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Fight Flicks: Knuckle

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Fight Flicks is a new recurring column on CagePotato that focuses on overlooked, underrated, or just plain awesome fight-centric films currently available on Youtube. For our first installment, we revisit the 2012 Irish bare-knuckle boxing documentary, Knuckle.

“It will never stop, but as long as no one else is hurt or killed, just let them fight and get it out of the way.”

So goes the emotional core of Knuckle, Ian Palmer’s twelve year exploration into the seedy underbelly of Irish bare-knuckle boxing, and more specifically, a perpetual, unresolvable feud between several traveling families that has revolved around the sport for over half a century.

That’s right, Knuckle is about pikeys — temperamental, occasionally drunk, and eternally irrational pikeys. But don’t be fooled, Knuckle isn’t all funny accents and caravans. Well, there *are* funny accents (the film is in English yet subtitles are required) and caravans abound in Knuckle, but the film just as much about the kind of ruthless barbarity depicted by Brad Pitt & Co. in Snatch as it is about family, loyalty, and tradition triumphing over reason. Essentially, it’s Snatch meets Hatfields & McCoys.

Spanning over a decade and focusing on three feuding families — The Quinns, the Nevins, and the Joyces — Knuckle is like a guerilla version of one of those gang-centric television shows you’d see Spike TV or the History Channel at 3 in the afternoon. Like the Hell’s Angels and Bandidos or the Bloods and the Crips, these three clans (and some outside, lesser-despised families thrown in for good measure) are locked in a decades-old rivalry with no apparent end in sight. Unlike the latter gangs, however, the families in Knuckle do not fight over territory or drugs; they fight “over names.” They fight for a diluted sense of honor and the “right” to take the piss out of their relatives while getting piss drunk with their *other* relatives afterward. Oh yeah, and the winning tribe also gets “some cash for the holidays.” It is as insane as it sounds.


The Seven Most Insanely Dangerous Combat Sports Ever Invented

chainsaw fencing dangeous sports
(Two brave athletes battle for the X-FENCE welterweight title, previously vacated by Ash Williams.)

By Jonathan Shrager

Over the past two decades, Mixed Martial Arts has evolved from a no-holds-barred freak show to a heavily regulated, network television ready enterprise that is accepted by a large slice of the general public. But even with the sport’s modern improvements and safeguards, there are still detractors who contend that MMA is nothing more than low-bred street-fighting operating under the guise of an organized competition.

In honor of the upcoming DVD release of Arena — a truly insane modern-gladiator flick starring Samuel L. Jackson and Kellan Lutz — we thought we’d give the MMA critics some perspective by presenting a list of the most brutal and dangerous combat “sports” ever invented. From shock-fighting to bear-baiting, they defy logic, celebrate gratuitous violence, and remind us just how far the human race has come Enjoy…

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