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Interesting Tidbit of the Day: The UFC Tried Unsuccessfully to Persuade Nick Diaz to Go On Blind Date When He Was on the Payroll

(Video courtesy of YouTube/NCAASteve)

Urijah Faber was on Steve Cofield’s ESPN radio show last week and he revealed an interesting nugget that shed some light on the tumultuous relationship between Strikeforce welterweight champ Nick Diaz and UFC president Dana White.

According to the former WEC featherweight champ, the UFC tried valiantly years ago to convince Diaz to join fellow UFC fighters Tiki Ghosn, Pete Spratt and Tim Sylvia as contestants on Blind Date, but the Stockton native had no interest in making an appearance on the dating reality show.


Video: Jason Miller Talks ‘Bully Beatdown’

(Mayhem discusses his opus with the KTLA morning news jackasses.)

I want to hate Jason "Mayhem" Miller’s “Bully Beatdown.”  I really do.  Not only is it an incredibly stupid idea that bastardizes and trivializes MMA and bullying (both of which are close to my heart), it also features Mayhem acting the fool for MTV.  And yet, after watching episode one (which doesn’t work when I embed it for some reason), I was actually somewhat entertained.  

Miller brings in Tony “The Gun” Bonello (who was bullied pretty bad by “Ninja” Rua in his last outing) to rough up a guy who’s been bullying his older brother while also paradoxically sporting a tattoo that reads “Family First.”  What follows isn’t even close to MMA (one round of grappling followed by one round of kickboxing is obviously some bullshit), but it is oddly satisfying in the way that seeing a bully get bullied always is.  Think of it as "Pros vs. Joes" with more personal acrimony and less time wasted on soccer and swimming and other nonsense.

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