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ESPN’s Jon Anik to Team Up With The “Human Weapon” Guy For Bellator Announcing Duties

(Chambers is the one who looks like he’d give himself the nickname "Hollywood.")

Bellator Fighting Championships – also known as one of the organizations to fire War Machine – announced via press release their announcing teams for both English and Spanish broadcasts.  The Spanish portion will be done by former King of the Cage champ Manny Rodriguez and some guy known as George X (ed. note: you can do that? just change your last name to an "x"? that’s awesome).  

Getting the nod for the portion that most of us will be able to understand is the duo of Jon Anik, from ESPN’s “MMA Live,” and Jason Chambers, from The History Channel’s “Human Weapon” series.  

Chambers actually used to be an MMA fighter, competing as Jason “Hollywood” Chambers, though his most notable fight was a loss to Thiago Alves at an Ironheart Crown event in Hammond, Indiana back in 2004.  He tapped due to strikes in the first round.  Fun fact: those rape charges against him were dismissed, so he’s available, ladies…

If you’re curious how you can watch these guys to see if they might possibly rival Tito Ortiz’s genius on the mic (no way), the Spanish-language version will run on ESPN Deportes and the English one will be on Bellator’s website.  Poor Jon Anik.  What’s the guy got to do to get on an actual TV?


‘Fail Machine’ Fired From Yet Another Job

War Machine MySpace MMA Bellator

A lot of you have already been discussing this in the comments sections of today’s stories, but we wanted to pass along the above screen-cap of War Machine‘s latest MySpace blog post, courtesy of Fightlinker. It seems that his provocative political views ("Fuck an Obama…I hope someone smokes that motherfucker and every president to come") have gotten him kicked off of another promotion’s roster. This time it’s the Bellator Fighting Championships, which will be launching a series of MMA tournaments to be televised on ESPN Deportes beginning April 4th. And while a setback like this would certainly convince us to stop posting our private thoughts in public, Machine is not "changing for anyone or any dollar amount…I will always be true to myself and my beliefs." Take it from an objective observer, War — your beliefs aren’t worth more than a potential $250,000 payday. I don’t even think you could put a down payment on a pre-owned Ford Focus with your beliefs. And dude, "fuck a Disney"? FOR SHAME.

Bellator’s roster is coming together very slowly, but here’s who they have so far according to MMA Weekly:

Announced Participants for Lightweight Tournament
Eddie Alvarez
Jorge Masvidal
Thomas Schulte
Diego Garijo

Announced Participants for Featherweight Tournament
Wilson Reis
Nick Gonazlez
Joe Soto


Quick Hits: Cro Cop’s Sparring Partner Busted, Alvarez to Bellator, Barnett to Face Rogers in Affliction?

(When in Zagreb…)

Maybe now we know why Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic has been reluctant to accept a rematch with Alistair Oveerem.  Sure, he’s got that knee injury, and Overeem is the man who made it his personal mission to destroy Cro Cop’s testicles in their last meeting, but to add to his troubles Cro Cop recently lost his favorite cocaine-addicted sparring partner to an armed robbery arrest.  That always happens at the worst times, doesn’t it?

According to a translation done by Robert at betwxx (via Brawl Sports), Mirko Borkovic (aw, cute, same first name!) was arrested in Zagreb as a “serial armed robber.”  He’s charged with robbing twenty-five “betting agencies,” making off with over 250,000 Croation Kuna, a little over $45,000 in U.S. dollars. 

Don’t worry though, it was just to finance his cocaine addiction, so it’s not like he’s a scumbag or anything.  Apparently he did some time for possession in 2003, and said he used the drug as a performance-enhancer to aid his kickboxing training.  My ex-girlfriend tried that same story.  Six months into the relationship I realized she didn’t even have a gym membership.  Or a job.  And then I noticed my wallet was missing.  But I digress.

Also snuck into the report is this little nugget about Cro Cop’s other associations these days:

Only a month earlier Cro Cop was forced to deny having sparred with Robert Matanic a local crime figure and suspect in the murder of Ivo Pukanica. In a interview with Nova TV, Cro Cop disassociated himself from Matanic claiming not to ever have met or sparred with Matanic.

In Cro Cop’s defense, roughly 80% of Croatians are involved in organized crime.  You spar with enough people, eventually one of them is going to be a suspected murderer.  Just kidding, Croatian readers.  Please don’t murder me.

In other news…