saying "Something happened, but at this time, I can only confirm that Edith no longer works for the UFC." Considering the rumors that swirled around Amber Nichole Miller‘s departure, that "something" could be nothing, or that something could be something; feel free to speculate wildly in the comments section below. Edith will be officially replaced by Maxim Octagon Girl Search winner Natasha Wicks at UFC 101 tomorrow night in Philadelphia.

Edith Labelle Larente UFC Octagon ring girlEdith Labelle Larente UFC Octagon ring girlArianny Celeste Edith Labelle Larente UFC Octagon ring girlsLogan Stanton Edith Labelle Larente UFC Octagon ring girl

 Edith Labelle Larente UFC ring girl sexyEdith Labelle Larente UFC Octagon ring girlEdith Labelle Larente UFC Octagon ring girlEdith Labelle Larente UFC Octagon ring girl grapes

Edith Labelle (born June 30, 1982), aka Edith Larente, made her debut as a UFC Octagon Girl in November 2007, but was released by the company after falling ill at UFC 100 in July 2009. Hailing from Mont-Laurier, Quebec, Edith Labelle worked as a semi-nude model before joining the UFC, and was best known as "Anabelle" from Outside of her appearance in a low-budget sci-fi movie in 2009, we have no idea what Edith’s been up to since leaving the UFC.

Check out more hot MMA ring girls…
Brittney Palmer
Chandella Powell
Maria Kanellis


Videos: Lyoto Machida Teaches Elusiveness, Fedor Speaks for Himself + Arianny Celeste Gets Violent

(Props: DreamPrideVictory)

In this excerpt from Lyoto Machida‘s "Karate for Mixed Martial Arts" instructional DVD set, the Dragon demonstrates one of the techniques that make him so elusive: the step-fake/counterpunch. Then, he shows us how to set up a knee-pick takedown after intercepting a jab. Order today, and receive a bonus DVD which covers eyebrow grooming and alternative nutrition.


Because Arianny Celeste Can’t Fall in Love With You If She Doesn’t Get to Know You

(Arianny Celeste and Matt Leinart mimic emotions together.)

If you’ve ever thought that a radio hosting gig was your key to scoring chicks, then you’ve obviously never met Steve Cofield.  But if you want to try it out anyway, while also getting close to UFC Octagon girl Arianny Celeste in order to dazzle her with your smooth voice and razor wit, this is your chance.  Cofield is hyping a charity auction to host an hour of radio with Arianny, Dana White, Chuck Liddell, or a bunch of other MMA stars on ESPN 1100 in Vegas.  The proceeds from this auction and radiothon go to benefit the cancer foundation The Caring Place, so it’s all for a good cause.  

The best part though, is that this could finally be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for to make an impression on Arianny (or Chuck Liddell, if you are a chick who has somehow not already slept with Chuck Liddell).  Just in case you win the auction, here’s our step-by-step instructions for wooing Arianny during your hour of radio time together:


‘Geriatric Peon’ and ‘PauloThiagoSilva’ Win Big in Arianny/Fabio Caption Contest of Doom

After 200+ entries, we’re proud to announce the winners in this week’s caption contest. Are you sitting down?

In first place, winning Greg Jackson/Kelly Crigger‘s new book The Stand Up Game is Geriatric Peon:
Example of dating rule number 1: If you want to know what the daughter looks like when she is older just look at the mother.

In second place, winning Ranger Up’s Team Sityodtong t-shirt is PauloThiagoSilva:
Goldberg: "Fabio with the clinch."
Rogan: "Yeah, this is NOT where Arianny wants to be."

And our runners-up, winning the soon-to-be outdated "Hall of Fame" t-shirt are…

Richard Tucker: "You know, Arianny, you and me aren’t that different. We both care about our appearance, and we’ve both fucked Josh Burkman."

Jugger: "There might have been a small amount of Vaseline applied, but it didn’t change the outcome."

Horror Fighter: The Dream freak show matches keep getting stranger and stranger.

If your name has been called, please e-mail your commenter name, real name, address, and shirt-size (if applicable) to Thanks to everyone who entered!


Reminder: ‘The Stand Up Game’/Lyoto Machida Contests Still Raging On

Sup, gang. Before you leave your offices (or worksites, or highway underpasses) today for the big Independence Day weekend, we just wanted to remind you not to sleep on our ongoing contests…

— Competition is heating up in this week’s Arianny/Fabio caption contest. There are already some strong front-runners, but if you have any flashes of brilliance by tomorrow at noon ET, you could steal it. Prizes include Greg Jackson’s new book The Stand Up Game, a great new Sityodtong t-shirt from Ranger Up, and our leftover "Hall of Fame" tees.

— If you haven’t entered your UFC 100 picks for our Lyoto Machida "Karate for MMA" pick-off contest, wake the eff up. The best picker will learn the deadly art of Machida Karate via his new 5-DVD instructional set from Victory Belt. Please get in your entries by July 10th.