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[VIDEO] Dave Bautista Wins MMA Debut

(It could be argued that the gun gave him an unfair advantage.)

Former WWE professional wrestling star Dave Bautista made a successful MMA debut last night in Providence, RI. Bautista beat Vince Lucero via TKO (ground strikes) in the first round of their main event bout.

Lucero, a late replacement, out weighed Bautista by nearly forty pounds and came into the cage with well over forty professional fights under his belt but couldn’t survive the pro wrestler’s ground attack. Early on, Lucero hurt Bautista on the feet with punches.

Once he was able to get space and clear his head, however, Bautista took things to the ground with a double leg take down. From there he moved to side mount, then mount and rear mount before unloading a series of unanswered punches that forced the referee to stop the fight.

“I am better than I showed,” Bautista told interviewer Joe Lauzon after the win.

Perhaps, perhaps not. But Bautista definitely has more guts than other celebrity performers out there who play tough guys on TV or film but have no idea what it is like to train for and take part in a real fight.

The pro wrestler promised that he would continue to fight and thanked his Tampa area team and coaches. Check out the fight video as well as full event results after the jump.


Bobby Lashley Signs Three-Year Deal With Shark Fights, Debut Set for November

(Now if SF could just convince Batista to sign on the dotted line, the circle would be complete.)

It looks like Shark Fights has a new big draw.

According to a Fox Sports report, the Amarillo, Texas- based organization has signed former WWE champion Bobby Lashley to a three-year deal and he will likely make his promotional debut in November. The event, which will be aired on Fuel TV, will likely take place in Missouri where Lashley attended college.


No, It’s Not April Fool’s: Former WWE Wrestler To Open MMA Gym With Cesar Gracie

By Jason Moles

Man, they sure are lowering the bar these days. According to TMZ, Dave Bautista (aka former WWE professional wrestler “Batista“) and renowned MMA trainer Cesar Gracie have created a new tag team, and will be opening a Gracie Fighter Jiu Jitsu franchise in Tampa. Though the gym is currently only open to “close martial artist friends,” it will be opened to the public next week; you can see a couple photos of the joint here.

The last we heard about Bautista’s MMA career is that it was dead thanks to the UFC acquiring Strikeforce. I’m not sure if I’m more surprised that Bautista can’t stop pretending he’s a real fighter or that Cesar is whoring out the Gracie family name like that. I hope his cousin Renzo gives him a good talking to about this whole ordeal.


Report: Batista Signs With Strikeforce; Opponent and Date of Debut Set to Be Announced

(Video courtesy TMZ)

According to former WWE heavyweight champion, Dave Batista, he has signed a contract with Strikeforce and his opponent and the date of his debut should be announced shortly.

In the above interview with TMZ, the retired pro wrestler answered the interviewer’s query of "So are you going on to the UFC or what? What’s going on with that?" with a word, "Strikeforce." When questioned further about who he will face in his debut for the promotion, the 41-year-old replied,"You’ll see. I know, but I’m not telling you."