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Ask Carmen #2: CagePotato’s Porn Correspondent Discusses Bolt-Ons, Bacon, and Flexibility

It’s a good day, ladies and gentlemen — adult film star and MMA fanatic Carmen Valentina has returned to to answer more of your questions and underwear-requests. If this is your first introduction to Ms. Valentina, believe us when we tell you that she is awesome. This is how awesome she is:

(Props to Francesca Le and Puma Swede for helping Carmen put together the greatest CagePotato shout-out video since Kimbo Slice.)

And now onto the latest installment of Ask Carmen. Enjoy, and be sure to follow Carmen on twitter @ClubCarmenXXX.

SocraticMethod asks: Fuck, marry, kill: Brock Lesnar, Mike Goldberg, Cris Cyborg

I would probably just kill myself and end the misery, but if I had to choose it would be: Marry Mike Goldberg (although hearing him say “Here we go!” every time before sex would get annoying), I might fuck Brock Lesnar and then whisper in his ear, “Cain Velasquez does it better” once it was over, and then kill Cris Cyborg, Scarface-chainsaw style.

Chri534 asks: We all know about how BJ Penn can put his legs behind his head without using his hands. Can you do the same, or maybe top him in some way? (With video/photo evidence, of course.)

I’ve always wondered how BJ Penn got his nickname, it makes sense now! To be honest I am really not that flexible (photo evidence below), but I am flexible enough where it counts.


Send In Your Love & Relationship Questions for the Next Installment of Ask Carmen! [PORN]

(God help the next poor girl who has to get fisted by this savage.)

In terms of her sharp wit and passion for MMA, adult-film star Carmen Valentina is definitely one of us. Then again, she makes her living having wild sex on camera, which makes her pretty unique among CagePotato contributors. And since Carmen hasn’t graced us with her lovely presence in a while, we figured it was time to collect more of your questions for another no-holds-barred mailbag column.

Please toss your queries into the comments section below, or tweet them @cagepotatomma with the tag #askcarmen. Despite what the headline says, your questions don’t all have to be about the girl in your office who keeps rejecting your advances. You can ask Ms. Valentina pretty much anything that’s on your mind. But please skim through her first “Ask Carmen” column to make sure you’re not covering familiar territory. Sound good? Thanks for your support, and be sure to follow Carmen Valentina on twitter!


‘Ask Carmen’: CagePotato’s Porn Correspondent Discusses Off-Camera Sex, Ninja Turtles, Rookie Mistakes + More

(“Well little lady, what are you willing to do to bring your grades up in this class? Oh, you’re already a straight-A student? Shit.” / Photo courtesy of

You asked for it and you got it. CagePotato’s sassy adult film star friend Carmen Valentina has taken time out of her busy schedule to answer an assload of your burning questions. Seriously, she put in some effort on this one, so please show her love by following her on Twitter and visiting her official site, and if you have any more questions for her, drop ‘em in the comments section. Stay tuned, because you haven’t seen the last of Carmen around here…

Spicymeatball asks: Have you ever had a boyfriend while working in your film career? If yes, what are some of the challenges trying to have a relationship while being an adult actress. Do you save anything special for your significant other?

Yes, dating someone in the adult industry (pornchick, stripper, etc.) is challenging. It really depends on your view of sex and your level of confidence. Most guys have wanted to bang a pornchick, but not a lot have the confidence to handle dating one, and want the girl to change everything about themselves once they are officially dating. I can handle compromise, but not someone who will try to control me.

Everyone has different boundaries. The biggest problem I’ve had is when people aren’t honest about what exactly those boundaries are. If you want the bragging rights of dating a chick in the adult biz but can’t handle competition, or are a firm believer in monogamy, then you should really find someone that shares your same values and beliefs. Trust me there is someone out there for everyone.