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War Machine’s Big House Blog: Musings on Reincarnation, Open Relationships, and His Plan to Save the World

(If he only knew then what he knows about ‘gay hippy shit’ now…)

Well, War Machine has finally realized what most second graders already know- ‘reading is great’. To think, it only took him being exiled from the UFC, failing at a career in porn, and being sent to jail for felony assault to discover the joy of books.

Below you’ll learn that War doesn’t get down on all of that made-up organized religion crap, preferring to root his beliefs in more time-tested scientific certainties like interdimensional yogis and reincarnation. The good news? While he’s out zipping around through space and time, he totally doesn’t mind if you bone his wife.


War Machine Big House Blog Number 8: Manscaping, Hep C and Denial Sinking In

(War enjoying the only action he’ll get for the next nine months.)

I’m not sure how War Machine did it, but he posted a blog last week that slipped through the cracks and didn’t get picked up by anyone in the MMA blogosphere.

The latest entry details the fighter formerly known as Jon Koppenhaver’s obsessive masturbation, how it felt to shave his junk for the first time in three months and the trials of being in the clink like the risk of Hepatitis C and keeping his nose clean.

One of the more interesting bits touches on how Machine has captured the hearts of the guards who feel that he got a raw deal in his case and now he is actually beginning to think that he didn’t do anything wrong, which I hear is a recurring theme amongst felons.

Check out what extra fruity adventures WM got into last week after the jump.


War Machine’s Big House Blog Number Three: Murderers, Moonshine and Mexican Mr. Magoo

("Screw you, society. Jail ain’t so bad after all.")

Considering I also picked Chael Sonnen to win Saturday night, I got an eerily similar empty feeling when I read War Machine’s latest "Big House Blog" and learned that my proclamation that he wouldn’t get through three weeks without getting into some kind of tomfoolery didn’t come to fruition.

I thought for sure that  alcohol+War Machine = spitbag and handcuffs, but apparently the fighter formerly known as Jon Koppenhaver has matured behind bars and instead of scrapping anyone and everyone after consuming his IQ in Jagerbombs, he has taken to sipping his toilet wine while engaging in stimulating conversation with murderous Somalian Muslims.

Who knew jail would have such a good influence on War?