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Martial Arts Fail of the Week: Defeat Bullies by Slapping Their Balls (We’re Not Kidding)

(If you wear socks like the male instructor, you will ALWAYS be bullied)

Ever been bullied?

If so, how did you stop your grade-school foes? Did you beat them up with a hat? Stymie them with thousands of spaz punches? Use the force?

What about slapping them in the nuts? What, you’ve never done that!? According to this week’s martial arts fail, that’s one of the key techniques in the fight against bullying.

Seriously, you need to watch this video. Here’s just a short highlight reel of what it includes:

-Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.
-The defense for the all-too-powerful “you’ve got something on your shirt” maneuver.
-”Stun techniques and dirty tricks.”
-Pulling someones hair and then doing absolutely nothing to follow it up.
-Throwing candy in someone’s face as a self-defense move (I wish I was making this part up).

Please watch the video, it’ll be worth it. We promise. This is the exact kind of horrific, “self-defense” advice that Ben Goldstein and I sought to destroy when we were storming dojos back in the 90s, testing our SAFTA. But as we got up there in years, we decided to purge martial chicanery with articles on a middling MMA website rather than with our fists.


Thanks to CagePotato reader James Hays for sending us this video. If you see any video that’s good (or bad) enough to make the cut, let us know! Send it to tips@cagepotato.com


Chael Sonnen is Training to Fight Jon Jones Next Week!

(What has 2 thumbs and can muffle a fart on the first date?)

By Nathan Smith

Dan Henderson’s knee injury and the refusal by Jon Jones to fight his chosen replacement, Chael P. Sonnen on 8 days notice, forced the first UFC event cancelation in history and the infamous Dana White conference call to announce the goings-on took the MMA world by storm. DW chastised and spewed vitriol towards JBJ’s unwillingness to step up to fight Sonnen which infuriated the UFC brass as a whole. Likewise, it enraged the Bones nuthuggers and haters who in turn inundated the CP comment section for more than a week with well-reasoned arguments but mostly sophomoric jabs involving nipples.

Now Lyoto Machida Vitor Belfort has been named JBJ’s next opponent but that is not stopping Sonnen from getting ready to fight the man that turned down his challenge. The American Gangster expects to walk to the octagon and go mano y mano with Bones next weekend.

Dana White told mmajunkie.com:
Chael Sonnen is in full training camp right now. He’s been training since he got offered the Jones fight. He said, ‘I’m in full camp right now because Vitor will get hurt and pull out, and it will be Jones vs. Sonnen, anyway.’”


‘All I Want for Christmas’: The Illustrated MMA Edition

(No, really, I love it. It’s much better than something practical like a new hoodie or pair of glasses.")

Since it’s the holidays and we haven’t been spitting out as many Photoshops as we used to, we figured it would be appropriate to put together a collection of illustrations depicting what a handful of fighters and MMA luminaries are angling for this Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanzaa or putting up with obnoxious relatives just so you can get a crappy token gift day.

The possibilities were pretty much endless, but these are the best we could come up with on an hour’s notice.



Chill Out and Have a Listen to The Bum Rush Radio Show Episode 6 Featuring UFC Lightweight Standout Cole Miller

(007 373 5963 will take you right past our inane banter to Cole’s interview) 

Well it’s been a while, but The Bum Rush Radio Show is finally back from a short hiatus. Unfortunately, because of the UFC Fan Expo and a handful of weddings all of us were guilted into attending, our free time was very sparse the last few weeks, but we’re ready to start pumping this thing out on the regular again.

On the bright side we had a lot to talk about this episode.

Besides our usual kibitzing about upcoming match-ups and the week’s top stories, UFC lightweight, Cole Miller stopped by to talk to Ben and shared his thoughts on a plethora of subjects, including UFC lightweight champ Frankie Edgar, his disdain for Cecil Peoples, why he loves Ninja Turtles and how he sees his fight with TUF 9 winner Ross Pearson going down next week at UFC Fight Night 22.


What Do You Have Planned for This Morning? Listening to The Bum Rush Episode 4, That’s What

(Stay Gomi, Ponyboy. Stay Gomi.)

Well Potato Nation, it’s the Friday before a major MMA event, and as such, we put together another episode of The Bum Rush to keep your cynical and demanding asses entertained for an hour and change whilst you whittle away the remaining hours of the work week.

In this episode, we welcome Cage Potato contributor Dallas Winston to our round table discussion and speak with Internet sensation and undefeated UFC newcomer, Sean "The Big Deal" McCorkle (feel free to use that nickname, Sean) who takes on former PRIDE star Mark Hunt at UFC 119 September 25 in his home state of Indiana.

As always on the show, Ben and Mike give their takes on the week’s hot news stories and dissect the upcoming fight cards by consulting their Ouija boards and magic 8-balls to help make their fight predictions.

Check out the show and post your feedback and questions for future editions of The Bum Rush Mail Bag.

Download Here
Listen Here


GOOOOD MORNING, POTATO NATION! It’s Time for Episode 3 of The Bum Rush Radio Show

(Goldstein during his Taxi Driver phase.)

If you’re looking for something to help you cruise into the weekend, we’ve got you covered. Episode 3 of "The Bum Rush" features more of our terribly inaccurate fight predictions, an insider round table featuring the usual suspects: Ben, Mike, Chad and Chad’s hype man, ReX13 discussing current MMA news and last weekend’s UFC card and an interview with UFC 116 slam master, Gerald Harris.

Find a cold, dark corner to hide in and keep your laughter to a minimum and you may be able to avoid your boss long enough to get through this damn thing.

As always, your input is appreciated. Let us know who you want to hear on the show, what we’re doing mediocrely and what areas we need to step up our games in.

We’re working to get the show on iTunes by next episode to make it more easily accessible and to make it at least seem more legit.



Grab a Coffee, Lock Your Office Door and Waste an Hour of Your Friday Listening to ‘The Bum Rush: Episode Two’

(Bet you didn’t know we’re all fighters, too.)

Well, since it’s almost the weekend and we know on Fridays how the second hand seems to move one tick forward and two ticks back, we figured we’d help you waste an hour of your day with another podcast.

Episode two features an interview with our The Ultimate Fighter 11 guest blogger and hero among men Rich Attonito, our take on this week’s big stories and a round table discussion panel with Ben, Mike, weekend CP editor Chad Dundas and our resident jack of all trades, master of none, DL "ReX13" Richardson, AKA "The Skirt Smasher."

We’re working on ironing out the bugs and are looking into other Voip options as Skype is hit or miss quality-wise.

Let us know in the comment section (like you needed to be told) what you think, what and who you want to hear on future episodes and any questions you may have for the panel or our future guests.



Happy Friday, Potato Nation; Your Dads Got You a New Podcast

(Dial in and tune out. That’s what we did when we made the show)

Grab yourselves a cup of coffee or mushroom tea and settle in with us for the next hour and a half and give this thing a listen.

Depending on the reception, The Bum Rush Radio Show could become a regular feature here on the site.