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Attention Men: Ronda Rousey Is Not a Fan of Jiggly Flubberbutts

(Now that the evaluation is complete, Ronda will get out her black marker and circle your problem areas.)

While putting together their own lovely gallery of Ronda Rousey photos, our buddies at asked the Strikeforce title contender to name her favorite body part on a man. Rowdy Ronda did not mince words:

Honestly, my favorite male body part is the butt,” Rousey laughs. “One thing I can’t stand is if you see a guy and he looks great, but he takes off his jeans and he’s just got a jiggly flubberbutt…It doesn’t need to be a big butt, but it needs to be at least firm.”

Got it? Now you know which pictures of yourself to send her on twitter. For the record, Men’s Fitness recommends these three exercises to get your ass in tip-top shape, should you ever have to disrobe in front of the sexy judoka. (Hey, it could happen.)

In the interest of equal time, MensFitness asked Miesha Tate the same question. Her answer was more traditional, but still very important:


MMA GIF of the Day: The Doodooplata?

(I’m just gonna pull this dude’s turd-cutter directly over my neck, brb. / Props: ZombieProphet via Crooklyn)

Whether you’re drinking Tom Erikson’s sweat or staring into the abyss of Dennis Hallman’s balls, MMA can put its competitors in some rather uncomfortable positions. This horrifying clip comes to us from Legacy Fighting Championship 9 on Friday night, during which Rakim Cleveland accidentally came face-to-face with Derrick Lewis’s bare ass. Not cool, bro. Lewis went on to win the fight by third round TKO.


Hot Potatoes: Ali Sonoma and the Revolution


MMA Fight Girls came across this new photo of Ali Sonoma — looking hotter than ever — on the website of “boudoir” photographer Michael Rosen. Head to Rosen’s site for more sexy (and strange) stuff.

We’d also like to give MMA Fight Girls props for uncovering an ass-tastic set of ring girl photos (via the Bodog Blog) from the Extreme Fighting Challenge 5: Revolution event, which took place last November in Prince George, British Columbia, Canada. Shocking highlights after the jump.