Steroids in MMA
Which MMA Fighter Will Test Positive For Steroids Next?


Solid Bet Alert: Stann Opens as a 2-1 Underdog Against Sonnen

If you have a good feeling that Brian Stann is going to upset Chael Sonnen when the pair meet at UFC 136 in October, now is the time to throw some money down.

Stann opened up at at +200, meaning that if “All American” wins, for every $100 you bet on him you will get back $200 plus your original wager. Sonnen, on the other hand opened up on the site at a less favorable -260, meaning that if you place a $260 bet on “The American Gangster,” your total return would be $360 is he wins.

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Nothing amps up the drama of watching a sporting event like knowing you have a little extra riding on the outcome. UFC 85 is tomorrow, and for me, that “little extra” is the possibility that I’ll be hard-barfing afterwards. For the rest of you, it might be throwing a few 20-spots down on your favorite fighters. If you still have some disposable mad-money left from your economic stimulus check, why not open an account at And if you don’t know the first thing about what to do when you’re there, read on…


Let me first begin by saying thanks to the Bens for allowing me to take time away from eating the souls of virgin gypsy orphans to come on here and try to corrupt the minds of the Cage Taters.

For those of you who are too damn lazy to know who I am, my name is Damon Durante, and I’m the host of BetUS Sports Radio, a series of sports betting-related podcasts. To review: is a sportsbook, I am their radio host.

I cover pretty much every sport you can bet on, but I’ll let you know that football is pretty much the Cat’s Cotton Pajamas around here and is essentially 90% of what we do. I friggin’ love all sports, but MMA is my secret mistress.

I have made it my personal goal to bring MMA as far to the forefront of sports wagering as I can; football might pay the bills, but MMA burns deep in my loins, to which the only soothing balm is more MMA. (There have obviously been others in my industry attempting to capitalize on the popularity of MMA using different tactics, but through sheer lameness they ended up sucking donkey pouch.)

Unfortunately the newness of mixed martial arts as a whole contributes to the betting naivety of most people. I mean we’ve all seen football point spreads since we were kids, but the appearance of money lines for MMA fighters is still seemingly non-existent. Without a doubt the #1 question I get asked is “What the #%*$ does ‘minus 200′ mean?”

That’s why I’m writing this bad boy; to turn you all into degenerate gambling bastards.


CagePotato vs. Fightlinker: The Squaretable Podcast!


On Friday, Damon D of invited me back on his little radio show to talk about Kalib Starnes’s foot and Chuck Liddell’s durf, along with Ryan and Jake of I may not have been able to keep up with the comedic tornado of those two, but there were a couple moments where I did sound halfway knowledgeable. (Well, you’ll have to be the judge.) Click here to listen, but first, some notes…

— We recorded the show just before news broke that Matt Hughes had been signed to headline UFC 85 against Thiago Alves, so a good deal of our conversation is now basically worthless.

— Near the beginning of the show, I announce that Ben Fowlkes (of and TheFightingLife fame) will be joining CagePotato full time starting this Thursday. He can introduce himself more thoroughly that day, but please feel free to give him a round of applause from wherever you’re sitting. It’s cool, because now when I use the word “we” on this site, I’m referring to Ben and I, not just me and the voices coming from the microwave.

— Damon asks me at the end of the show what we’ve got happenin’ on the site next week. At the time I was like “duhhhhhh,” but it turns out we actually do have something really special coming up. Tune in Monday for more details.

— Also at the end of the show, Fightlinker challenges CagePotato to a duel. Basically, Ryan and I will be betting on a particular fight, and the dude who picks wrong will have to do something humiliating. “Riding naked on a donkey” was just the first idea that was thrown out; those aren’t necessarily the terms of the bet. Will keep you all posted as this develops…