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Tag: ask men Declares Ronda Rousey the 43rd Most Desirable Woman of 2013

(This is the last known image of #42.) 

Not that it matters — because in ten days, Zorp the Surveyor will arrive to burn off our flesh with his volcano mouth and use our melted faces as fuel (Ed note: All hail Zorp) – but popular men’s interest website recently tallied over 2.4 million votes to determine the top 99 most desirable women of 2013, as determined by you, the people. And wouldn’t you know it, none other than inaugural UFC Rondaweight champion Ronda Rousey placed an astonishing 43rd on said list. I guess this WMMA thing is catching on after all.

Beating out rival Kim Kardashian (#98), as well as such top-shelf hotties as Heidi Klum (#61), Olivia Wilde (#54), and Scarlett Johansson (#45) and falling just ten spots behind first lady Michelle Obama, it was an impressive showing for the women’s champ to say the least. Based on all of our recent Rousey-related posts, I’m guessing most of your reactions are going to be something along the lines of “WTF is this shit?! I find hotter women scrubbing the cobblestone sidewalks at night whilst travelling from my vacation home to my second vacation home!” but does anyone honestly feel she deserves her ranking on the list, if not a higher one? And what the fuck is a Jenna Marbles (#90)?


Dana White Is the 32nd Most Influential Man in the World

Harry Reid Dana White UFC
(Kingmaker. Lip-licker.)

…at least according to our friends at AskMen who released their Top 49 Most Influential Men of 2010 list today. Although the UFC president placed a lot higher last yearWhite’s #32 ranking puts him ahead of such notable males as Justin Timberlake (#33) and Kobe Bryant (#45). Unfortunately, he’s still two spots behind the freaking Old Spice Dude.

To determine the rankings, over 500,000 votes were cast by AskMen readers, who were asked to decide "which male figures have made the biggest impact, and ultimately, shaped what it means to be a modern man in 2010." Of course, when you leave this sort of thing up to popular vote, the results always wind up a little disassociated from logic. For example, President Barack Obama is only the 21st most influential man this year (down from #3 last year). James Franco is #7. Sure. Why not.

To see this year’s full "Influential Men" list and find out who ended up at #1, click here.


Cage Potato Is Officially “Hype-Worthy”

(This is the point where we become so proud of ourselves as to be intolerable.)

The good (and obviously brilliant) people over at have compiled a list of the top ten hype-worthy websites that will blow up in 2009.  And wouldn’t you know it, Cage Potato clocked in at number six.  It’s about time we made a top ten list that wasn’t created by our parents as a ruse to cheer us up when we’re sick.

And #6 is not bad, though it does contradict the “We’re #1!” t-shirts we had made at the mall.  The good news is that we came in ahead of sites like (#10, so take that, MDS), and (#8), while getting edged out by noteworthy competitors like (#5) and (#2).  We can live with that result…for now.