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Better Know a Fighter: Max Holloway

Max Holloway highlights, compiled by SideBang Enterprises. By the way, you may want to watch this one without volume. You’re welcome in advance.

If you’ve been paying attention, the name Max Holloway should be familiar to you. If you haven’t, put on that dunce cap and write “Holloway is stepping in for an injured Ricardo Lamas to fight Dustin Poirier at UFC on Fox 2” twenty times on the chalk board. That’ll teach you.

While Poirier is a tough draw, especially for a guy making his UFC debut, Holloway is no slouch himself, despite only having four professional fights to his credit. Here’s what you need to know about “the other Lil Evil”, Max Holloway:

-Holloway is a twenty year old Hawaiian prospect who has compiled a 4-0 professional record. Three of his four victories have come via decision, with his sole stoppage being a first round knockout against then 12-17 Bryson Kamaka in 2010.

-Don’t let the lack of stoppages fool you into thinking Holloway is a boring fighter. Known for his unorthodox striking and exceptional conditioning, Lil Evil blitzes opponents early and often. And despite being six feet tall, Max Holloway prefers to stay in the pocket against opponents.

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CP Interview: Jessica Aguilar Wants the Best — and It Ain’t the Champ

“My regular training schedule was interrupted briefly after I broke a bone and had it pinned for faster and stronger healing – but now I am right back at full speed, 100% healthy, working like an animal, loving every minute and can feel that my training performance has clearly reached a new career high for me – I am really pumped and ready to go!!” -Jessica Aguilar, on training         PicProps: Tom Hill

When you look into Jessica Aguilar’s training regimen, you know that you’re dealing with a dedicated athlete.  Her typical schedule is brutal.  Her gym, American Top Team in Coconut Creek, Florida, is home to elite fighters.  Her “personal time” — a couple of hours carved out of the afternoon — are usually spent working, to supplement a fighting income that doesn’t always square with having the best equipment, or a registered dietitian on call, or a hyperbaric chamber in your back yard.

Not that you’ll hear her complain.  Aguilar gets by the with help of her sponsors, and she’s quick to point it out.  But unlike the usual ham-handed attempts by fighters to plug companies that send them checks, Aguilar comes across as genuinely appreciative of the people and companies who have supported her through lean times.  Talk to her for five minutes, and you realize that the positivity and tenacity aren’t marketing points, they’re deeply ingrained character traits.  That attitude, the relentless optimism, the rugged determination, have served Aguilar well in her six year career.

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Better Know a Fighter: Daniel Cormier

It’s no Ghengis Con joint, but it’s something. VidProps: ShoSports

Nation, amongst all the large names and ginormous dudes fighting this weekend, you may have overlooked Daniel Cormier. This weekend’s bout with heavyweight submission grappler/anarchist/tattoo enthusiast Jeff Monson will be Cormier’s fifth fight for Strikeforce since his debut in September of 2009 under the Challengers banner. Perhaps it’s no shock that Cormier isn’t a household name, considering the lack of promotion from his, uh, promotion, but he’s nonetheless a dude you should know.

Come on in past the jump and better know Daniel Cormier, so you’ll have something intelligent to say at the bar while his fight is on.