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Twitter Beef of the Day: @jonfitchdotnet Gets Sat the F*ck Down by @bjpenndotcom

(Is there any greater rivalry in world history than .com people vs. .net people?)

Man, I feel bad for Jon Fitch. Fans shit on him for not finishing, the UFC has stopped giving him marquee fights — a public shaming from BJ Penn is really the last thing he needs right now.

Fitch was cleared to resume training last month following his shoulder surgery, which didn’t leave him with enough time to replace Diego Sanchez against Matt Hughes at UFC 135 later this month. However, he claims that he’ll be healthy enough to come in as BJ Penn’s replacement opponent at UFC 137 in October, or as Nick Diaz’s new opponent, whenever Diaz gets out of the doghouse.


Completely Unfounded Rumor of the Day: Diaz Meets Penn at UFC 137

Diaz wasn’t born with enough middle fingers.

The story of the week, by all rights, should have been that the UFC triumphed again and put together a huge heavyweight fight at the end of the year … until Nick Diaz wigged out and went AWOL, missing two beauty pageants press conferences and losing his shot at GSP’s title and all the riches that would follow. Now every MMA site on the web has three stories about the man from the 209, and we won’t start talking about Lesnar-Overeem until mid-September at the earliest.

Since we’re all speculating, CagePotato thought we would pass on this delicious rumor: Nick Diaz will still be competing at UFC 137, against BJ Penn.

Dana White told MMAJunkie yesterday that he was working on finding an opponent to replace Carlos Condit, and he obviously had someone in mind, saying “if I told you what I want to do with that fight you guys would flip out, so we’ll see what happens.”


Nick Diaz Pulls a Nick Diaz, No-Showing for UFC 137 Press Week and Losing Title Shot Against GSP to Carlos Condit

(Too bad, so sad, Nick. Maybe ProElite will have you.)

You would think Nick Diaz would have taken Dana White’s warning that he better start “playing the game” when he re-signed him to the UFC. Apparently he doesn’t know the two golden rules: One, Dana White always wins and two, Dana White never forgets.

Case in point, after not showing up for a scheduled press conference in Toronto on Tuesday, Diaz once again went MIA for another presser today in Las Vegas, and as a result White yanked away his UFC 137 title shot against Georges St-Pierre and instead gave it to former WEC welterweight champion Carlos Condit.

An obviously infuriated White, who said that in 1600 events he has promoted he has never had such issues with unprofessionalism with a fighter, broke the news via a highlight reel featuring Condit and St-Pierre. He explained that they twice rescheduled Diaz’s flight and that neither he nor Nick’s longtime trainer Cesar Gracie have been able to reach the sociopathic former Strikeforce champion since Monday. During the event today, Gracie called White to tell him he agrees wholeheartedly with his decision to swap opponents and apologized for his fighter’s lack of professionalism. White revealed that Gracie had Diaz cornered in his house after he finally found the AWOL fighter on Monday and that Diaz snuck out the back door when his coach’s back was turned. Gracie has been chasing him all over Stockton ever since.


Hughes Agrees to Face Either Koscheck Or Fitch at UFC 135 September 24

According to former UFC welterweight champion Matt Hughes he has accepted the challenge of Josh Koscheck to face him in the place of his original UFC 135 opponent Diego Sanchez, who pulled out of the bout due to a broken hand. The only problem is, the UFC brass haven’t decided whether they want to see “Country Breakfast” possibly have his lights and his career turned out by Kos or have Bob Arum telling Dana, “I told you so!” until the day he dies (some time soon by the looks of it) thanks to a potential 15-minute wrestlefuck session with Jon Fitch.

Either way, Hughes is fighting on September 24, so at least there’s that.


UFC 137 Video: BJ Penn vs. Carlos Condit Hype Trailer, by ‘NicktheFace’

(Props: NicktheFace via MMAMania)

With four consecutive wins including back-to-back first-round knockouts of Dan Hardy and Dong Hyun Kim, Carlos Condit is one of the hottest contenders in the UFC welterweight division. But to be a legend, he’ll have to start beating legends. The Natural Born Killer will get an opportunity to do just that at UFC 137: St. Pierre vs. Diaz (October 29th, Las Vegas), where he’ll face former lightweight/welterweight champ BJ Penn in the co-main event. With just one victory in his last four fights, Penn needs to make a statement against the young up-and-comer to prove that he’s not ready to be put out to pasture just yet.

But forget about what this fight “means.” These are two guys who go for the finish every minute of every round, and Penn vs. Condit is guaranteed to be a thriller. As the video reminds us, 96.3% of Condit’s wins come by stoppage — and Penn has still yet to be knocked down, despite a 10 year career that saw him fight across four different weight divisions. That’s kind of insane. Condit is currently a slight favorite with the oddsmakers. Sound about right to you?

After the jump: NicktheFace’s trailer for UFC 137′s headliner between Georges St. Pierre and Nick Diaz.


Five Ways For Jon Fitch to Get Another Title Shot

(Sometimes winning and heart aren’t enough. Just ask Vince McMahon.)

During an appearance on Steve Cofield and Kevin Iole’s ESPNRadio1100/98.9 FM’s “The MMA Insiders” show on Friday, UFC president Dana White made it clear that in spite of the fact that Jon Fitch has not lost since dropping a decision to Georges St-Pierre three years ago, the American Kickboxing Academy captain won’t likely get a title shot anytime soon because the fight is a tough one to sell.

