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Not That You’re Surprised, but Steven Seagal Owes More than $300,000 in Unpaid Taxes

Finally, a Sensei Seagal claim that I don’t immediately label as bullshit.

As hard as we’ve been trying, we just can’t change the subject from holier-than-thou hypocrites around here. At least not in the comments sections of our articles. It seems like the comments sections of every article we’ve written since Thursday have deflated into a bunch of angry, semi-literate geeks who possibly don’t even like MMA calling each other the worst names they can think of before accusing each other of being hypocrites. Coincidentally, I just started reading the comments section of our articles on Thursday morning.

So in that spirit, I’m relaying news to you about a certain lawman who seems to actually fancy himself as Above the Law. It appears that UFC trainer/Actor/CIA agent/Energy Drink Salesman Steven Seagal owes a boat load of money to the State of California. As in, more money than training playing patty-cake with Rafael Cavalcante can possibly be bringing in. To hear it from

Taking out a boatful of terrorists hell-bent on nuking Honolulu does not mean you can skip out on paying your taxes … so the State of California has filed a giant tax lien against action film star Steven Seagal, TMZ has learned.


Roots of Fight/Black House MMA Fan Art Contest — The Winners!

After consulting with the big-wigs at Roots of Fight and Black House, we’re pleased to announce the three winners of our recent fan-art contest. So who will be taking home ROF’s limited edition Black House apparel line, which includes the Black House Tee and Black House Insignia Sweatshirt shown above? First, a pair of honorable mentions, which were deemed worthy enough to win t-shirts:

“Battle Scars,” by yellow wrkahlc

“Spider and Dragon,” by Ryan G. (click for larger versions)

And now, the top three…


Reminder: Enter Our Black House MMA Fan Art Contest, Win Gear From Roots of Fight

(The current front-runner: This awesome variation on a Shepard Fairey classic, by ‘Stubbsy’)

In case you missed it last week, we’re currently running a fan art contest with Roots of Fight, and giving away their limited edition Black House apparel line to the top three finalists. The short version: Create a piece of art paying tribute to any Black House fighter or the camp itself, and send it to by Monday, June 18th, at midnight ET. We’ll announce our three favorites the next day, who will be picking up the t-shirt and sweatshirt. Now get hustlin’, people…

Related: Black House Tribute Video by Roots of Fight – Featuring Rener Gracie, Mark Munoz, and Bas Rutten


Introducing the Roots of Fight/Black House MMA Fan Art Contest!

(Props: For further viewing, check out Bas Rutten’s ground-fighting epiphanyinspirational words from Mike Tyson, and George Chuvalo’s Muhammad Ali memories.)

Our good friends at Roots of Fight have previously hooked us up with their Gracie-themed apparel, and now they’re releasing a limited-edition collection that pays tribute to the shadowy MMA brotherhood known as Black House. Check out the video above to learn about the origins and guiding principles of the Black House gym, which has hosted such MMA stars as Anderson Silva, Lyoto Machida, the Nogueira brothers, Rafael Cavalcante, Mark Munoz, Roger Gracie, and Glover Teixeira.

The new Black House X Roots of Fight series includes a t-shirt and sweatshirt that showcase Black House’s unique logo, which was created by legendary illustrator/designer Shepard Fairey. (Check out images of the gear after the jump.) And it just so happens that we have three prize packages to give away, which include both items. If you want them, they’re yours for the taking — all you have to do is create a piece of art paying tribute to any of the fighters in the Black House stable, or the camp itself. And it has to be really freakin’ cool…


Anderson Silva Not Impressed With Manager Ed Soares’ Performance

(“Do you need a manager?”)

Anderson Silva wants Ed Soares to take his name out of his mouth — at least when talking to reporters about the career decisions of his marquee client.

Silva took exception to Soares’ recent interview with GLOBO recently during which he explained that Silva will likely retire after competing four more times in the Octagon. The usually jovial Brazilian fighter refuted Soares’ assertion and hinted that he may split with his longtime manager as a result his insolence.

“Not true. As one of my coaches, I still have many bottles to sell. I think we keep fighting for another six, seven years. Four years ago, I was a little stressed,” Silva explained in an interview with GLOBO this week. “I decided with my teacher Antonio “Minotauro” Nogueira that after another year I would stop. He said he had no reason to, and then I stopped to think, I had one more fight, and then said, ‘I will postpone my retirement for some time.”


Video: Check Out How the Strikeforce and UFC Middleweight Champions Train Every Day

(Video courtesy of YouTube/TATAMETV)

It’s interesting to see which Brazilian fighters train which whom on a regular basis before camp starts. Junior dos Santos has apparently been spending a lot of time in his area of Northeast Brazil with “jiu-jitsu playboy” Demian Maia when he’s not entrenched in training camps with the likes of Anderson Silva, Lyoto Machida, and the Nogueira brothers.


Don’t Worry Everybody, Steven Seagal is Just Getting Warmed Up

(We looked and looked, but all we could find was this photo of Jim Belushi. Pic: The Fab Life)

At this rate, we’ll never be rid of this goddamn vampire. We’d hoped for a quick and quiet departure from MMA for Steven Seagal – kind of a one-off creep-and-lurk session at UFC 126 – but now that his second straight appearance in the corner of a Black House fighter has ended in a second straight front kick knockout, we don’t see that happening. While it is still totally unclear if Lyoto Machida and Anderson Silva are just fucking with us (and by extension, with him) by professing their allegiances to Seagal, this week Out for Justice himself stopped by Sherdog Radio to assure us all that this shit is deadly serious.

As part of a nearly 20-minute interview, Seagal broke down Lyoto Machida’s jumping KO of Randy Couture at last weekend’s UFC 129. You know, as much as he could without giving away all the secrets of his deadly arts. He also promised to keep working with Black House fighters on new, top-secret techniques. Worst of all, it appears he’s begun referring to Machida and Silva as “his guys.” The quotes are after the jump.


Rankings Spotlight: MMA’s Top 5 Fight Gyms

(Obviously the body of a man with a severe testosterone deficiency. Pic: Team Quest)

This is a tricky thing, trying to rank the best fight camps in mixed martial arts. With so many top level fighters constantly on the move and the teams themselves ceaselessly forging, then breaking alliances with the speed and bitterness of your average Tito-Jenna Twitter spat, it’s hard to keep it all straight in your head. Take welterweight champ Georges St. Pierre, for instance. Obviously a feather in the cap for any MMA gym, but how do we consider GSP – the prototypical camp-jumper — for the purposes of our precious little lists? Is he a Team Jackson guy? A TriStar guy? A (*snort*) Freddie Roach guy? Hard to know. Still, in the face of this uncertainty we soldier on. Why? Because of our commitment to you, P-Nation. And our commitment to making you mad with our off-base picks


Anderson Silva and Team Black House: We Run This

Galvao Cavalcante Feijao JZ Gesias Anderson Silva Antonio Rogerio Nogueira
(L-R: Andre Galvao, Rafael "Feijao" Cavalcante, Anderson Silva, Gesias "JZ" Cavalcante, Antonio Rogerio Nogueira. Photo courtesy of Sherdog.)

“God forgive me for saying it, but we’re years ahead of some fighters. We can also make mistakes of course. When we study our performances we see them, however it doesn’t always appear to the untrained eye.”

So said Anderson Silva in a recent interview with Fighters Only, speaking of his teammates in the Black House collective, which also includes UFC light-heavyweight champ Lyoto Machida. Check out more photos of Silva and his crew below, courtesy of Sherdog’s trip to the L.A. camp. Only five more days until Silva collides with Forrest Griffin at UFC 101.

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