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Alexander Shlemenko Suspended Three Years by CSAC After INSANE T/E Ratio Revealed

(via Bellator)

So not too long ago, it was revealed that former Bellator middleweight champion Alexander Shlemenko had tested positive for elevated testosterone following his win over Melvin Manhoef at Bellator 133. While our initial shock appeared to stem from the fact that the man above, not his cut from steel counterpart was the one juicing, yesterday’s CSAC hearing regarding Shlemenko’s punishment unveiled some rather mind-blowing information to say the very least.


Alexander Shlemenko Pops for Elevated Testosterone And This Sh*t Isn’t Even Funny Anymore

(Photo via Bellator)

Let’s kick off today’s “top” story with a classic Russian joke: What did the Alexander Shlemenko say to the dirty syringe?

“I must take you.”

Get it, because Ivan Drago said that once, and he’s Russian? I am criminally underpaid for this kind of material.

Anyway, the point is that former Bellator middleweight champion Alexander Shlemenko has tested positive for elevated testosterone following his KO win over Melvin Manhoef at Bellator 133 last month. Because apparently “Bellator drug test” are a thing that is happening now.


Fight Night 60 & Bellator 133 Highlights: Hendo Submits Thatch Toothpick-in-Mouth, Shlemenko Crushes Manhoef + More

Last weekend’s Fight Night: Henderson vs. Thatch was something of a mixed bag. On one hand, it featured a main event that was both thrilling from start to finish and a solid reminder that Ben Henderson is a badass, toothpicking-chewing sumbitch in any weight class. On the other, it featured more than its share of underwhelming, glacially-paced sparring matches that stretched its six fight main card to the brink of watchability. (We’re looking at you, Dan Kelly vs. Patrick Walsh. Your fight was bad and you should feel bad.)

Frontrunners for “Worst Fight of the Year” aside, Fight Night 60 also saw Max Holloway tie Conor McGregor‘s featherweight win streak and Tim Elliott hit a Samoan Drop on Zach Makovsky (en route to a unanimous decision loss). So join us after the jump to check out all the Fight Night 60 highlights that the UFC will allow us to have, and what the hell, we’ll even throw some Bellator 133 highlights in there for ya.


Mismatch Alert: Welterweight Phenom Michael Page to Beat Up “Curtious” Curtis Millender at Bellator 133

(Props: UCMMA)

English welterweight Michael “Venom” Page (7-0) has become one of the most consistently thrilling MMA fighters in the world. This is the dude who won his pro MMA debut via tornado kick, in the world’s first-ever “just gonna stand here for a while” knockout (see above). He won his Bellator debut in just 10 seconds. In his second Bellator fight, he did this to Ricky Rainey. His decision win last month over Strikeforce/UFC veteran Nah-Shon Burrell marked the first time that one of Page’s fights made it out of the first round.

Michael Page is a friggin’ monster, and he’s earned a step up in competition. And so, he’s just been booked to compete at Bellator 133: The British Invasion (February 27th; Uncasville, CT) against fast-rising up-and-comer…uh…wait a minute, who the hell is “Curtious” Curtis Millender?

No, we’ve never heard of the guy either, and his nickname deserves its own post. (“My 3rd-grade teacher gave me that name, and it just stuck” — made-up quote from Curtis Millender.) Apparently, he’s a 7-0 fighter from San Berdoo, with all of his fights taking place in the OC Fight Club promotion. He’s a coach at the UFC Gym in Fullerton, and comes from a wrestling background. He only has two stoppage wins to his name, including a 48-second doctor’s stoppage TKO of TUF 16 castmember James Chaney last month.

Okay, maybe it’s not fair to write this dude off as dead meat before we’ve even seen him. Watch the promo video below, and you’ll see Millender throw some flashy attacks that we might describe as “Page-esque in their execution, Joe.” Plus, at the 0:36 mark, he makes his opponent do the stankiest stanky-leg we have ever seen in sanctioned competition. So that’s pretty cool.