“Everybody is saying ‘Jon Fitch is one of the best in the world, when is he fighting GSP?’ The problem is he went in and fought GSP and got destroyed,” White explained like it happened a month ago. “I mean GSP completely dominated him from the first round to the fifth round and beat him up and dropped him and everything else…”

It’s funny, Kenny Florian keeps getting title shots and the UFC has been trying to put together a rematch between Lyoto Machida and Rashad Evans despite how the last ones went.

But we digress.

Instead of scratching our heads over the UFC’s double standards when it comes to earning a title shot, we’ve come up with five suggestions for Fitch to get what he has coming to him since winning doesn’t seem to be enough.

Check out the gallery after the jump.


The Change-Up: Five Fighters We Wish Could Switch Bodies

(Unlike the rest of us, the eye candy in the back decided to open her eyes for Cyborg.)

By Jason Moles

While suffering through The Change-Up this weekend, I started thinking about the hypothetical situation of MMA fighters switching bodies. Obviously, one fighter would get the short end of the stick, like in all relationships, but other than that, it’s all good news from there. Imagine the man with a warrior spirit and broken body upgrading for a newer model. Imagine the heavy-duty gas-guzzler being replaced by a tiny, eco-friendly, electric car. Imagine experience and youth joining forces to reign terror on anything that steps in its way. So who most deserves a cinematic body-swap? Read on and find out…

BJ Penn and Brock Lesnar
BJ Penn Brock Lesnar UFC MMA photos

Advantage: Baby Jay

For years, Penn has been criticized for his lack of self-discipline and willingness to stay in shape. Switching bodies would solve that problem and create what might be the best heavyweight in UFC history. A Nova Uniao Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt with explosive striking and a granite chin, Penn has everything that Lesnar wishes he had. The Prodigy would be a wrecking ball at heavyweight if he had Brock’s body — as long as the viking took the diverticulitis thing with him. If he had to keep the illness during the switch, then I guess we could all agree that we’d like to see Josh Koscheck trade bodies with Brock.


Penn vs. Fitch Rematch Scrapped, Penn vs. Condit in the Works for October

Carlos Condit Dong Hyun Kim UFC 132
(Condit’s recent knockout of Dong Hyun Kim at UFC 132: I give it a 10 for brutality, and a 4 for originality.)

According to Carlos Condit’s manager Malki Kawa, the UFC is in the process of setting up a match between Condit and former lightweight/welterweight champ BJ Penn. It was assumed that Penn’s next fight would be a rematch with Jon Fitch, who he drew with at UFC 127 — if you’ll recall, the two were already scheduled for a second meeting at UFC 132 before Fitch pulled out due to injury — but it appears that the UFC has soured on the idea altogether. Or at least that’s how BJ tells it.

Yesterday, Penn tweeted at Fitch, “tried to make it happen but Joe Silva said ‘the fans don’t want it & I’m not interested’. Not much more I can do on my end.” Carlos Condit then swooped in, writingThe people have spoken @bjpenndotcom, they want to see us scrap, let’s give em what they asked for,” to which Penn replied, ”Yup. Let’s do it! October 29th.”

For the record, 10/29 is the date of UFC 137: St. Pierre vs. Diaz in Las Vegas, although the date of the Penn vs. Condit scrap hasn’t actually been confirmed for that event yet. So where does this leave Jon Fitch? In a word: Butthurt.


MMA Photo Tribute: Awesome People Hanging Out Together

Bruce Buffer Wanderlei Silva rare MMA photos UFC awesome people hanging out together
(Bruce Buffer and Wanderlei Silva)

One of our favorite online obsessions over the last month has been awesome people hanging out together, a tumblr photo blog devoted to celebrities mingling in unexpected combinations. (I mean, seriously: Dylan and Ali? Alice Cooper and Colonel Sanders? Epic.) Since there are aren’t any MMA fighters represented on the site, we decided to do some online crate-digging of our own and put together a CagePotato version of the “awesome people” photo-phenomenon. Enjoy these rare and classic MMA photos, which continue after the jump, and shoot us some links in the comments section if we’ve left out any of your favorites.

Royce Gracie Mirko Cro Cop rare MMA photos classic awesome people hanging out together
(Royce Gracie and Mirko Cro Cop)

Frankie Edgar Matt Serra Kimbo Slice Jerry Springer rare funny classic MMA photos
(Matt Serra, Frankie Edgar, Jerry Springer, and Kimbo Slice. See also: Fighters and Random-Ass Celebrities)


BJ Penn Says the Way to Fix MMA is Get Rid of the Judges and Make Decisions Draws for Both Opponents

(Video courtesy of YouTube/

BJ Penn has a simple answer to boring fights and skewed judges’ decisions: Get rid of the belts and get rid of the judges.

“I definitely think the way to make it exciting is get rid of the belts and get rid of the judges first thing, right off the bat. If anything goes to a decision, it should be an automatic draw. The only way you can win a fight is by finishing your guy and the only way you can lose is by getting finished.”

Sure, Beej may be tooting a different horn if he hadn’t lost the majority of his career pinnacle fights against guys like GSP and Frankie Edgar by decision, but he didn’t.