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CagePotato Roundtable #9: What Was the Most Memorable Fight You’ve Ever Been In?

(“Uh…your hands getting tired yet?”)

For our first crowd-sourced CagePotato Roundtable, we asked you to give us your wildest fight memories, and damn did you people deliver. Our tip-line was flooded with dozens of hilarious, horrifying, obviously exaggerated tales. In the interest of brevity, we cherry-picked the 12 best submissions for today’s column, which you can read below, including a gem from CageWriter‘s own Maggie Hendricks, and a heart-warming story of asshole-comeuppance from the amateur MMA circuit. But first, one that’s near and dear to my heart…

RollsRoyceGracie writes:

This was back in 1988, when I was a senior in college, in Boston. It was late and I was a little drunk, but my biggest problem was the horrible Chinese food I had for dinner earlier that was trying to make its way down the pipeline and into my drawers. I was walking in a mostly residential neighborhood, having failed to score with my date, and I was looking for a McDonalds or a gas station, but I was getting ready to settle for a dark corner behind someone’s garage. [Ed. note: Been there, bro. Been there.]

As luck would have it, two local dropouts spotted me and innately sensed my vulnerability. They hustled over to my side of the street, but I decided to keep walking and ignore them. They didn’t like being ignored. I remember them calling me “Cock” – “Hey cock, where ya headed?” “Hey cock, why ya lookin’ so sour?” I foolishly insulted them by blurting out that I didn’t have any money. “Ya think we’re gonna rob ya, cock? We’re just lookin’ for some sport.” And with that, the smaller one, a skinny kid maybe 40 pounds lighter than me (because I let myself get fat in college), punched me in the stomach. I shit myself on the spot. Loudly.


CagePotato PSA: We Need Your Wild-Ass Fight Stories for This Week’s Roundtable

(“You break my high-score on Frogger? I break *you*.”)

We’re going to do something a little different for this week’s installment of the CagePotato Roundtable. Instead of listening to us blowhards pontificate, we’re going to let you guys run the show. The topic is: “What was the most memorable fight you’ve ever been in?”

It could be your first schoolyard scrap, a wild bar brawl when you were old enough to know better, or your first/greatest experience with sanctioned competition. Maybe a simple Halloween visit to Denny’s ended with you having to throw a chair at a bitch. Maybe you insulted Bas Rutten’s wife a few years back and have walked with a limp ever since. As long as your story is entertaining, we’d love to hear it.

Send your stories to by this Thursday night at midnight ET. We’ll pick a handful of the best ones and run ‘em on Friday. Please let us know if you don’t want us to print your names; we know some of you have outstanding warrants. Thanks guys!


Good News: Matt Hughes Won’t Be Charged For Accidentally Busting That Woman’s Nose (Allegedly)

Matt Hughes TUF gif MMA gifs shaking head ultimate fighter
(I know, right? Whaddya gonna do.)

Just an update on that business about Matt Hughes shoving some dude into a woman’s nose at an Illinois bar last month. According to a TMZ report published yesterday, Hughes will not be charged with a crime related to the incident:

TMZ spoke with the Illinois State’s Attorney … who told us there was not enough evidence to prove the fighter committed a battery when he allegedly shoved another man into a female bystander at the Trails End Bar and Grill in Taylor Springs, IL.

In other words, Matt Hughes and War Machine won’t be sharing a cell any time soon. But my God, that would make for an amazing sitcom…


Matt Hughes Being Investigated for Bar Brawl in Illinois; Female Bystander Claims Broken Nose

Matt Hughes Hooters UFC MMA photos girls
(Just bring the man his honey-mustard wings and nobody gets hurt.)

TMZ digs the dirt:

UFC Hall-of-Famer Matt Hughes is at the center of a police investigation … after a female bystander told cops she suffered a broken nose when the fighter went off on another man inside an Illinois bar.

TMZ has confirmed 37-year-old Hughes was named in a police report filed in Taylor Springs, IL … stemming from an April 23 incident at a place called Trails End Bar and Grill.

According to a source who was inside the bar, Hughes got into an argument with a male bar patron … which led to some forceful shoving.


Alistair Overeem Beats Up Five Nightclub Bouncers, Nearly Loses Hand

Alistair Overeem Strikeforce MMA kickboxing
(Just before the nightclub brawl, Overeem also reportedly negged eight women and kino escalated on six.)

When it was announced that Alistair Overeem turned down a Strikeforce heavyweight title fight against Brett Rogers due to an injured hand, we thought it was one of those phantom injuries that mysteriously arises when someone asks you to fight a comparatively unknown up-and-comer on a month’s notice. But it turns out Overeem’s injury is very real. And there’s a pretty interesting story behind it. Fighter’s Only has the tale